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Sunday dinner in Providence?

way to help! how bout something constructive, frank-

Jan 16, 2010
sk3 in Southern New England

Trying to source out lamb liver and suet in RI

maybe armando & sons? (pine st, pawtucket 401-727-0707)

can't remember what they had for lamb, but the selection of beef and pork was amazing

Feb 24, 2009
sk3 in All New England Archive

A Winter Farmers' Market?

people just passing by aren't gonna make the market thrive- and anyone attempting to make an effort to get to the as220 market was 'rewarded' with the awful parking downtown...the new market is a huge improvement on every level. if you haven't been - make the effort!

Jan 17, 2009
sk3 in All New England Archive

Help us Philadelphians find an excellent Norwalk/Stamford area dinner?

friends took us to barcelona in greenwich when we were staying overnight in stamford last year - festive, and highty recommended:
down the street, this place was cozier - might fit the bill, too:

Jan 17, 2009
sk3 in General Tristate Archive

Calaveras de Azucar in Providence?

i've seen kits around town, but i'm looking to buy ready-made 'dia de los muertos' sugar skulls - any Rhody suggestions?

Oct 24, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Tortilla Flats Providence

the food's not world-class mex but it's not garbage, either. it'll fill yer tank while you enjoy the margaritas - they're great, and the bar stocks just about any variety tequila you could name. same for mexican beers. (and as far as canteens go, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more diverse mix of patrons anywhere in the city - ie lotsa different types have been coming here for a long time, so they're doing something right.)

curious to hear tex-mex alternatives from the nay-sayers out there, and your trip report.

Oct 15, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Best Fries in Providence

non-chains: hope street pizza
chains: chelo's - steak or curly fries.

Aug 28, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Oak in Providence

tried it out a few weeks ago - big positive change. some of the older eclectic menu items are still available, but the new kitchen/owner brings old-school ital-amer cred to the neighborhood. chicken/egglpant parm combo was great comfort food - sauce tasted homemade. if you've scratched your head on visits wondering 'what happened since this place opened?' it's worth a shot once again.

Jul 29, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Charlestown RI

olympia tea room for late lunch followed by beach time at napatree pt in watch hill.

Jul 29, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Desperately Seeking HOT LOBSTA ROLLS

just had it this past weekend - it's plain cold (unheated) lobster in a buttered, toasted bun served with warm butter & mayo sides. excellent, but it's not the hot lobster you're looking for, pamular. best bet is still abbott's in noank ct, bout 45mins/hr south (

Jul 15, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Comments about Al Forno in Providence?

the great food at bacaro keeps me coming back every 6 months or so, just in case, but still the absolute worst service (training, attitude, knowledge of menu, coordination) in the city. stick with alforno. still among the very best in the area.

Jul 08, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Looking for Pig Roasters in Central MA

bt's smokehouse in brimfield.

Jul 04, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Rhode Island,Eggs,Bacon, Ham, Beef right at the farm for farm links.

nearby putman, ct (straight shot west on rt 44) is a big antiquing town.

Jun 29, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Seeking amazing Providence Veal Parmigiana

old-school goodness. kid's menu, too. afterwards you can go around the block to pastiche or up the street to jesse's for desserts.

Jun 27, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Foodie couple first timers to Portland ME.. Help!

just spent last friday in portland - still dreaming of our mid-afternoon salad and killer fries at duckfat. ribollita and bresca are both within spitting distance (sadly, too packed for a walkin on a friday night.) also footsteps away - marcuccis ital grocery, 2 fat cats bakery, and rabelais (awesome cookbook shop - turned us on to blue spoon, on congress street opp bar lola - tiny arty spot, local fresh veg.) look forward to hearing about the trip!

Jun 03, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Saturday brunch in RI?

it's supposed to be gorgeous out, and i'm seeing a few ital faves - go with caffe dolce vita - same folks as mediteranneo so you can chow on red sauce faves or french toast by the fountain.

Apr 24, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Business (expense account!) dinner near Providence

expensec, toward ital - al forno; more to french- chez pascal. more intimate, la laiterie.

Apr 22, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Roma Gourmet on the hill

improbably, The Italian Corner Deli on warren ave (seekonk/e prov line, next to rumford pets.)

Apr 11, 2008
sk3 in Southern New England

Roma Gourmet on the hill

too bad, it sounded promising - this was in the projo a few weeks ago: Gianfranco Marrocco has made several changes to his new business on Federal Hill. Vecchia Roma — “Old Rome” — is the new name on the store/café/bakery at 310 Atwells Ave., Providence, that was Roma Gourmet. Marrocco is the owner of several restaurants and businesses on Federal Hill, including Mediterraneo, Caffe Dolce Vita and Hotel Dolce Villa, and co-owner of Geppetto’s Pizzeria. New are 48 seats for those dining on hot food items from chef Gianfranco Campanella (from Dolce Vita) or some of the coffees and pastries. They are baking their own bread and have a pizzeria up and running in the space. Marrocco plans trattoria service and al fresco dining in the near future.

Apr 10, 2008
sk3 in Southern New England

Monday night in Providence?

zooma is highly underrated - the purple walls clash with the vibrant orange panels in the bar area, making it arguable the ugliest on the hill or in the state - but there's an open kitchen and dining area in the back to offset it. i've heard that the chef's chops come via mario batali, and the quality of the menu would seem support it.

Apr 09, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

One night in Providence, RI

suprised no one's suggested atwells ave & federal hill - cali was way ahead of us in nouveau cuisine and bistros - what's to be had at red stripe that they haven't been enjoying for 20 years already? (not that it's bad - just that we've got an italian - hell, portuguese, too - background that most states can only dream of.) on the hill - mediterraneo, zooma, siena & constantinos would all be winners.

Apr 09, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Local 121 - Providence

yes, please report. winedude's right on - it's a beautiful spot. and if you hadn't noticed, projo reviews are never NOT stellar -

Mar 11, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Best Asian in Providence, Cranston area of RI

a bit outside of the city but iron wok on rt 6 in seekonk is tremendous. check the boards, i'm sure there are previous reviews.

Mar 07, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Providence: Garrison's store closed, but they're still in business

if ya need a fix, they'll be at the encore awards this week, and pairing up with chez pascal for a chocolate dinner on apr 28.

re: the closing, from the projo:

Garrison Confections will close its retail store at 815 Hope St., Providence, on Feb. 29. They will be focusing on the Web site and bigger wholesale accounts including some local spots where they will still be available locally. All of the recent attention from The Today Show and Rachael Ray’s television program have increased the Internet business.

Mar 03, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

A tasty stopover in Providence...

wonderful writeup, gutreactions
think you'll find that alforno prompts few neutral opinions. for me, droppin in offhours during a weeknight for a pizza is still one of life's great treats - and for our out-of-town foodie guests, it's always our first stop.
just a theory, but (like the recently closed garrison's confections) it seems to be better appreciated by out-of-staters.

Mar 03, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Canfield House Newport

old-school newport - refurbished casino interior makes it worth a trip, if only just once, like the tennis hall of fame, it's great for the experience.

compared to stuff like the neport restaurant group, the food's nothing to write home about - 'american' menu from a few deacdes ago with old standbys. big portions.

Feb 21, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

butcher shops in RI

second armando's - you'd be hard pressed to find something they didn't carry.

Feb 16, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Meyer Lemon source in RI?

dunno if they have em now but i've purchased them several times in the past at the big dave's mktplace in east greenwich/warwick (opp the movie theaters)

Jan 27, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Inn or hotel, Fireplace and Tub

castle hill in newport RI

Jan 26, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive

Late night & Sunday brunch/lunch in providence...

caffe dolce vita on the square offers a great brunch (sister rest to mediterraneo, so it's got good ital for brunch if you don't want eggs or waffles)
nicks and julians are fantastic brunch options - great food & funky personalities - just a few blocks over on broadway but the places fill up quickly and they don't take reservations.

Jan 10, 2008
sk3 in All New England Archive