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Pastazza, Winchester - Good, Cheap Eats

I think Pastazza is a hidden jewel -- the prices are very reasonable, quality is excellent, and portions are ample.
They've recently been granted a beer & wine license, and we've decided that it's our place to go when we want a casual dinner in a relaxed atmosphere --- curious what others think.
Ps --- I can't speak for their pizza

Jun 20, 2007
putty in Greater Boston Area

Zocala Mexicana Arlington - Terrible

I remember there was a family fued that resulted in the split -- nevertheless, I was very dissapointed. Perhaps the expansion to Brighton & Boston is haveing a negative effect.
One other note is that we walked in at 7:00 on a Friday night with no wait and other tables available, that's a change.

Apr 21, 2007
putty in Greater Boston Area

Zocala Mexicana Arlington - Terrible

I just got back from Zocala on Broadway-- it was by far the worst excuse for Mexican I've EVER experienced. Carnitas is a pretty basic dish (shredded seasoned pork in some sauce) and this meager amount of shredded pork was a dry paucity of meat put over a few tablespoons of white rice and a couple of tablespoons of black beans .....with a tiny folder tortilla in the corner of the plate and a tablespoon of salsa (or was it chopped tomato and onion) -- a pathetic excuse for a meal !!! When I told the waitress the meat was dry, she brought me 2 tablespoons of tomatilla sauce -- big deal !! This place is a major rip-off and I implore the people of Arlington to drop into Boca Grande on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge (you can't get beer or wine, but at least the people feed you !), Jose's on Sherman St. in No. Cambridge, or the family place on Mass. Ave. in Lexington -- Ixtapa !!! Great places with people who care how you're fed -- unlike the aloof waitress with attitude at Zocala in Arlington !!!!! It's really a shame that the former Mexican restaurant in that location, Ole, isn't there anymore. You can always go to Ole in Inman Square, Cambridge !!! But stay away from Zocala in Arlington !!!

Apr 20, 2007
putty in Greater Boston Area

Lyndells -- Say it ain't so.

Heard the last owner (Janet) sold the store not very long ago and things have gone rapidly downhill ---- anyone had recent experiences ??

Feb 06, 2007
putty in Greater Boston Area