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Best Burgers in Toronto?

Johnny's Hamburgers on Victoria Park and SHeppard. THe place is a dive and the service is pretty hilarious, but their burgers are great! It's a fast food, mompop kind of place - great late night! Nothing fancy.


My favourite restaurants:
Three Kretans (Frederick St. across from Centre in the Square) - I just dined there tonight (again) and I must say that the food there was fantastic as usual! Everything was so tasty and their lamb chops and baklava are fabulous, not to mention the service. I haven't been to a restaurant with great customer service in a long time and the service here is consistently excellent - probably because its family owned and there seems to always be an family member there which is nice. You will never leave this place hungry. So, if you like Greek food, this place fits the bill. Just make reservations because sometimes they can get packed if there is a performance at the Centre In the Square - otherwise, generally, you are ok.
Metro (on Victoria Street)- mmmmmm..schnitzel. If you are a schnitzel person, this place is great. Its a small place, very warm and inviting and the schnitzel is very fresh and tasty! Service here is also for the most part very good - again, family owned so they take extra care of their customers. Great German restaurant.
For burgers, try The Grill in Waterloo (in University Plaza) - it is a little more pricier than say McDOnalds or HArveys, butyou are getting what you pay for. The quality is much better and the food is always fresh - doesn;'t sit in a steam table or get microwaved, thy make everyting in front of you. There wraps are also very good and again the service generally is pretty good also. IF you don't mind spending a little extra, this place is great.


Yes, I have been to Mediterraneo. Much better than the past owners - you can tell that it is cleaner, however, I still think that Three Kretans has better Greek food. Better quality of food, pretty good wine list and definitely better service. Being from Waterloo, Mediterraneo is more convenient, but if I am not feeling lazy I would rather drive the extra 5-10 minutes to the Three Kretans. Also, the last time I was there the waitress told me that we could leave our car parked there if we were going to the Centre in the Square as long as we dined there of course, and then just walk across which was great! (I go to the Centre a lot, so this is a bonus).


I just moved to KW from Toronto and here are the restaurants tat I love:

Martini's: It's nice just for drinks and apps in the evenings, or even for a nice dinner. Love the atmosphere.
Three Kretans (Greek): by far the best Greek in the area. Close to the Center in the Square if you're catching a show too - but usually need reservations on those nights.
Sing-Lees (Chinese): good food, good portions.
The Grill (Fast Food): Good quality burgers, vey clean, a little pricy but you are paying for the quality.
Benny's (Breakfast): Good quality breakfast, nice atmosphere. Haven't en in a while, but still a favourite.