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what's cooking in sherman/kent/new milford/danbury/washington/litchfield?

I love Stanziatos on Mill Plain. Fresh, local, organic. I literally had the best lunch I have ever had there this week. Mozzerella burrata for an appetizer (fresh prosciutto and fig jam) and goat cheese pizza (Tote's McGoats!) To die for!!

Monday Lunch/Brunch near Capitol

ha! i know..i've been practicing in NY for 10 years...
thank you! we will check it out!

Monday Lunch/Brunch near Capitol

I am being sworn into CT bar on Monday @1pm. Need somewhere to have lunch or brunch beforehand (don't have time afterwards). Can anyone suggest something thats open on Mondays for lunch or brunch thats near Capitol? Not familiar w/ the area so want it to be easy. I realize there are better dining options in West Hartford but can't be late....thanks for any suggestions!!

TK's Danbury, CT

Hi- might be too late but this place is perfect for kids in that it is a bar, so if they are noisy or get out of their seat its not the end of the world. They have 2 circular booths in the front- we trap our kids in the middle so they can't escape!
It is a bit rough - kind of reminds you of a college bar. Could be cleaner. But they have good food, great wings and the wing for the b-day thing is fun. They usually have someone there w/ a crowd enjoying that special. Have fun!

McKinney and Doyle Pawling NY

Has anyone been there recently? Used to be one of our favorites but the last two or three times the food was bad enough to be sent back (raw lamb chops, wilted lettuce). any input? thanks...Also take any other recommendations for something new in Pawling/Danbury area. Thanks!

Anniversary Dinner - Danbury and surroundings

Looking for upscale restaurant to celebrate anniversary. Danbury, Bethel, Ridgefield, New Milford. Wanted to go to Restaurant Moosilauke but understand its closed. Other idea is La Zingara in Bethel. Any other suggestions?? thanks!

Fathers Day Dinner around New Haven

My husband is playing lacrosse Sunday at Yale. We'd like to go out to dinner afterwards in the area or heading back down I -95 (Dad is driving back to LI). Any recommendations for a classic American place? Dad won't venture much past steak and tapas/vietnamese for him. Moderately priced preferably. Thank you!

PS- I've read the boards and see Prime 16- is that too casual? thanks again.

Where to eat in Greenport/North Fork?

I've read this whole thread and I agree with almost all the comments-- i haven't been to NoFo Table yet so I'll have to try. I'm amazed with the popularity of the north fork there arent' more eating establishments. I have to second the reservation for Orient by the Sea - thats our lunch spot. I'm headed out east for a "girls weekend"- if anyone has any other recommendations please let me know..we were planning to go to Frisky Oyster so we can follow it w/ dancing at Claudios but some serious mixed reviews. If anyone has eaten there recently please advise. Thanks!

Lunch downtown -Soho/Wall St.

Playing hookie from work with the husband next Thursday. Don' t have too much time but were thinking of doing something touristy we never did- Statue of Liberty? and then lunch. Prefer to walk from downtown. Would love upper end prix fix, or something different w/ ambience or a view. Traditional- husband not too good w/ ethnic- steak and potatoes guy. Is there anything around Wall St.? what about walking up Hudson toward Soho? Any ideas? thank you!

Apr 03, 2009
wfuvbeanhead in Manhattan

Providence Dinner on a Monday night?

Just wanted to report back after our trip..we headed out around 5pm on Sunday and not much was open. Ended up at Trinity Brewhouse- would NOT recommend- really bad greasy food, warm beer- just unappealing. BUT then we hit Local 121 - great cocktails, delicious calamari and amazing bread pudding (we were still hungry as we could not get down our food at Trinity).
After a show at Lupos we went to Blake Tavern- great place- great music, nice bartender, people having fun.

Monday night we had drinks at Mills Tavern. Beautiful bar, great cocktails- menu looked good but we didn't eat. Headed to Federal Hill for dinner at Pane E Vino- absolutely delicious! Best caesar salad we've ever had and delicious mushroom ravioli- highly recommend. Great service too and it was packed!

My other good find was a "Cafe Chocolad"- one block east of Memorial Blvd. on Steeple St. European cafe with great coffee, croissants and muffins. Highly recommend. Thanks for everyones help!

Pre-show Drinks near Lupos Heartbreak Hotel

Looking to have a few drinks in a fun bar Sunday night before a 7pm show at Lupo's..anything in walking distance..(we're staying at Biltmore..) Also, can you walk to Red Stripe or too far?? Thanks..

Providence Dinner on a Monday night?

Thanks for the recommendations..any ideas for a good bar to have a few drinks/beers at prior to a Sunday night show at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel?

Cape Cod....Orleans to P'town weekend after Thanksgiving

We found a great place on the ocean in Wellfleet this summer. good fried food, good music, lively scene. Make sure its open in Nov. (?).
The Beachcomber
1120 Cahoon Hollow Rd
Wellfleet, MA 02667
Phone: (508) 349-6055

Providence Dinner on a Monday night?

We are visiting Providence this Sunday and Monday. I've read all the posts and have some great dinner recommendations, however almost everything is closed on Monday night. Any ideas? Open to anything, prefer moderate priced. Thank you!

Filia's in Brewster- Putnam County

Just wanted to post that I had a very enjoyable experience at Filia's in Brewster last night. This recently revamped restaurant is located just north of I-84 off of Rt. 22. The dining room overlooks a reservoir and couldn't be more scenic. In addition to the indoor dining space with a view, there is outdoor seating and lovely grounds for what appeared to be available for larger parties/weddings.

Tuna tartare was a little too heavy on the mayo, but the crabcakes were delicious. My husband had paella which was good (tad dry) and I had a delicious piece of cod over white beans and an arugula ragout. Tiramisu was standard. Drinks/wine were excellent.

Although expensive, $10 for a martini -total tab was $150 for 2- we both agreed best meal we have had in that vicinity for some time and the location and view alone were worth it. Check it out- they also host live jazz on Fri/Sat. nights.

American/French Warm and Roomy

Hi- looking for somewhere to take my mom post theatre next Sat. night. She likes a warm ambience with roomy tables. No cramped quarters and not too modern. American or French--not too concerned with price. A trip to the city is a rarity so trying to find something special. Prefer west 40's but willing to grab a cab...thanks so much!

May 02, 2008
wfuvbeanhead in Manhattan

Butterfields- Don't Go!

Extremely disappointed with my experience at Butterfields last night-- uncomfortable seating, horrible ambience and cold food! The restaurants smells like a college bar; martini's we ordered from an admitted 'new bartender' (this is Sat. night folks!) were quite bad and served in tiny glasses -- for $9!

We were seated at the smallest table I've ever seen, on two tiny chairs next to a DJ booth and Air Supply was blasting from the speakers...the ambience, or lack thereof made it difficult to enjoy our meal. That being said, the crabcakes were very good, the grouper dish was tasty and different, but both the grouper and my monkfish came out cold. As all the dishes came out in minutes- it gave the impression everything was cooked already, sitting under heat lamps waiting to be served. The waitstaff was clearly interested in turning over the tables as we were rushed out of there...all in all while the food isn't half bad - it was a terrible dining experience- I will never go back.

Dinner out tom. night in lower Westchester

Looking to have a good dinner out- great atmosphere great food- don't mind spending some $$$ Planning on Harvest on Hudson but after reading recent reviews scared too try...any suggestions? Looking to stay in lower Westchester or Greenwhich. Thanks!