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Long Gone But Not Forgotten! Manhattan Memories

Chalet Suisse

Jun 19, 2014
taboni in Manhattan

Hard Rolls, Bagels and Italian cookies

I know you said Red Bank (and I hate when people suggest places that aren't really close enough to be viable) but Caputo's in Long Branch is my go to for hard rolls.

Jan 30, 2014
taboni in New Jersey

What to Serve with French Toast Casserole

baked/shirred eggs. I make a pseudo eggs benedict this way...do them in muffin pan or individual ramekins....top english muffin or crumpet with egg/bacon/hollandaise

Dec 20, 2012
taboni in Home Cooking

Really really crispy fried chicken coating?

Try mixing cornstarch with your flour

Dec 06, 2012
taboni in Home Cooking

Need Diner Advice - Union Area

Westfield Diner on North Ave.

Westfield Diner
309 North Ave E, Westfield, NJ 07090

Jun 07, 2011
taboni in New Jersey

Mail Order Steaks

May 11, 2011
taboni in General Topics

Help with a Polish food

Try looking for czarnina...duck's blood soup. My grandmother used to make it.

Aug 30, 2010
taboni in General Topics

Should Some Restaurants Be Child-Free?

We have a well behaved 6 year old daughter and wouldn't dream of taking her to a place where we felt it was inappropriate. There are times and places for family meals and times and places for adults only meals. Sitting in the bar with your children is definitely not appropriate. ..As a side note this is also one of the unfortunate byproducts of the smoking ban in bars (airplanes too!)....
For those who can't believe a restaurant would ban children, we just returned from the Grand Floridian Resort at Disney and their signature restaurant Victoria and Alberts has a no child under 10 policy. If Disney can do it, anyone can.

Jun 26, 2009
taboni in Not About Food

Interesting Grenache/Grenache Blends Tasting - 9/27

The D'Arenberg Original is one of my house wines. Glad to see others appreciated it as well, but how can you have a Grenache/Garnacha tasting without a bottle of Borsao Tres Picos??

Oct 01, 2008
taboni in Wine

bagels that aren't enormous?

Bagel Oven Monmouth Street in Red Bank should have what you are looking for.

Sep 23, 2008
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

Birthday cake in Monmouth County

Fair enough about keeping the quality up, but you win an award for a chocolate cake, and get business/publicity because of it, I would expect you to at least have it on hand for someone to buy that stopped in, not expecting that you would have to order it in advance. Just sayin'

May 22, 2008
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

Birthday cake in Monmouth County

I love the goods at Flaky Tart, but I do have a problem recommending them as a go-to place given the small inventory they keep. I have been there early on a Saturday morning (9 am) and they don't carry a large selection of things. I understand the limitations, but I went in a couple of weeks ago looking for something chocolatey/cakey, etc for a dinner party dessert and the only thing they could offer me was brownies or key lime tart. What they have is great but I am not crazy about driving over there to be disappointed (granted I live in Fair Haven so it isn't all that far) I would try Ye Old Pie Shoppe in Little Silver for quality goods and a better all around selection. I have also had very good cakes from La Rosa in Red Bank.

P.S. I agree about PoC. They did a great wedding cake for us 8 years ago when we got married but since then I have been disappointed in their stuff and they aren't cheap.

May 21, 2008
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

Pierogies At The Shore?

Unfortunately they haven't made pierogies there in years. My family are still parishoners there. We were married there (Msgr Fedorek's last wedding RIP) and I went to school there. We used to be able to buy pierogies for lunch on Wednesdays!

Apr 23, 2008
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

Restaurant Nicholas

Thanks Chris. I wasn't aware that Mt. Gay made a spiced rum??? I've never seen it anywhere.

Jan 02, 2008
taboni in New Jersey

Caputo's Bakery in Long Branch

Caputo's still very good. You could also try La Rosa's in Red Bank but my new favorite is J&M on 35 in Middletown in the strip mall where the Blockbuster is.

Dec 05, 2007
taboni in New Jersey

Lambertville/New Hope

Perhaps, but this is a section copied from the NJ ABC handbook for retail liquor licensees

EDIT: Of course PA laws may be different

Unless there is a local ordinance prohibiting it, customers of an unlicensed restaurant may be permitted by
the ownership of the restaurant to bring and consume only wine and beer. The restaurant can supply glasses,
ice, etc., but may not impose a cover, corkage or service charge. Also, under no circumstances may
spirituous liquors be permitted. There may be no advertising whatsoever of the fact that wine or beer may
be permitted. Additionally, the owner may not permit wine or beer to be consumed during hours in which
the sale of these products is prohibited by licensees in that municipality, nor allow consumption of beer or
wine by persons under 21 years or by persons who are actually or apparently drunk or intoxicated. (N.J.S.A.

Sep 14, 2007
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

Lambertville/New Hope

I wouldn't publicize that fact too much as I believe it is highly against the BYOB laws to allow anything but beer or wine.

Sep 12, 2007
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

Undici, Rumson

That was my next question! On opentable they have the executive chef listed as Elvin Molina and Gianni Atzori. I'm not sure who the exec is these days at Basil T's since I think Ken Mansfield is now at Sirena in LB, no?

Sep 12, 2007
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

Undici, Rumson

They haven't opened yet (I live down the road). It is the same owner as Basil T's in Red Bank I believe. I am curious to see if it will be any better than what they offer there (hopefully).

Sep 12, 2007
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

David Burke Fromagerie

Spend the little bit extra and go to Nicholas. My wife and I were at the Fromagerie on Saturday night. I used to enjoy the old Fromagerie but I realize that in time things get tired and must change. Still it was a constant around here and it felt comfortable and cozy. I love David Burke's food and was eager to try the reincarnation of the Fromagerie. The first thing I was a little disappointed in was the decor. We were seated in the bar area, which used to be quite a cozy spot to be in, but now everything is a bit "harder" and quite loud. We were shown a table for 2 in the bar and immediately I asked for it to be changed. Honestly it felt like I was sitting in a bistro rather than a fine dining establishment. To their credit, the staff changed our table without question. I ordered the classic DB menu choices (Angry lobster cocktail and braised short ribs) which were excellent accompanied by a La Spinosa Barberesco. This is where it kind of went south for us. My wife had the market salad (very ordinary) followed by the seared scallops and prawns in English pea sauce. The scallops and especially the sauce were very good, but the shrimp were mealy. Totally inedible. We mentioned this to 2 waiters and got an offer of a replacement dish but honestly my wife was not going to order another dish and sit while I ate and then eat alone so we declined. The cheese course was quite good and good value as well considering the iffy reviews I have read about this offering. A selection of 5 cheese accompanied by walnut raisin toast rounds, champagne grapes, quince jelly and candied walnuts made for excellent picking. We finished with the cheesecake lollipops which I have always thought were the perfect shared dessert.
David Burke came out of the kitchen to several tables including ours and my wife who couldn't care less if he was the Pope himself, when asked how we enjoyed the food replied "my shrimp were bad". Obviously this was not relayed to the kitchen as he was quite taken aback and offered expected apology and complimentary drinks. When the bill came however, I found the charge for $32 for the scallop/shrimp dish still there. Removing this from my bill should not have even been in question.
Anyway I guess that kind of capped off a very mixed evening. The service and whole vibe of the place is very "busy". Lots of people running around without the
commensurate service that should accompany such activity, coupled with pretty good but not excellent food left me a little disappointed. Yeah disappointed knowing that for probably $75 more in total I could have gone to Nicholas and had an evening that I would expect when I am dropping nearly $400 on dinner for 2 (incl. 1 1/2 bot wine and tip)

Sep 10, 2007
taboni in New Jersey

Lambertville/New Hope

What about the Sergeantsville Inn? That's a pretty short drive from New Hope.

Sep 06, 2007
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

Devi closed

Looks like a labor dispute

Aug 28, 2007
taboni in Manhattan

Long Branch, NJ/Monmouth County

Monmouth meats is ok but I only go to Citarella in Red Bank for meat. Been in business for over 100 years. USDA Prime and they dry age in house.
Ray's in Little Silver for fish.

Jul 26, 2007
taboni in Mid-Atlantic


In London, I like Brown's Hotel....and its Afternoon Tea I think you are looking for. High Tea is an evening meal usually considered a working man's meal at home.

Jul 26, 2007
taboni in U.K./Ireland

Not necessary but nice....

So you are saying that you're favorite movie is actually Goodfellas because that is where the scene is from, not GF.

Jul 26, 2007
taboni in Cookware

Need a seafood, steak, and drinks place for Monday night - Middletown, NJ area

Salt Creek isn't bad actually but I prefer it for appetizers and drinks at a table in the bar area. You could also try Nauvoo Grill in Fair Haven.

Jun 19, 2007
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

BBQ Caterer needed Central Jersey

Thanks for all the help. They went with Front Street as well. My favorite BBQ in the state hands down.

May 24, 2007
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

Raven and The Peach

I live a couple of blocks away from R&P yet we always seem to go somewhere else. The few times we have eaten there were unremarkable and a bit overpriced as you say.

May 21, 2007
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

BBQ Caterer needed Central Jersey

Thanks for all the suggestions I appreciate the help.

May 08, 2007
taboni in Mid-Atlantic

BBQ Caterer needed Central Jersey

A friend of mine in Jackson is looking for a caterer to do BBQ at a house party. Any suggestions for someone in the area? Does anyone know if Front St. in Elizabeth does catering??

May 02, 2007
taboni in Mid-Atlantic