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Dinner and Dancing Venue - would appreciate recommendations

Hello Fellow Chowhounders

Would appreciate some recommendations for a dinner and dancing birthday get together .
Haven't been out dancing in ages and I'm not exactly keen on lineing outside in the freezing cold to pay for the privilege of overpaying on drinks and getting jostled around in a crowded room and yelling questions at my friends because I have no idea what they said. .... Is my age showing? :-)

Here are some criteria for the venue:

Looking for a restaurant /lounge that has dancing or music later in the evening.

Would like it if the food was decent ... ( Doesnt have to be Canoe quality but something more exciting than Swiss Chalet would be nice.)

Would also like it if there were free parking or affordable parking . .. I hate it when parking is more expensive than my main entree

As for the music ... lets just say that it would be nice if the music was suitable for a 30 something 40 something crowd. I wouldn't like to feel like a chaperone at a high school dance.

As for location : GTA would be great

Thanks in advance for your suggestions !!

Where can I find Ground Lamb in Markham Area

Hello Everyone

Can anyone suggest a store in the Markham area which sells ground lamb?
I've checked Sobey's Loblaws, T&T , No Frills but they all didn't carry it.

Thanks in advance

Recommendations for a nice dinner gathering

Hello everyone

Its been a while since I've been out to a nice restaurant so I thought the best place to get some knowledgeable reviews and suggestions was chowhound.

Looking for a nice restaurant for a birthday get together for six.

Here are some criteria:

Would like the restaurant to be in the GTA.
Would like it if it wasn't too loud or there are parts of the restaurant that are more quiet and secluded.
And of course most important, delicious, consistent yummy food and genuine good service.

Here are some nice restaurants I've been to in the past:

Lei Wah Heen, Mistura,Splendido, Sassafraz, Bymark,North 44, Pangaea, Sushi Kaji and Scaramouche

Since its been like two years at least since I've been to any of those restaurants I'm not sure what the service and quality is like since I last went for those restaurants I've listed and I'm not sure what new restaurants have come on the scene since then.

I would appreciate your suggestions

Thanks everyone


Sushi Kaji
860 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1N7, CA

100 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A6, CA

All-Clad Cookware - Where to buy at the best price in Toronto, or mail order in Canada?


They actually have fairly decent prices at this site

They will ship to Canada and its free if you spend 49$ or more.

I didn't see the exact set you were looking for but they do have two different 9 piece sets for 600$ American. Plus they have a deal on that if you spend more than 500$ on All Clad products you get a free Lasagna Pan which is a pretty good deal as that pan is worth 170.00 itself

Here's the link to the set

For christmas I got an All Clad 12" skillet from this site and it was a great deal!

Good Luck

Good Shawarma in Markham

Can anyone reccommend a place for good Shawarma in Markham ?

I've tried Alex's on Highway 7 and was not that impressed.

Does Anyone know the New name for the Wasabi that was on Steeles and Silver Star

Hello Fellow Chowhounders

Happy Friday!

I'm sure someone on the board knows the answer to this question.
What is the name of the restaurant that replaced Wasabi that was at the Steeles and Silver Star location .

I've forgotten the name and I'm looking to provide instructions to someone who's never been there before.

Thanks !

Silver Star Restaurant
100A Lupin Dr, Whitby, ON L1N1X8, CA

Italian plums - Where to find in GTA

Hello Fellow Chowhounders.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase Italian plums ( I believe they sometimes are called prune plums) in the GTA?

Thank you!

Best Takeout in Markham Richmond Hill

Hello fellow chowhounders.

Having exhausted getting the usual takeout I am interested to hear what suggestions you might reccommend for best takeout in the Markham or Richmond Hill area.
Also have you ever had the experience where the takeout food was better than what was served in house?

Hidden away, independent cafes, worth making a special trip to visit.

Yellow Cup Cafe in Etobicoke

Lovely sweet and savoury crepes , waffles, desserts and ice cream great selection of tea and very comfortable atmosphere. They also do breakfast and lunch.
The place is very cozy with a small outdoor patio as well . I also think its neat that they decorated the ceiling with the empty coffee burlap bags from different company's.
Its one of those quaint places you can go to often without breaking the budget

Special Birthday Cake

Hello Fellow chowhounders.

When I was younger , a good friend of mine bought me a birthday cake made by Franz the pastry chef from the Movenpicks that used to be in Yorkville. The cake when it was revealed looked like a mound of cow droppings ( though that wasn't the word used by the friend) . Although it wasn' one of the prettiest cakes I've seen it has been one of the most delicious memorable cakes I've ever had. It was a swiss chocolate champagne truffle cake. The outside layer was a dark chocolate ganache and the inside layers had layers of swiss chocolate champagne mousse along with dark moist chocolate cake. Sadly Franz had left and it has been years since Movenpicks/Marche's has made anything remotely close to that.

I would like to find such a cake or something just as special for my friends birthday.

Can anyone reccommend a bakery or pastry shop where I could get such a cake?

Thanks in advance!

Good Restos other Asian in Markham?

Hello fellow Chowhounders

Can anyone reccommend any good restaurants other than eastern /asian one's in Markham.

In that category I'm including:


Thanks in advance!

Where to find clotted cream

Hello Everyone

Does anyone know of any stores that sell real clotted cream?

Thanks in advance!

Venue for an office christmas dinner

Hello everyone

I am working on arranging our annual christmas holiday dinner for our office and would appreciate some assistance with reccommendations on a good restaurant for the event.

Here is the criteria:

1) It must have seating for a party of 15
2) they must have some way of doing separate cheques
3) It would be good if there was parking onsite or nearby
4) It would be great if it was somewhat close to a subway line
5) It would be great if there was some type of entertainment or the food is interesting . E.g one of the last places we went for dinner was red violin which had live latin music which was pretty good.

6) As for the type of food, would be interested in something other than the regular chain restuarants like Jack Astors, Caseys, Milestones, Kelseys Boston Pizza etc.

Thanks in advance everyone. I look forward to reading your suggestions

Late Night Eats in the West End


Can anyone reccommend any restaurants open late in the west end?
I'm having difficulty trying to find restaurants other than the usual like McDonalds that is open later than midnight.

Thanks in advance for your reccommendations.

Fish and Chips Stores closed on Sundays?

Hello fellow chowhounders

I'm not sure if its because its the west end of the city but I am finding it hard to find any Fish and chips restaurants open on Sundays

It all started when I had a craving for Fish & chips today so I called up my usual go to place Kingsway and they were closed. So being industrious I checked the chowhound site for other rec's and called up those locations. Same thing.. all closed..

Can anyone reccommend a Fish & Chips place that's decent in the west end that is actually open on Sunday?


Healthy Eats in the West End

Hi fellow chowhounders

Does anyone have any restaurant reccommendations in the west end ( Etobicoke , Mississauga, Woodbridge) where the food is fairly healthy and tasty? When I say healthy I mean not deep fried, not covered in rich sauces etc , not carb centric.
I like Fresh and Fressen downtown which are fairly healthy but there are no equivalent restaurants like those that I am aware of in the west end. Also healthy does not have to imply vegetarian or vegan restaurants only.

Thank's in advance !

Desserts in NewMarket /York Region

Hello fellow chowhounds

Can anyone reccommend any good dessert places in Newmarket/Richmond Hill/ Woodbridge area?

Thanks in advance!

Canoe .. Is it worth it

Hello fellow chowhounders..

I was wondering for those of you who have had dinner at Canoe , whether you can provide you opinion on whether it was a worthwhile experience.

Its been one of those restaurants that have been on my must experience at one point list but I balk everytime at the price and wonder if I should keep it on my list.

I have been to Bymark, Mistura, North 44 and Sushi Kaji and I feel like at any level when its expensive enough you will get pretty good service and pretty decent food. However I'm looking for your opinion as to whether the food and experience was exceptional enough that it was a worthwhile dining experience even with its high price tag.

Thanks everyone or your input.

Happy dining


Sushi in Markham or Downtown?

Hey Jinxed, skylineR33 and dancingTimmy

Thanks for the info! Well seems mom has a change of mind. She decided wouldn't mind going to a restuarant closer to home ( which is in the west end).
I started looking at the threads listed supplied by jinx and also did some searching myself on this web site and some others. I've narrowed it down to three restaurants.


Anyone have any experiences or preferences with the three listed above?

Sushi in Markham or Downtown?

Hello fellow chowhounders.

Mom's birthday is coming up and she has requested sushi.
Her conditions - doesn't want all you can eat.
Would like to eat either in Markham or Downtown.

She mentioned she had heard there was a good sushi restaurant on Highway 7 but when asked about the name or the exact location she said she couldn't remember.

I'm wondering if she meant Akasaka.

So my questions are this.
Does anyone have any experience dining experience with Akasaka and what were your thoughts about the food.
Also does anyone have any reccommendations for a good Japanese restaurant in Markham or Downtown that is not all you can eat?

Thanks in advance for your responses

Old-School Rootbeer in TO?

Flo's diner in yorkville, in my mind makes the best rootbeer floats so far. They use IBC Rootbeer as well. They are located above the second cup at 70 Yorkville avenue.

Best Black forest Cake in TO ?

Hello fellow foodies

Can anyone reccommend a bakery where I can very good black forest cake. A black forest cake that is made with real whipped cream, actually uses Kirsch or some equivalent liquer and has real cherries rather than that cherry spread they have in bulk cherry pies?

Thanks in advance!!

Best Guacamole in GTA

I know tastes are subjective. But who do you think makes the best guacamole in the GTA.
My two favourites so far are: Dos Amigos and El Sol. Both restaurants serve guacamole that are made with fresh ripe avocados . Their guacamoles have a slightly chunky consistancy ( I really do not like runny guacamole) and they both add a little cheese on top .

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

In the west end I've always been happy with Kingsway Fish and Chips ( Royal York and Bloor). The batter is the right crispness without being over greasy and they have decent halibut. They also make fairly decent onion rings. I used to like Mcnies ( Burnhamthorpe?) mainly for the fish it was nice and flaky and tender but their batter wasn't that great. Kind of soggy and lack luster.

Ghirardelli Raspberry Squares

Hello fellow chowhounders.

Does anyone know of any stores in the GTA that sell Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Raspberry Squares. I bought a bag of the chocolates when I was in Lexington Kentucky last year and they were great! I have tried searching for them in the GTA area but the only one's that are carried up here seem to be the Ghirardelli Dark chocolate, caramel or mint squares.

Thanks in advance

Any Good Mexican Restaurants in Etobicoke/Mississauga

Hello fellow chowhounders.

Does anyone know of any good mexican restaurants in the west end. I am not of course referring to the Taco Bell kind. Something fairly authentic where they make their own tortillas would be good!

thanks In advance

Where to get Deep Fried Ice Cream

Does anyone know if there are any restaurants in the GTA that serve deep fried ice cream?

Everytime I mention this dessert to friends they also pipe up about having cravings for it. However since Chi Chi's no longer exist in Canada , we haven't found any other place that serves it. Has anyone found anything comparable in the GTA area?

Thanks in advance

Steak Dinner in Downtown TO

I've never been to Hy's but
I have been to Harbour Sixty and was very disappointed. Their service was close to non existant . I could excuse them if they were very busy or short staffed but this was not the case. We had gone there for a birthday dinner for my parents . It was a table of five and to say the service was inattentive would be kind. Our waitress spent more time chatting with her waitress friend then serving us. The food itself was not spectacular. It was just grilled steak, not discernable from any other steakhouse. For the prices they were charging I was expecting much more. I have eaten at Ruth Chris's , Mortons , Moishes, Houstons, Black Angus and Barberians and out of all of those Harbour Sixty was the most lack lustre in terms of quality of steak, service and overall value.
With so many other options I would suggest passing on Harbour Sixty.