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wine bars?

Ristobar is great. Love to sit at the bar near the cheese and salumi and taste different wines and cheeses all night. Haven't had much of the rest of the menu but if you are looking for a glass and a nibble before/after a movie on Chestnut, I highly recommend.

Other great wine bars I've tried recently-

Fat Angel (fillmore)

Dell'Uva (NB) (if youwant funky wines...this is the place)

Barrique (NB)

Amelie (Polk)

Hotel Biron (Market area)

Just off the top of my to find more :)

Hotel Biron
45 Rose St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Fat Angel
1740 Ofarrell St, San Francisco, CA 94115

461 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

Need birthday dinner suggestions in SF

I've only been for dinner...I could see how brunch would be a bit dark.

Need birthday dinner suggestions in SF

Holy Grail will be more full, you are correct, but they also might have a nice prix fix menu for that night which I just might look into...
At Terzo we just had several small plates. I was with a veggie so we had a lot of cheese plates and the hummus, which was yum! The menu changes daily so I couldn't find what I had on their site.

Need birthday dinner suggestions in SF

Since it is 3/17, you may want to look at O'Reilley's Holy Grail on Polk Street...I had an AMAZING pork shank last time. They have many small plates as well. Although on St. Paddy's day I'm sure they will be doing something special.

The other place I just found is Terzo...a small (romantic) Mediterranean small plates restaurant with a great wine list. Just on the other side of Pac Heights from Japantown.

Joe Beef?

I'm heading to Montreal and I ran into some residents from there who told me I HAD to go to Joe Beef. Anyone second that motion?

Where can I find good BBQ in SF?

I was also not impressed by MM's. I'll have to try Lily's.

I know this does not fall under the category of BBQ Joint, but Houston's baby back ribs are amazing.