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Gaucho Ltd. Vs Bolero

Cool - Pao de Queso in Calgary! I actually asked at Bolero if they had the cheese bread. I've been getting my fix by having co-workers coming up from Brazil bringing in the Yoki brand mix and making it home.

Will have to give Gaucho a go just for the Pao de Queso. Hopefully the layout is better then Bolero as that place doesn't have good flow and you need to have servers dedicated enough to make it to the nether regions of the restaurant.

Turducken in Calgary

You can order turducken from Valbella Meats in Canmore. Give them a shout - they generally start taking orders for Christmas just before Thanksgiving.

Looking for Sunridge (Calgary)

+1 to Nando, Alberta King of Subs, Tiffin, Pho Xuen, Taco Del Mar and Thai Tai for subs

In addition, Christie's Chicken on 32nd Ave. is reasonable and tasty (quarter chicken dark with veg and rice).

Jul 26, 2007
GordMM06 in Prairie Provinces

Bolero, Calgary - any reviews?

I went to Bolero last week on a Tuesday and had a very good experience. I've actually spent some time in Brazil (Campinas) prior for work so have had firsthand experience with Brazilian churrascarias. Bolero, while not offering the breadth for either the salad station or the meat selections, compared well for what they did have.
On the evening I was there, other then one skewer of pork loin, the meat was all cooked medium rare to rare and was quite tender. I would agree that they could use more salt but that said, the meat was flavorful.
The restaurant was full which was both good and bad: good as there was a constant supply of meat (no skewers sitting and getting overdone) but bad as there were only 2 servers for most of the evening (a third was added when we were almost done).
The salad bar could use more items, especially for the hot food as there really is only the feijoada (black bean stew) that could be called Brazilian and even that wasn't really authentic - still just nitpicking here.
I would definitely recommend Bolero - hopefully they remain busy so the cooking doesn't suffer.

Jun 27, 2007
GordMM06 in Prairie Provinces

new soup obsession/quest: tonkotsu ramen

Used to go to Cafe de Tokyo as well and really enjoyed it with the old owner. After the old owner retired, I switched to Shikiji on Centre and 16th Ave. I actually like this much better then Cafe de Tokyo. Shikiji, while not as good as the ramen I've had in Tokyo, is very good. They have three styles of broth (miso, shio and regular/soya). All come with pork and they will cook the noodles to the firmness you want (like they do in Tokyo).
Haven't been back to the Cafe de Tokyo since the name change either as I assumed the quality of the soup would have left with the old owner (don't think he passed on his recipes to anyone). But will give it a shot - although it seems no one else has partaken of the restaurant since the name change either.

Lord Sandwich (Calgary) [moved from Canada board]

Well now that John has brought up Vietnamese I feel safe in talking about my favorite sandwich, the Vietnamese Bahn Mi (vietnamese sub). Excellent and often less expensive then their western counterparts. My favorite Bahn Mi shop is accross from the Harry Hays building (next to Pho Pasteur), I believe it's called Thi Thi Bahn Mi. Their regular sub with cold cuts and pate on a baguette with cilantro, pickled carrots and chili peppers. hot of the toaster oven is one my favorties. The Sate Beef or Chicken are great as well.

Mar 12, 2007
GordMM06 in Prairie Provinces

Ice Cream at Manuel Latruwe

I actually asked her once if she had worked at ML (just to make conversation) and she got a little snarky. So no more visits to her booth. And the ML products do taste better.

Kobe Beef Burger at Burger Inn, Calgary, AB

While not a kobe burger, I lean to the burgers at Boogies on Edmonton Trail (about 1.5 blocks north of Diner Deluxe on the east side of the street). I find the burgers and the staff to be far superior to Peter's. And they have calypso sauce to go with their fries.

Feb 05, 2007
GordMM06 in Prairie Provinces

Ice Cream at Manuel Latruwe

Just curious about Ladybug, didn't the owner of Ladybug used to work at ML? I recall seeing her there before Ladybug opened. I'm a fan of ML as well although the prices have creeped up lately. Oh, try the stratciacella (sp?) ice cream, it's excellent.

Calgary Smoked Meat Review

Having checked out the other sites in town (Dunn's which is now defunt, PoE and the Metro), I would definitely recommend Alberta King of Subs. It's been around since CP moved their HQ to Calgary although the original owner has since passed. The new owners have carried on the tradition and serve a very moist MSM. Their Kings platter (MSM + fries + coleslaw + soft drink) for 11 is a reasonable deal as the sandwich is generous enough to feed two (or one if you're hungry). I always feel like taking a nap once I leave. They used to offer a choice of lean or regular but the last few times, the staff hasn't asked. And yes, it's hand cut.

Feb 05, 2007
GordMM06 in Prairie Provinces

Calgary tasting menus?

Belvedere and Il Sogno and I believe Capo does as well. I would recommend Belvedere and Capo.

Chinese hot pot anyone?

Forbidden City (in the Pacific Place mall on 36th st. NE) has an all you can eat hot pot that is pretty good. I believe they offer the hot pot most nights with the exception of Saturday when they may be doing banquets. The hot pots are a winter thing - starting around October and ending in the spring April/May.

Feb 05, 2007
GordMM06 in Prairie Provinces