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Baltimore to james madison University on Tuesday

Be sure to eat at Kline's Ice Cream in Harrisonburg. It might just be the thing that makes your daughter chose JMU!

Duesenberg's Cafe & Grill - Catonsville

i love their breakfast. just what catonsville needed!
this past Sat I ordered 3 breakfasts to go:
2 blueberry pancakes (3) with bacon
plain pancakes (3) with bacon

The total was 13 dollars! How can you beat that? I don't even like pancakes but their blueberry pancakes have made me a pancake believer!

Restaurants In Frederick

Nidos in Frederick is the best Italian in the area. If the roast pork is a special, it is not to be missed. Their salads are lackluster but i love the white pizza. Other family favorites include linguine with clam sauce and their homemade ravioli.
If you are looking for an upscale surf and turf kind of place, Dutch's Daughter is a solid option. Have been going there since I was a little girl and their food is always consistent. I typically get the cream of crab soup and the softshells if they are in season.
The latest place that I visited was the Tasting Room. I'm not a fan of the ambiance (cramped and super loud) but the food more than makes up for that. Their cocktails are noteworthy too. I think this restaurant could hold it's own against any of the finer baltimore eateries (salt, chameleon cafe, bicycle) Everything we ate was fantastic. I specifically remember enjoying the tuna crudo. Downtown Frederick has clearly come a long way in the past 5 years.

Baltimore Restaraunt List - Need Feedback !

last time i drove by darker than blue they had a bank sign on their door indicating the place was being sold.
you can't go wrong with bicycle.

Where can I find great nachos in Baltimore?

they are pretty good there. 8/10 with points deducted for the under layer of nachos not having enough toppings. big portion. hearty enough to be an entree if you're not STARVING that day

JFX Farmer's Market 2009

Based on recommendations I bought some of the terrific black bean salsa and served it on top of a bbq chicken, corn and arugula salad for dinner.
Where is the cheese lady from last year? I am missing my fresh mozzarella.
And while I love Ethel and Ramones restaurant (you must try the oyster po boy), their andouille egg sandwich was missing something. Some type of salty cheese perhaps?

Yummy lunch in Bartimore

Isabella's makes the best italian sandwich I've ever had. The owner is so stinkin nice too! He makes you feel like family and manages to not come off as fake.
I've tried the Scooch (Capicollo, Soppressata and Porchetta with Gouda Cheese, Roasted Peppers and Lettuce in a Balsamic Dressing) and the Isabella (Proscuitto Di Parma, Soppressata, Capicollo, with Asiago Cheese, Homemade Olive Spread and Olive Oil, heated). You can check out their menu online. Oh, and pay the extra $2 bucks or so and get the large. You can always eat the other half later.

221 S. High St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 962-8888

JFX Farmer's Market 2009

Firefly had a wonderful spreadable ginger, almond, honey cheese. It was wonderful on top of the raisin walnut bread from the bakery closest to Reid's.

Two young people visiting Baltimore first time

I didn't have any issues. The owner waited on us and was very kind and attentive. We were the only people there though so I can't speak for the service on a busy evening.

Two young people visiting Baltimore first time

there is a wine shop w/i 1 block. they also sell beer. spirits (corner of charles and read)

Two young people visiting Baltimore first time

IMHO, Cafe Gia's is a billion times better than Amiccis.

Clementine - Hamilton

happy to say I recently went for dinner and tried the mac and cheese again. so much better than the first time. hot hot hot and i think the portion was even bigger. 2 of us shared it easily.
had the lemon roasted rockfish with shrimp butter, parmesan grits and asparagus. wonderful! took some of the homemade desserts home - coconut cake that my great grandmother would have been proud of and a very dense brownie with bourbon whipped cream.
can't wait to go back again!

baltimore restaurant week deals

I have never been disappointed at bicycle. go every year for restaurant week.

chicken and waffles in Baltimore

Granny's in Owings Mills. Amazing chicken wings and the serving size was HUGE! Something like 4 giant wings and 6 waffles. Try the grits too.

Three - Baltimore

I went about a month ago. Solid!
I had the fried chicken (4 pieces) with succotash and sausage gravy. I would never tell her but it rivaled my country Grandmother's chicken! Enough food to feed me twice. Very reasonable price - like $14 or something close.

Where can I find great nachos in Baltimore?

birches in canton...hands down.

Breakfast/Brunch in Ellicott City or Columbia?

I'd recommend eggspectations. They have a website where you can preview the menu. Tons of options. I always get the oy veg. Delish!

Chef Paolino's

I would not rule it out for an eat-in place. It's casual but has a nice atmosphere. They still serve you even though you order at the counter. Haven't had the pizza but I really like their coffey salad and their mostaccioli napoletana with sausage (perfect sauce, not too sweet, light, layers of flavor). Other family members rave about their lasagna. HUGE portions that make up for the slight priciness. I always get at least 2 servings out of 1 meal.
For Catonsville, it's pretty solid Italian. It's not Aldo's or La Tavola but it's good and always busy when we stop in.
This website appears to be a work in progress but it matches the takeout menu i have at home.

iggies pizza

not open on Mondays but recently added Sundays hours for lunch and dinner

El Torito Mexican Mt. Vernon

Ate lunch here today after reading the review in Baltimore Magazine. Live in Mt Vernon and have always found our mexican joints to be disappointing. Typically drive to Arcos. Have to agree with the review, food was excellent and service was pleasant and attentive. The chips came with 2 types of salsa. A green salsa verde and a spicier chipotle in adobo salsa. Both were tasty. I had the taco trio with 1 chorizo and 2 carnitas. They were topped with onion and cilantro. Some might find them to be very basic but I thought the lack of sour cream/guacamole really let the meat flavors shine.
Sad to report that the place was empty. Waitress said it's almost always slow. What a bummer! Hope they get enough business to stay open. I'd like to be able to round out our Mt Vernon staples of Brewers, Minato and Iggies with a Mexican restaurant.

Samos 7:30 Sat - no wait

went this sat afternoon at 12:30 and had no wait either. economy related? either way, our gain! food quality still excellent.

Ale Mary's

what other close places do you prefer?

Ale Mary's

glad you finally gave it a try! it's my favorite restaurant right now. chose to eat their burger and tots for my birthday dinner. my dh was shocked that i didn't want to go somewhere fancy or expensive but sometimes a burger is the best meal!
heard they have a solid brunch but haven't been yet. can anyone comment?

Rocket to Venus - Anyone been recently?

Went this weekend and found it to be average at best. Their infamous brussel sprouts were meh. Just sauteed and drizzled with balsamic. They should take a lesson from my Mom. Brussel sprouts need pancetta. My grilled cheese was also average, despite the 3 cheese combination. I was expecting a sharper cheese flavor but the sandwich was bland.
DH had a much better experience. His corn and crawfish chowder (a special) had a nice spice to it. A kind of heat that lingeres in the back of your throat. Must admit that his cheesesteak was the winner of the evening. Who would have thunk it?! May have been the best cheesesteak I ever had. Would be the only reason I'd return.
Must add that server was totally indifferent to our presence.

iggies pizza

i totally disagree. i am on weight watchers and always mess with their pizzas (i.e. can i have half the cheese, can i have no pancetta, can i have whatever). not only are they accommodating and pleasant, the pizzas taste great despite the fact that i basically butcher them.

Clementine - Hamilton

ate lunch there today. started with the macaroni and cheese which could have been wonderful had it not been cold in the middle. i imagine they store it in the fridge, cut slices as they are ordered, and heat under the broiler. it's a shame that it was cold because, when reheated at home, it was really good. rich and creamy, almost like it was made with cream cheese.
also had a bacon, cheddar and asparagus sandwich. i thought it would have been heated but it was also served cold (not a bad thing). very hearty sandwich that ended up feeding me twice. the accompanying potato salad was outstanding. reminded me of the tyler florence ultimate potato salad recipe that i used at home. had a fresh unexpected lemon flavor. the waitress sold me on it when she said she had just finished eating a bowl herself :)
staff was friendly and attentive but never intrusive. coffee cup remained full and check was processed quickly.
eager to return and try brunch. hopefully it will be hot!

Brewer's Art

Recently had an excellent meal there. Normally don't eat in the dining room because you can't get a burger and fries. Parents and Grandparents were in town so I made the sacrifice. Happy to report that my meal was as good, if not better, than the usual bar fare. We started with the duck meatballs with calvados sauce. So moist! Even my picky DH was impressed. Perhaps he just saw meatball on the menu and overlooked that they were duck. :)
For my entree, I chose the ozzy (house beer) brined chicken over polenta with brussel sprouts and chesnuts. This dish was perfect. Would not change anything. I should add that I never order chicken because I like to try new things and chicken always seems so ordinary. Kudos to them for making a stand out chicken dish! Portion size was big too; could have had leftovers if I wasn't such a glutton!
Others at the table had the steak frites, butternut squash ravioli, and tuna. No complaints and clean plates all around.
While my DH and I enjoy the hipster vibe that Brewers gives off, my parents/gparents enjoyed the architecture and fine food/wine selection. A great place to take guests.

Rocket to Venus - Anyone been recently?

Anyone been lately? It's been on my list of potentials for a long time and I am thinking I'll finally give it a go. Heard they make a surprisingly delicious cheesesteak, which is a favorite food of my DH.

Morning Edition (Patterson Park) -- recently?

Food is great but I have never ordered anything that was served in less than in hour. They have something like 4 burners in their kitchen. SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

Tuna Salad Sandwiches

this sounds wonderful! thanks for sharing.

Nov 11, 2008
rudmansjmu in Home Cooking