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fresh crab

I am a fan of the canned Costco crab. It's better quality and better value than what I've found at Whole Foods. Be sure to to keep it in the fridge!

Business dinner with a group of 7 in West Palm Beach

You're not too far away from Delray Beach and the wonderful 32 East! Unique, local and DELICIOUS!

Just one family night in Delray

I might suggest....Boheme Bistro, the Office or Sazio. All on Atlantic and walkable.

2716 N University Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065

West Hartford Area -- Sunday Brunch with In-Laws

You might consider the Pond House Cafe in Elizabeth Park, which is just down the road. I have not been in the winter, but the atmosphere is lovely.

Why is everyone feeding my teenager pizza?

One of my favorite things about going to a particular friend's house in high school (besides the friendship) was her mother's chicken soup. It was always a little different each time - a variety of veggies, sometimes pasta, sometimes potatoes, sometimes dumplings - but it was SO very yummy and comforting. I've since taught myself to make chicken soup (and many other homemade things), and love to share with visitors and friends, to pass along those good feelings.

Please keep feeding your daughter and friends home cooked meals - maybe it is a sad commentary that they don't get these things at other homes, but you could also think of it as a bit of a public service? Please also understand that many families aren't just lazy (though that's part of it), but just overwhelmed, and are looking for an easy solution. Regardless, real food is a great gift to give to the crowd.

Jan 07, 2008
Petunia in Not About Food

ideas for dinner near/around Manchester, CT

To get away from chains, you could try Calamari's Seafood Grill or Mill on the River (both in South Windsor) or Little Mark's BBQ (in Vernon). You could also try the Adam's Mill in Manchester.

Lunch with Kids near Windsor CT?

My niece and nephew enjoy looking at the fish tanks at the Maine Fish Market in Windsor Locks. There's no outdoor seating, but it's definitely kid-friendly.

Ice Cream Stands in Mass. Summer Trip(s)

Agreed on Sundae School (love the grape nut flavor), also on the Cape perhaps Emack and Bolio's?

Any decent chains in New England?

There's also an American Flatbread in Canton, CT. The food is great - high quality products, etc. - but it's also good for kids as you can watch them make and bake the pizza in the (wood fired?) oven.

Any decent chains in New England?

One great thing about Bertucci's - they sell their pizza dough (as do many pizza joints) and will stretch it and box it for you - I think it costs about about a buck. I have had a number of fun (and easy) make your own pizza dinner parties using this method, both in DC and Boston.

P Town/Welfleet/Truro Fun and Funky Dining

What about The Bookstore in Wellfleet? It's not a particularly fancy place, but has good food and a lovely view of the beach/water - just across the street. There is an actual bookstore on the property, and a sunset walk on the beach or to/around the town harbor after dinner would be a fun possibility. Or you could do the quick drive up to P-town for an ice cream (and the atmosphere) or something.

food-obsessed moving to DC (orig. from NYC & currently in CA)

Agreed on Penn Quarter as a good place to be. There are certainly LOTS of chain places to appeal to the tourist crowd, but also Cafe Atlantico, Jaleo, Minibar (where I've never been, but supposedly fantastic), Zaytinya, Matchbox, Rasika, Oya, my beloved Teaism. . . and many more, I am sure. Lots of modern new or renovated residential buildings - but not a neighborhood to live in if you're looking for a charming brownstone type home. Lots of little art galleries, and Cowgirl Creamery for cheese etc. - but definitely currently lacking a good grocery store.

A winter visit to Cape Cod - good or no good?

Orleans, which is not too far up the road from Dennisport, has a number of restaurants that are open year round. Abba and The Beacon are great choices, and don't miss a stop at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow for coffee, tea or a treat. If headed up that way, check out Skaket (bay) or Nauset (ocean) Beach for a peak at the wintery landscapes.

What happened to my tortillas?

A Texan friend of mine who makes yummy enchiladas dips the corn tortillas (for just a couple of seconds!) in a bit of hot stock instead of frying them. It seems to warm and soften them up well without getting mushy. As a past dinner guest I can vouch that the end product is delicious.

Feb 20, 2007
Petunia in Home Cooking

Breakfast Resturants in the Mid Cape Cod????????

I am a fan of The Hole in One in Orleans. Yes, it's a donut shop, but also has a number of tables and counter service, with what I found to be surprisingly good (basic) breakfast food and quick, attentive, and friendly service. Toast is from homemade bread, muffins are baked fresh daily, eggs cooked exactly as orderd - and definitely try the foccacia egg sandwiches. The fireplace is always on in the winter, which makes the spot even more cozy.

Take-out on the lower Cape?

Does anyone have recommendations for good year-round take out in the Orleans/Eastham/Wellfleet area? Asian, pizza, or anything else?

Business Dinner Between Springfield, MA & Avon CT

I have been to Figaro. It is fine, but rather dated and not at all in the league of what you described.

Fresh Mozzarella no tomatos, what to do?

What about a variation on insalate caprese, but with roasted red peppers (already mentioned, I think), or slices of roasted eggplant, or grilled portabellas?

Feb 04, 2007
Petunia in Home Cooking

Small Wedding on the Water - Good Chow

What about the Captain Linnell House in Orleans on the Cape? It is about .2 miles from Skaket Beach (bay beach with beautiful sunsets) and the facility is just lovely and historical to boot. Check it out at