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PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2009


pizzeria mozza


golden state
kang kang food court
mario's peruvian
umami burger

Nov 28, 2009
the capers in Los Angeles Area

fogo de chao vs. brasa brasil grill?

thank you for the votes!
were in for brasa brasil!
i shall report back.

Nov 06, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

fogo de chao vs. brasa brasil grill?

hello all!

i am suffering from an intense meat craving and my friend told me that these things called churrascarias exist where you have a meat stoplight that tells them to stop bringing you meat after meat! i'm immediately in love with the idea and now we're not where to go. i read the posts on both fogo de chao and the newer brasa brasil and wondered about your thoughts in comparison. we will go to the one with consistently better product. cost is a concern but not the top one. thank you! (though my colon might not...)

Nov 06, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Chocolate Chip Cookie Craving

i second this! square one has the most amazing chocolate chip cookies i have ever had! its almost like a puff pastry dough but with chocolate instead of butter defining the layers (and cookie dough instead of dough). the only problem is they sometimes run out towards the end of the day. but i asked the manager if we could reserve or order them ahead of time and he said that would be fine.

Sep 16, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Giant baked sweet potatoes

probably not the answer you want, and im a bit ashamed that i know this, but the roadhouse grill chain does a humongous baked sweet potato (not yam) with brown sugar and butter that is really tasty. i would usually get one with my prime rib. not sure if there are many (any) in the LA area, they might all be in the inland empire (alas, my home town). good luck!

side note: the baked purple potatoes at jar with creme fraiche and chives are stupendous, but they are tiny (as baked potatoes go).

-miss caper

Aug 15, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Place to take hubby after his wisdom teeth come out?

if just for a treat since i think its probably not wise to try to eat anything whole right after the operation, i would vote for scoops or pinkberry or milk or anything along those lines.

hot soup might not feel too good, id lean more towards the numbing qualities of some frozen delicacy.

Jun 05, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Hatfield's - Tasting menu?

friday is a great day to have the tasting menu at hatfield's. thats usually the day the chef goes to the fish market in the morning and brings back the freshest most amazing fish for the first course crudo.

my friends were delighted by the flight they had a few weeks ago.

normally there isnt a cheese course and i too am surprised by your experience with the reservationist. i am sure she wasnt trying to be secretive. it is true that the menu changes depending on whats freshly available, perhaps she didnt want you to expect something specific and then be surprised when you arrived that day.

as for wine pairings i would leave myself in the hands of the knowledgeable staff. plus i believe corkage can be a bit much.

have a lovely dinner!

Apr 18, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Jack Daniel's is not Bourbon.

tennessee whiskeys are filtered through sugar maple charcoal. bourbons are not. i believe that originally, bourbons had to come from bourbon county, in the same sense that a french "syrah" would be labeled cote rote, or a pinot noir labeled morgon, and the fact that the county of bourbon more than likely took its name from a ruling family of france seem to suggest that there may have been an influence toward regionallity. however, at this point all a whiskey needs to be called a bourbon is a majority of corn mash with a little rye thrown in (minus the sugar maple filtering) extra flavor, not just from the barrel...supposedly elijah craig {spelling?} discovered the process of charring barrels when his (dis)still(ery) burned to the ground, leaving the salvagable barrels charred, and in his effort to save money he re-used them...hence charred oak barrels, the final ingredient for bourbon...(tho im not sure how much credence to give to the elija craig story)
still...i love bourbon.

Mar 20, 2007
the capers in Spirits

Help! Japanese a la Azami?

thanks for all the replies!

i ended up doing a search for japanese restaurants in the third street area between la cienega and fairfax and found yabu. its a place i walked by before that looked nice so tonight i decided to drop in.

i had the omakase sashimi and it was pretty darn good. some things i was unfamiliar with (i should have asked) but some excellent bluefin toro and out of this world uni. fresh, sweet, like the ocean. sigh.

i also had a seaweed sunomono, nasu miso, and chawan mushi. they bring out fresh orange, pineapple and strawberry at the end of the meal and it was a perfect finish.

i really enjoyed my experience there aside from slightly inattentive service. i was there by myself so perhaps i just noticed it more sharply than i would have. i will definitely have to bring the mister here.

Mar 12, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

The BEST dining experience in LA for $100-150/person

I second the recs on Lucques and Hatfield's though in the romantic/food category I think Hatfield's wins out. The place is tiny and cozy so it doesnt really get too loud. The tasting menu is 7 courses in tandem so you get 14 different dishes and I think its only 78 bucks. If you get the right table at Lucques it can also be very romantic and nice, but I think it can get a bit loud there at times.

Providence also sounds great but I havent eaten there yet so I cannot personally recommend it. Maybe itll be a birthday treat for me?

Mar 11, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Help! Japanese a la Azami?

Hi all.

the mister is at work and im craving something light and delicious.
azami is closed on sunday so i have no idea what to do.
a search for "sushi" and "japanese" turned up so many options i couldnt get through them all. (i mean i read fast, but c'mon)
im looking for a place with quality fish but also a good assortment of other dishes.
hmmm, i just reminded myself of raku on olympic but i dont think they do sushi per se.
plus id like to stay over in the hollywoodish area though i am willing to travel for the right place.

all suggestions appreciated and welcomed! thanks!

Mar 11, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Beignets in Los Angeles

we second the beignets at lucques!
and also the ones at hatfields!

Mar 11, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Lucques tonight - what to order?

thanks for the recs guys and gals!

we went and had an amazing meal!

started with the dandelion and treviso salad with bacon, tagiolere (sp? its a cheese), madeira dressing and soft egg. it was excellent. perfect balance of sweet, salty, smoky, rich, bitter, acidic.

also had the romanesco bagna cauda with burrata, jamon serrano and breadcrumbs. im a math geek so i heart romanesco (its nature's living fractal!). the dish was tasty and the largish breadcrumbs gave it a most pleasant crunch. however, i wanted to taste more garlic and more anchovy! maybe more finicky diners have asked them to tone it down but that extra kick of salty fishyness and intense garlickyness would have made it perfect.

for our main courses we had the suckling pig with black eyed peas, cavolo nero, grilled cornbread and chimichurri sauce and the market fish (which i never got the name of) with clams, fingerling potatoes, sunchokes, and a marcona almond picada. both were excellent in execution and flavor. the fish was cooked perfectly and the pig was tender and succulent. no osso bucco on the menu! i would have loved to have had that!

we were also sent out the wild mushroom lasagna with sugar snap peas, pea tendrils and parmesan. THIS was a great dish. layers of fresh tender pasta with parmesan pudding in between and earthy chanterelles and crisp and sweet sugar snaps and pea tentrils all over. oh yum. i was so stuffed! good thing the mister can eat. he made sure not a delicious morsel was wasted.

then dessert! we had the sweet potato beignets with caramel corn, pecans and bourbon sauce. wow. the beignets were so pillowy light and insubstantial. they were perfectly crisp on the outside but had an almost creamy center. the sauce had a pleasant kick to it. and the caramel corn was amazingly fresh tasting, they couldnt have done it right then! i think we would have liked it to be a little saltier maybe. im hooked on the sweet savory dessert movement.

the chocolate dessert was incredible. layers of nougatine with a bittersweet chocolate pudding (? i cant remember the proper name of it) and butterscotch pudding and a shoyu caramel sauce! the shoyu caramel was out of this world. the mister was slightly hesitant when i told him that shoyu was soy sauce but when he tasted it with everything else, he was totally in love.

its hard to find a place that is so consistent from beginning to end. especially with the desserts.

Mar 05, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

MILK on Beverly

went to milk with a friend yesterday.
we had two of the black and white bon bons
a coffee toffee crunch ice cream sandwich
and a strawberry shortcake shake

the bon bons were good, nice thin chocolate encasing the vanilla chocolate swirled ice cream. the ice cream was a tad bit icey but who can hate a bon bon?

the ice cream sandwich was amazing. they use macaroons as cookies there. slightly chewy with just the right amount of give for the ice cream filling. the problem with most ice cream sandwiches is the hardness of the cookie once its frozen, this option is the *perfect* solution.

the shake was made with vanilla malted ice cream, scoops of strawberry sorbet that was just tart enough and a crumble of cookie on top. delicious. and not too sweet!

i will definitely be back. i need to try one of those bars. mmmm.

Mar 02, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Lucques tonight - what to order?

Have not tried the latest seasonal menu at Lucques.
Any recommendations?
What are the must haves?
How about dessert?


Mar 02, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Late Night Coffee & Dessert Options

the waffle brownie sundae at cafe 101 is incredible. a tad too much hot fudge for my taste (i never thought i would say those words!) but it will slay you.

swingers also does a really good brownie sundae.

both places are open til at least 4 am, i think.

oh and the hot fudge waffle sundae at canter's is out of this world! but you have to get the right server to make it for you. the older asian woman does it best. she makes the waffle extra crispy and pours the hot fudge on the waffle not the ice cream.

Feb 22, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

The DIVE on Highland?

the mister could say it better but "the dive" is a yet another lame overhaul of what was previously highland grounds. its a decent place but nothing amazing. they took some of our favorite things off the menu and added some weird things. all the potatoes for breakfast are stewed in some weird acidic tomato-y sauce. havent ever been there at night for drinks so i cant really say anything about that. also, im feeling doubtful that someone from the hungry cat would move to the dive.

Feb 22, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Favorite Pizz@ at mozz@

dont quote me on this, but i think that they sprinkle dried oregano on top. its dried in a bunch like they do with sage.

Feb 19, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Favorite Pizz@ at mozz@

oooo yes that chopped salad is awesome. all that provolone and salami!mmmmmm.

Feb 19, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

New Top Ramen Contender!

our last visit to daikokuya was also a disappointment. the broth was still pretty good and intense, but the pork! the pork was dry and not nearly as fatty and tender as its been in the past. im so sad. well definitely have to check out san sui tei soon!

Feb 19, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

chocolate chip cookies

just tried the chocolate chip cookie at square one on friday and im totally addicted.
its huge. probably fifty percent chocolate, fifty percent cookie. i wonder how they do it, its almost like a puff pastry but with chocolate and cookie dough, there are discrete layers of cookie and chocolate. we had to control ourselves to not eat it all, and now were rationing out the remaining morsels until we can get our next fix...

Feb 18, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

authentic oatcakes and Scottish Pub with laphroaig wee dram on west side?

no idea about the oatcakes but the daily pint in santa monica on pico and cloverfield has a wide selection of whisky and they do indeed have laphroaig. its a bit of a dive but has billiards shuffleboard and foosball!

Feb 13, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Favorite Pizz@ at mozz@

fennel sausage!
guanciale with egg and bagna cauda

wasnt too hot on the clams
or the burrata squash blossoms

is the lardo back on the menu? when i was there it was off.
i want to try that and the bacon leek goat cheese (?) pizza next time

Feb 13, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

donut man - strawberry donuts

i must try this! for years my friends have talked up the donut man.
but being in santa monica, TDM is so very very far from me...

Feb 13, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

Lucky Baldwin's-Pasadena: Lousy

sorry to see this. i remember going about 5 years ago and i had a great time. though, granted im not a beer aficianado nor snob and would probably not be able to tell much difference in the finer aspects of taste.

still planning on trying to go at some point tho, maybe make a day of it in pasadena.

Feb 13, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area

LA Cake Roundup

was fretting about getting a cake for my boyfriend last weekend, wish this thread had been around then!

working in a restaurant, ive seen quite a few sweet lady jane cakes come through and they have always been dry and terrible. not quite sure what the fuss is about with them.

worked in another place that had susina cakes and pastries. amazing. didnt try a lot of them but what i did have was quite decadent. they also have the best scones ive had so far in LA.

i do love doughboys little cakes, have yet to try the full size red velvet, i think its a pre-order deal.

i ended up getting a cake at mousse fantasy (which also now has a beard papa franchise!) on sawtelle near olympic. the classic "asian" strawberry shortcake with light moist cake layers, whipped cream frosting and fresh strawberries. very good. we also tried a slice of their chocolate cake which had an excellent chocolatey ganache but the cake was a bit too sweet and light in contrast.

Feb 07, 2007
the capers in Los Angeles Area