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Specialty Food Stores in Queens??

I'm in love with Sorriso's Italian pork store on 30th Avenue and 45th Street. They make their own sopressata, which is delicious, and a lot of other things, I believe including sausage and salumi. They also have great pasta and ravioli and fresh mozzarella.

I'll also plug cassinelli pasta on 23rd Avenue just off of 31st street. Delicious fresh pasta.

Jan 31, 2011
abee in Outer Boroughs

any high quality sushi in brooklyn/queens??

I have friends who swear by Linn in Astoria (Broadway and 29th Street)

Oct 27, 2010
abee in Outer Boroughs

Seeking: German Recommendations On Staten Island.

The Nurnberger Bier Haus is awesome.

Oct 24, 2010
abee in Outer Boroughs

Astoria Bakery Choice

Oh, david, Cannelle has some excellent fresh baked breads, and I count it as Jackson Heights, though it is a bit of a walk...

Jul 19, 2009
abee in Outer Boroughs

Astoria Bakery Choice

There's an italian bakery on 30th Avenue and 45th Street that I'm very fond of. I don't remember it's name, but it's always crowded and I think it's very good. There's a great new wine store next door and my favorite pork store across the street, so I'm fond of that block. It's a little out of the way, but I think it's worth the hike.

Then if you like French Bakery fare, I really don't think you can do better than Cannelle. The quality is top notch- I brought their croissants and pastries to a brunch once and they got rave reviews.

La Guli has a decent gelato, especially seeing how there's no other ice cream in the vicinity, but I've never had their pastries.

Parisi makes a decent loaf of bread and it always smells fantastic.

Jul 19, 2009
abee in Outer Boroughs

Farmer's markets in Astoria?

If you go to 14th Street (I believe) between Broadway and 31st Avenue on Wednesdays, there's a small market, but I've gotten some good things.

Jul 19, 2009
abee in Outer Boroughs

Sundae Monstrosity

There's still a Jahn's in Jackson Heights- 37th Avenue and 80th Street- they make the kitchen sink sundae!

Apr 07, 2009
abee in Outer Boroughs

Pizza place with a private room in Brooklyn or Queens?

Portobello Pizzeria in Astoria- 45th and Ditmars in the Laguardia Plaza. The pizza is delicious, and they have a lovely party room.

Mar 11, 2009
abee in Outer Boroughs

Best Japanese in Astoria?

There are actually two new sushi places right up the block (closer to Crescent) from Linn- Iji and osaka (I think). I went to both of them- my original plan was to go to Linn, but these were nominally closer to me, and had the appeal of being bright-shiny-new.

Iji is beautiful and the sushi was delicious. The lunch special was decent too- comparable to the other two I mentioned. They are still waiting for a liquor license, and are currently byo.

The sushi at Osaka was good, but we went in literally the day after it opened, and it smelled so badly of fumes. The decor was no match for Iji either, though the lunch special was about $.50 cheaper.

The girls I went with and I decided we liked Iji significantly better. I'd still like to try Linn one of these days though!

Mar 08, 2009
abee in Outer Boroughs

Ceviche in Queens?

I highly recommend the ceviche mixo at Urubamba

86-20 37th Avenue

Jan 15, 2009
abee in Outer Boroughs

Best wine and liquor prices/selection in Queens?

That's Dominick's. The staff there is very friendly and helpful!

Dec 31, 2008
abee in Outer Boroughs

tarragon vinegar

Heinz makes a tarragon vinegar. I got mine at Trade Fair.

Aug 20, 2008
abee in Outer Boroughs

Hold the Phones, Alert the Media- Just had a BAD PIE at DiFara

I'm pretty sure that Dom usually (if not always) puts olive oil on the round pies after the cheese and basil at the end.

Jul 13, 2008
abee in Outer Boroughs

Looking for a real salumeria

I like Sorriso's Pork Store in Astoria- 30th Ave and 45th Street.

Jun 22, 2008
abee in Outer Boroughs

Bagels in JH?

So far I haven't been thrilled with the bagel options in JH- my husband and I have almost gotten over our bagel addiction that we developed while living in Astoria (Lot's Bagels, how I miss you!). There's a place on Northern around 90th on the South side of the street that's the best I've found.

Jun 22, 2008
abee in Outer Boroughs

DiFara (Review)

I arrived at DiFara's that same day for the first time. I got there a few hours later- around 8:30pm. There was a group of college-age people there (~6) who had just gotten their first pie (out of 3) when I walked in the door. There was a woman there who was waiting for her pie, and a guy who walked in with me who I believe ordered ahead.

I went right to the counter and Dom's daughter took my order (a regular pie- to go) and I set myself up towards the right of the counter so I could watch Dom work while I waited. Several other people arrived and by the time 8:45 rolled around, it was quite crowded. I occupied myself watching the pizza's being made, and enjoying myself. It was kind of mesmerizing. A man and his son who seemed friendly with Dom came in, and I was worried they might be bumped up, but by the time I left they were still waiting.

One rather annoying woman kept bugging Dom's daughter, asking when her pie would be ready, because she was really busy and important (paraphrasing here) and had to leave. I think she arrived after I did, but I can't guarantee it. When "my" pie was ready, and having it's basil and cheese put on it, a couple walked in and watched. Dom ended up giving them the pie, at which point the daughter apologized to me. She explained that she was going to give that pie to me, but they had been in earlier and had to leave. I got the next pie out of the oven, and I was out by 9:15 at the latest.

I have to agree with MMRuth, that it's not just the pizza but the ambiance of the place that really makes it the experience it is. Watching Dom make the pizzas is amazing- the care and precision involved is truly stupendous. I had a solid half an hour drive home (to Jackson Heights) and my husband had gone out for the evening. I wolfed down two cooled down but delicious slices, and went out to meet him. The next day, the two of us ate the rest which I had frozen. Amazing, but probably most of all to me who had the experience of watching this pizza being made from start to finish.

Mar 21, 2008
abee in Outer Boroughs

Creating an Outer Boroughs Sticky - Your Feedback

I'm not sure that keeping brooklyn and queens together makes a lot of sense. At a few certain points they're really close together and easy to get to, but at other points they're both so big that talking about one has nothing to do with the other.

Mar 03, 2008
abee in Site Talk

Yogurtberry - more new stuff in Jackson Heights

It's not exactly a food blog, but I read for jackson heights news, and s/he often tells of new restaurant openings.

Jul 05, 2007
abee in Outer Boroughs

Where in Astoria (near a subway stop) can I find a good frape?

I practically want to say "where *cant* you find a good frape in Astoria"- Every cafe that you come upon will have them, and they are pretty much all uniformly good. Zodiac, Omonia, Athens, Grand Cafe, Lefkos Piergos-- I could go on and on. Pick the subway stop in astoria that's easiest for you (I suggest either 30th or Broadway for the most variety) and take a short walk. And if you're not happy with the frappe you get, walk one more block and try again!

Jun 15, 2007
abee in Outer Boroughs

TAPAS in Queens

i adore El Boqueron in Astoria- great tapas and great sangria-- and great strawberry dessert (you have to ask for it). It's located on 31st street and 34th avenue.

Jun 15, 2007
abee in Outer Boroughs

Rabbit on Long Island/Queens

I've had rabbit at Mombar in Astoria (Egyptian) on steinway.

Mar 03, 2007
abee in Outer Boroughs