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My Sister's Birthday - Need Contributions

What a wonderful gift idea. I would highly recommend a day trip, or even a half day, visit to Ile D'Orleans. It is a small, very fertile island, that is a bit north of Quebec City. Very easy drive to access. They can do the gastro tour of the island. We had a very interesting, entertaining dinner at Au gout d'autrefois
If you are looking for unusual this would be it. A true farm to table experience with a 6 course meal centered around different ways of preparing duck. The dining room is in a rustic old farmhouse. The chef/farmer has native Indian roots and uses his ancestral cooking methods of slow (days) of cooking over very low heat. He is incredibly passionate about food and farming and introduces each course to the diners (we all get the same meal served at the same time) with a lengthy description of ingredients and cooking technique and health benefits) Yes, both in French and in a very charming broken English. Beware, the meal was close to 4 hours. The restaurant website is scant and doesn't give a good overview of the experience. Reservations are essential and there is only one sitting. Another suggestion if they have time to drive...head up to Baie St PAul and check out La Ferme. We like the bar scene there, coffee shop wasn't open yet when we went. They can check out some great locally brewed beers. Or...there is a train that runs along the water's edge up to Baie St Paul and it is supposed to be incredibly scenic. Or have a gourmet dinner on the train:
Finally, for a blow out meal in Quebec City : Panache.

Top BYOB or Table d'Hote at the moment

Grenadine! But don't tell anyone. I am vegetarian and they always make me something interesting if there is not a veggie choice on the menu. BYOB,
and close to Metro. Walking distance to St Denis St. Small resto so be sure to reserve.

Masala Cuisine in Verdun?

Just realized it is Grand Prix weekend and want to stay away from the trendier spots. Has anyone eaten at Masala? They run an Indian cooking school as well as a resto. They were previously on Wellington St . but moved into Verdun once all the new condo construction in Griffintown made parking impossible. It is a BYOB. Any feedback?

Vacation to Mont Tremblant

There is really nothing great in the area. I am not a fan of Seb (suggested by cherylmtl) but people have spotted Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones there if that makes up for mediocre food(?) . The other suggestion, Les Zebres, isn't bad but a 40 minute drive from tremblant. Another okay choice if you will have a car is Lezvos in Ste. Agathe. A shorter drive than Les Zebres but there is a large terrace that overlooks the lake and perfectly sited to enjoy the sunset. They are known for simply grilled fresh fish. Also well-sited on the lake right at tremblant is the resto at Quintessence but it is pricey. Lower your foodie expectations while at Tremblant but maybe try to catch a good meal on the way through Montreal.

Need to impress a VIP client from Las Vegas - recommendations?

Haven't been yet but another possibility is Ruby Watch Co. except for it's location.

Need to impress a VIP client from Las Vegas - recommendations?

As a Montreal vegetarian food snob my vote goes to L.A.B.

resto walking distance to Theatre Saint Denis?

Ate at Grenadine. BYOB. Great meal, great service.

Restaurant de Glace Pommery from January 6th 2012 until March 31th, 2012

Just had lunch (okay, just soup and coffee) at the Pommery today. It is expensive, menu fixe at $16 for a soup/salad and panini. No vegetarian option, so I had the soup (squash, it was good) and my friend had the panini. In addition access to the site is $13 per person, higher on the weekend. Service was abysmal. There are only 2 choices on the menu and they are pre-prepared. I can't understand what took so long to serve the 5 tables that were occupied. The concept is fun and the carved ice is pretty special. My friend left her tea pot on the ice table top instead of the wood placemat and melted a hole in the table. I suspect that happens often. Another drawback is the parade of people and school children that flow through the restaurant as part of the tour of the snow village. Weekends are very busy. The mild weather that we have had caused them to be behind schedule so not all of the village is complete. The rain flooded the area and it is very slippery to walk. If you are looking for something different I would still recommend going but at least now you are forewarned.

grass fed beef

Here are some more suggestions of organic livestock. Probably not grass-fed during the winter months.

In addition, the Metro store on Sherbrooke and Victoria in Westmount has started selling an organic beef (which I think the package says is grass fed).

Sorry, need Montreal restaurant help

I suspect that we went too soon after they opened. Thanks for the update. Will keep it on my list.

resto walking distance to Theatre Saint Denis?

Thanks. Was hoping something new was around.

Vancouver/ Whistler suggestions please

Thanks so much. Just found out that we have friends joining us so will run it by them. I suspect that Hawksworth is not my scene.

Jan 25, 2012
rooibus in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

resto walking distance to Theatre Saint Denis?

Looking for something near Theatre St Denis, not too pricey, not too noisy, midweek.

Block 16 in Vail - any good?

I am another fan of Block 16. We are Montreal food snobs and my friends were shocked to hear me rave about the food during our visit to VAil. Of the restaurants we ate at Block 16 was my favorite. Decor is fabulous, wait staff was just a notch below the staff at Kelly Linken, our waiter was young and inexperienced but tried incredibly hard to please and had a good sense of humor. Interesting and well-enjoyed wine suggestion. The menu is geared for foodies so a little off-putting at first but if you have an adventurous palate you can rest assured that there is not a bad choice (we were 5). The chef was accommodating in preparing a vegetarian plate for me (nice assortment of unusual vegetables).

Jan 25, 2012
rooibus in Mountain States

Vancouver/ Whistler suggestions please

Looking for one dinner suggestion in Vancouver downtown area and two Whistler dinners. I am vegetarian but don't usually care for vegetarian-specific restaurants. In Montreal I am able to find great chefs that specialize in market cuisine that know how to prepare/present vegetables and can happily accommodate me with a meat-free, fish-free dish using the veggie sides offered on the regular menu.
Plate presentation is very important to me (I like my eye-candy!). Interesting decor is a plus. Considerations in Whistler are:
Aura at Nita Lake Lodge

Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

Jan 25, 2012
rooibus in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Sorry, need Montreal restaurant help

I forgot to add Cava . The meat-based sister of Milos, also on Park Ave, but further north. We had delightfully attentive service and because they raise their own grass-fed organic beef somewhere in the US mid-west (okay, maybe I fell for a line) it is one of the few restos where I will eat beef.

Sorry, need Montreal restaurant help

We have recently enjoyed Van Horne (on Van Horne in Outremont) unpretentious, understated bistro atmosphere but made up for by creative menu and excellent food. It was recently listed in En Route's top Canadian restos so not sure if difficult to get a reservation. Mas Cuisine (in Verdun on Wellington) only dinner Mon - Friday because the chef is so awesome that he can keep these civilized hours. DNA for great decor, as long as you have an adventurous palate, in Old Mtl so trendier neighborhood and $$$. Both CLub Chasse et Peche and Le Locale are good choices tho I found Le Locale has dropped a notch since it opened and I prefer the sister resto Le Hangar (on Wellington) and the quieter sister, Simple-Chic in Verdun (very off the beaten track). Chasse et Peche has also opened a too-hip-to care service resto for those that like to be seen "Le Filet" on Mont Royal which does have great food if you don't mind haughty service. If you have time to dine and can commit to a 3 hour meal Europea is a great experience (on Mountain, downtown). For lunch, if you want small, cozy, funky check out Fuschia ( ) in the Plateau neighborhood. Titanic, Cluny's Art BAr and Daylight Factory are other lunch suggestions. Happy eating.

Burgundy Lion for Breakfast?

Thanks all. Will consider the other suggestions given.

Foodie Honeymoon: San Juan Islands vs. Tofino, BC

We visited Tofino/Ucluelet in June and will be visiting the San Juans in September. We spent some time in the Gulf Islands a couple of years ago. In Tofino I was very impressed with our meal at Norwoods. Dinner at the restaurant at the Wikinninish Inn was wonderful. We also enjoyed a super lunch in the Great room at Long Beach lodge resort. The view was amazing. We did not eat at Shelter because it didn't have a great view....but it was recommended by a friend of ours. We stayed at Black rock ocean resort and ate at the resto there Fetch, which was underwhelming.

Long Beach Cafe Restaurant
10114 Bridgeport Way SW, Lakewood, WA 98499

Aug 24, 2011
rooibus in Pacific Northwest

San Juan Islands next month

Thanks so much for the replies. Will report back when we return.

Aug 24, 2011
rooibus in Pacific Northwest

Burgundy Lion for Breakfast?

Too bad. Do you have another suggestion in the neighborhood around the same price range?

Burgundy Lion for Breakfast?

Anyone have a breakfast review of Burgundy Lion? Thanks

Tentative Montreal Eating Agenda - Sanity Check and Advice Please

At the risk of giving up my small out of the way place with the best chef in the city you might want to check out Mas Cuisine in Verdun on Wellington. Michel Rossy is a very talented and humble chef and his 32 seat bistro has a very low key vibe. Only open for dinner Mon -Fri (and that speaks for what a great chef he is)
Your choices above are great and I am sure you will enjoy them all!

Mas Cuisine
3779 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G, CA

San Juan Islands next month

Here is my short list of restos to visit:
Coho - San Juan Island (SJI)
Duck Soup Inn - SJI
Backdoor Kitchen - SJI
Allium - Orcas Island
New Leaf Cafe - Orcas Island

I am vegetarian, my better half is not. Please comment on my selection and feel free to add others that I may not have come across. Plate presentation is important to me as are fresh, healthy ingredients.
There is a workshop at Allium the weekend that we are there and wondering if anyone knows the cooks (see below copied from their site)

When: September 17-18, 2011

Kate McDermott will be teaching us the Art of Pie on Saturday, September 17 at 9 am in the Allium kitchen.

Amy Pennington will be teaching us how to preserve some of the summer’s bounty on September 18 at 9 am in the Allium kitchen.

Duck Soup Inn
50 Duck Soup Ln, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

New Leaf Restaurant
, Orcas, WA 98280

Aug 15, 2011
rooibus in Pacific Northwest

suggestion for resto for Mtl Foodies

Will be taking my two young adult sons for dinner during Summerlicious Festival. We need a resto suggestion close to King/John and Island Airport for an early dinner that will accommodate a vegetarian. Decor and service is as important as food. Don't like comfort food over-the-top plate presentation.

Aix Cuisine du Terroir in Place D'Armes Hotel

Has anyone eaten at Aix recently?

Aix Cuisine du Terroir
Montreal, Montreal, QC , CA

Montreal Canadian hockey fans need a resto near Union Station for dinner Sat nite where we can watch the hockey game.

We are spoiled by the great restos we have in Mtl so quality of food is important and we will have 1 vegetarian with us. Unfortunately we don't want to miss the playoffs so need somewhere where they are likely to show the Montreal/Pittsburgh game. Any suggestions?

Orexi on Bernard or Molivos on Guy for fish?

My son is taking me out for my birthday this week. Our choice is narrowed down to Orexi or Molivos. Any suggestions?

2310 Guy, Montreal, QC H3H2M2, CA

Orexi Restaurant
1270 Av Bernard, Outremont, QC H2V1V9, CA

Bitoque reviews??

I took my 19 year old son for dinner when they opened. Everything was pleasant, though nothing outstanding as I have no recollection of what we ate. The atmosphere is casual and friendly. I do remember the prices being reasonable as he thought that this was somewhere he could go to with friends. There were some vegetarian options as well. Sorry I am not more helpful.

Hazel Mah's new resto?

I thought I read that Hazel Mah from Piment Rouge has opened a new resto in the Ruby Foo's hotel on Decarie. Anyone know anything about it?