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Help Me Sketch a trip to Modena, Bologna and Parma

In Modena, don't miss lunch at Hosteria Giusti. They pour a few kinds of "house" lambrusco--chilled red sparkling, wine, perfect for a hot day.

Some years back (gosh, could it be 10 years ago???) we used http://www.parmagolosa.it/ for a wonderful balsamic vinegar tour with 2 kinds in tow. Interesting for all.

And you may already know but this is the year of Milan Expo
Looks like great fun for all and I've heard that the Italians will have some great wine tasting in their venue.

Apr 16, 2015
jangita in Italy

Madrid Locals Tips

Wow! All great info. Thanks so much.

Apr 11, 2015
jangita in Spain/Portugal

Madrid Locals Tips

Thanks for the info.

My husband and I will be spending 4 nights in Madrid, arriving 4 June.
Our hotel is the AC Recoletos on Calle Recoletos, 18.
Our flight arrives around noon and I imagine we will be wanting an early dinner before we give in to the jet lag. I always try to make it until 8 or 9pm that first day.

Can anyone suggest a place not too far from our hotel that would be serving around 4-6pm?

We are planning to visit the Mercato San Miguel, maybe twice. I have a real weakness for markets and street food. But the first night I would like to sit and be served. Wine? of course!

Also any suggestions for paella? After that first night we will walk and/or cab to places.


Apr 07, 2015
jangita in Spain/Portugal

UF grads: Do you remember a sub shop that delivered to the dorms in the early '60s?

Alan's Cubana! wow...

There was also (just to stroll down memory lane) Frank's Sub base, on 441, south of sin city. But that was a bit later in the 60's.

Mar 24, 2015
jangita in Florida

Heading up to Venice with the family (restos and more)

I like the bakery in Campo San Toma--if you're facing Ciak's it's to your left. It's more bout bread than sweets.

Mar 22, 2015
jangita in Italy

Celebrating Mom's Big 60! Please critique Rome/ Pienza/ Florence itinerary!

Although I am not sure how you would fit it into your Tuscan itinerary, da Roberto in Montisi (near San Quirico) is certainly worth a small detour. Passionate cooking of only the finest local ingredients is the signature of Roberto. Call first because the hours are quirky.

Mar 07, 2015
jangita in Italy

One day/night in Milan

Have you seen this:

Please report back! I'll be spending a bit of time in Milan in June.

Mar 04, 2015
jangita in Italy

Venice on my own

Here's a copy and paste from my blog--3 years ago, Figlie delle Stelle on Giudeca:

We started with a really nice, home made bread basket which included my favorite, taralli --then ordered an app-- a fava bean puree with sauteed greens and crostini. We shared a primo of spaghetti with mussels in a very light tomato sauce and the pasta was made of farro flour. It was so much better than any whole grain pasta I've tried at home! The frittura mista was next. It had lots of shrimp and squid and little fish as well as vegetables. Gotta love fried food! We shared everything but couldn't finish the frittura. Bill was 60.50.

Hope this helps a bit.

Feb 18, 2015
jangita in Italy

Venice on my own

What do you like? wine or not? Where is your hotel?

Answers will come but narrow it down a bit, please.

Feb 15, 2015
jangita in Italy

Madrid - a first timer's experience


Feb 10, 2015
jangita in Spain/Portugal

Destin, l

We just had a very nice dinner at V on 30 A.
The delicious oysters they served were from Louisiana.

I had grilled mahi on roasted vegetables and was perfectly cooked and very tasty.

Feb 01, 2015
jangita in Florida

Florence restaurant recommendations

Sounds like you would enjoy Zeb.

Feb 01, 2015
jangita in Italy

Help with our trip to Italy April 2014

One idea, in general, is to make your "big" meal lunch which would be a bit less $$$ and then do something smaller for dinner.

that being said, La SchaicchiaVino in Florence is a great little lunch spot.
It's a terrific sandwich place near Santa Croce. They use "schiaciatta", a thin crispy bread that makes a fabulous sandwich. All the fillings are super fresh and the final product is top notch. The place is in a touristy area but was full of locals when we were there in June.

Jan 24, 2015
jangita in Italy

[Venice] Anice Stellato or Alle Testiere for Saturday dinner in January?

I like both. a lot. The good thing about Anice Stellato is that there's more variety on the menu. If you find you're not in the mood for seafood you will still have lots of options and I think the desserts are better.
The good thing about Testiere is that the seafood (in my experience) is super fresh and pristinely prepared.

Win/win, for sure.

Jan 15, 2015
jangita in Italy

Help Us Plan Our Destination - Panhandle Beach With Best Food

South Walton, (Seaside, Seagrove, Watercolor, Rosemary, etc.) 30A, without a doubt!

Jan 13, 2015
jangita in Florida

Eating out in Trieste

It was about 3 years ago but we had a wonderfully simple, working man's lunch at Da Giovani. http://www.trattoriadagiovanni.com/

Don't forget the senape e cren (mustard and freshly grated horseradish.)

Jan 09, 2015
jangita in Italy

Help--12 people need great Italian

Here's my experience at Macchialina:

We all ordered the tasting menu. Started with a very generous amuse of burrata with surprisingly tasty tomatoes. olive oil and micro greens on a crostini. The first apps were very good. The polenta was super rich as was the ragu that topped it. Loved the broccolini cesare salad. The pastas were the strongest course--all three were hearty, full of flavor and seemed hand made. The mushroom pasta was my favorite--umami city! For 6 people, they split the entrees so we were able to taste both. I thought the steak was a stronger dish, cooked very nicely. The snapper was a beautiful plate but letting it curl while cooking doesn't let the skin get crispy and it was difficult to cut that way. The desserts were good but not great, at all. I'm already tired of stuff served in a jar. Just put the tiramisu in a nice bowl! The service was not very good. The guy was friendly and likable but didn't really know the food or, especially the wine list, very well, for example I asked for a light red and he said what about the Barolo????
I would go back, for sure, for the quality of ingredients and the serious rustic preparations. Overall a successful meal.
Reservation really recommended especially for a party of 12. We sat outside and if you don't mind the traffic, it's quieter and calmer than inside.

Tuscany at the end of a trip

Well, if you run into some really hot weather and don't want to go south to Tuscany, I heartily recommend the Hotel Genzianella in Bormio --just north of where you finish the Bernina Express. The food is amazing with an extensive antipasti bar at dinner each night. They grow a lot of the vegetables right there behind the hotel. Everything is house made and the service in general is second to none.


Jan 03, 2015
jangita in Italy

Italian restaurants in Miami

Can you be more specific than "Italian Restaurant"?
Do you want rustic, any specific region, Italian American?
White table cloths?

I just made a reservation at Macchialina on Alton Rd. for my personal choice. I'm most interested in food quality and don't want to pay Scarpetta prices.

Favorite cookbooks by NYC chefs

Dolce Italiano--Italian dessert cookbook by Gina De Palma, formerly of Babbo.

Absolutely fabulous!

Dec 04, 2014
jangita in Manhattan

Do certain menu items put you off going to a restaurant?

and Fettuccine Alfredo.

Nov 15, 2014
jangita in General Topics

Four days Rome, four days Venice

I can recommend Estro in Venice. It's a newish (opened in June 2014) wine bar with fabulous food. It's not far from the Frari, near the well known Tonolo bakery.

Nov 09, 2014
jangita in Italy

Venice- New Year's Eve

Here are my notes from diner at CoVino, June 2014:

It's a very small place, open kitchen set up, only 6 tables and was, coincidentally, just written up in the NYTimes. We enjoyed everything but the flavors didn't knock me out at all. Best thing about it was Andrea who totally runs the front of the house. What a pro! We ate: very nice octopus salad, a decidedly un-Venetian baked pasta dish (which was maybe the best dish of the night--it had pecorino, becamel and ragu); Ken had sausage which he didn't love because it had a bit of cloves in it. I had some kind of "slow food" chicken which was good but I didn't love the thick sauce with it. Desserts were: tiramisu (I thought would be a lot more creative but was quite traditional) and Ken had "Fugazza" which turned out to be like Pennetone with a sauce.
The wine pairings were wonderful! Ken especially loved the organic prosecco and we also shared a scrumptious moscato d'Asti with the dessert.

Nov 05, 2014
jangita in Italy

Best Thai in south florida?

Just got take-out from Thai House 2 on 163rd St. I would give it a C-.
Low bar, confirmed.

Quick review of NoMad

Full disclosure--I have eaten at EMP under Daniel Humm 3 times and it is my favorite restaurant EVER. NoMad just isn't close enough. Maybe I expected too much but I was slightly underwhelmed. I loved the pumpkin app--great flavors especially with the citrus dressing. The duck dish was delicious but I really needed a steak knife for cutting the whole breast; it was a little "tough." My husband had the truly beautiful lobster dish but the lobster itself was short on flavor and very small. I really loved my Pimm's cup but when the cocktail is the real star of a dinner something's less than perfect. The service just didn't feel right either. We sat in the fire place room and felt too close to the other twosomes on our sides.

Oct 08, 2014
jangita in Manhattan

Dinner at The NoMad (Restaurant) -- Recommendations

Please report back.
I have a reso there for Fri. the 26th.

Sep 16, 2014
jangita in Manhattan

Piemonte - Acqui Terme

I Caffi is in the pedestrian zone and fabulous!
Lunch in the wine cellar or dinner upstairs.


Aug 26, 2014
jangita in Italy

First time in Venice- rec for light dinner on arrival?

Cavatappi would be perfect.

Aug 05, 2014
jangita in Italy

Venice in April for 7 nights

I think Fiaschetteria Toscana, Vini da Gigio and Al Paradiso are exacty what you are describing. La Cantina is very casual and certainly not known for their service--which is not to say they don't have wonderfully fresh food and I have twice had fantastic salad platters for lunch there.
I may be the only one but I had a negative experience at Da Alberto--dried out food, surly service and with so very many options in Venice I haven't had time to try it again. La Bitta is different from the rest in general ambiance. It is homier, more comfort foodish, but they still take themselves and the place quite seriously.
I would eliminate Noboli. It's just not up to the standards of the rest.
You seem to have a wonderful list. Don't forget to report back.

Aug 05, 2014
jangita in Italy

A day in Modena, with an acetaia thrown in

Not able to answer your question but don't miss the Modena food market. It's an easy walk from Giusti, on the other side of the main piazza.
It is chock full of beautiful produce, meats, cheeses and bakery stuff.

I am not sure how you can plan on dinner after Giusti. We were so full! BTW--we drank the house lambrusco and loved it. The antipasto of mixed salume with gnoccho fritto was really memorable and the wine pairing was just right. They served a darker, fuller bodied lambrusco with the hot food that was also wonderful.

Jul 19, 2014
jangita in Italy