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Deep Creek crabs?

Hen House, which i think is old Rt 40 outside of Frostburg, has hardshells. That should be within 30mins. Not sure there is anywhere at the lake.

Sep 20, 2012
katva in Mid-Atlantic

Where is chef Peter Chang now?

He is out in Short Pump in the Wal-Mart shopping center, down at the far end closer to Lowes. 11424 W. Broad. 804-364-5168.
Go! Go! Go!
No one was in there last night - maybe 5 tables while we were there. Which was nice because it was very relaxed atmosphere, all the servers (and there were many) were attentive and helpful, food came out quickly but not all at once so we did not feel rushed. Mr and Mrs lee were circulating with Mr. Chang. The food was delicious, and unlike any other Chinese place in Richmond. Spicy, but not just HOT (although we did not have anything rated as "3 chili" hot on the menu). The dishes labeled as "numbing" really do make you feel as if your mouth is a little numb. There are some standard American-Chinese favorites on the menu for the less adventure-some - orange chicken/beef (we had the beef - best I have ever had) lo mein, twice cooked pork, etc. MOre on the lunch menu than dinner. Most other tables had soups or stews in huge clay pots that must have served 6 or more, but we somehow missed those.

Feb 08, 2012
katva in Mid-Atlantic

Richmond recs needed, some restrictions

If you are going to stay at the Jefferson you might want to try Chez Foushee. If a fun little place just a couple of blocks away at the corner of Foushee and Grace. Nice casual. They are mainly known for lunch i think, but have added weekend dinners and Sunday brunch. The lemon cake is di-vine. Lunch $10-$15, dinner $20-25, with sometimes a 3-course prix-fixe option. fun drinks. more of an adult vibe, but kids are welcome.

Jun 27, 2011
katva in Mid-Atlantic

HELP, please. Need monkey bread near Fredericksburg/Richmond/Virginia Beach

Lewis Ginter has a little cafe with sandwiches and salads, and a tea house in a separate building. But there are several nice off-site but very close spots, all OK for kids, all casual:
VA BBQ on Lakeside. <$10/pp. BBQ, hushpuppies. its in a little strip mall just south of Lewis Ginter
a couple miles further south in the Bellevue neighborhood:
Tastebuds Cafe on MacArthur Avenue - upscale food, nice wine list
small plates <$10; mains $15-$20
The Mill on MacArthur - i think there is a kids area. nice sandwiches, brunch. sidewalk tables. <$10 sandwiches; $12-15 mains
Dots Back, also on MacArthur. more of a bar than the first two (on some guy fieri show)
Jazzbos - just a food cart, but pretty good New Orleans po boys, gumbo. <$10 in the parking lot of once upon a vine - a fantastic wine/beer shop

And on Bellevue Ave -
Enoteco Sogno - fantastic northern italian. casual. Cannellini bean/arugula app is delicious, light, but enough for a meal. extensive all italian wine list. they go to italy every year wine shopping. apps <$10, mains $15-20. maybe $25 for the whole branzino
Northside Grille - more casual. big booths. plus a patio. crayons etc for kids. large bar with sports TV, but its not a sports bar. $10-$15 sandwiches, salads, brunch
Of these, Enoteco Sogno and Tastebuds are the most "upscale"

From the science Museum you could walk to Avenue 805, a typical Richmond Fan spot, mostly Italian, on Davis Ave. Davis dead-ends Broad St right at the Science Museum. There is also a McDonalds right there too.

Jun 08, 2011
katva in Mid-Atlantic

I haven't had southern/bbq or real mexican/salvadoran in over 10 years! Can you help??

If you are going down as far as Petersburg for BBQ, there are several peruvian chicken places in Richmond - is the best known.

I would take 95S to 64W and get off at exit 183 - the one for Broad Street West. Go through maybe 3 three lights (probablyl less than a mile) and its in an older strip shopping center on the right with a Marshalls, Food Lion and Tuesday Morning, just past Pier One.

Apr 28, 2011
katva in Mid-Atlantic

Banh Mi in Richmond, VA?

Vi on Rigsby is open. I was just in there last week. Maybe they are closed for Easter or something. Anyway, I thought I asked for grilled pork, but ended up with meatballs. Good, but I prefer the grilled pork (which is thit nuong, thank you google! i have it written down on their card in my wallet now. Oh and meatball is Nem Nuong, supercombo is Dac Biet). Their bread, and Asian Bakery's bread, is much better than Catina, which for me was too soft and doesn't have the crisp crust. Anyway, a maintenance guy in the ABC shopping center parking lot told me ABC was re-opening, and there are signs of repairs and equipment, but that was back in February so it seems to be going slowly. I will post here if they do. In the meantime, to me Vi is the best/only option in that area. Pho 79 has them, but i would stick to their pho. the banh mi wasn't terrible, just nothing special.

Pho 79
6909 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23228

Asian Bakery Cafe
6215 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230

Apr 20, 2011
katva in Mid-Atlantic

Buffet Lunch in Rome

La Piazzetta, Vicolo del Buon Consiglio 23a for lunch antipasto buffet very close to the Coliseum. I think it was 10E fall 2010. Just walk up Via Cavour away from the Coliseum, take your first right down a little street/alley, go maybe a block and its on the left on a corner. Patio seating behind a hedge, so even though you are right on the alley, you are somewhat blocked from view/exhaust. A nice selection of mainly vegetable dishes, but also prosciutto and salamis, egg dishes, mussels, fried little fishes - anchovy or sardines. Close to the Coliseum/Forum/Peter in Chains. Not terribly far from San Clemente, which I always seem to hit for the post-lunch closed hours, so then I backtrack to La Piazzetta until they re-open. Mostly locals on my visits in May/October.

La Piazzetta
vicolo del Buon Consiglio, 23a, Rome, Lazio , IT

Mar 14, 2011
katva in Italy

Ferrara or Mantova

I would pick Mantova. I have only spent one day in each, and when I was in Mantova it was some kind of free admittance day for Italians or maybe EU citizens, so it was a bit over-run. But it is full of great stuff to see, Palazzos Te and Ducale etc and I would like to see it without the crowds. I could have easily spent more than one day, but I am particularly interested in Isabella d'Este/Gonzaga. We didn't end up eating anywhere spectacular bc we did not plan ahead and ended up at a spot on the main piazza - great people watching, but food was nothing special. Ferrara seemed busier with more just regular business/school activity than Mantova. There were very few tourists around. We did the duomo, the castle, the P. Schifanoia (frescos) and P. Diamanti. I think a full day here was enough. If you like reading up on the history of the area and Mantova and Ferrara in particular - try bios of Matilda, Isabella d'Este, Lucretia Borgia. Fascinating ladies. And oh my goodness, best pasta ever in Ferrara at Al Brinidisi - supposedly the oldest osteria/wine bar/something. Its a bit of a hole in wall in alley right beside duomo - get the cappellaci with zucca. to.die.for.

If you are going down towards Modena - a few years ago I had a great multi-course lunch-like-nonna-would-make at Villa Gaidello, an agristourismo outside Castelfranco Emilia. Mixed anitipasti, tortellini, tortelloni, roasted chicken/potato, fried cream, homemade walnut liquer, etcetcetc. I think it was about $35-40 a head back then, Lambrusco included. Allow at least 2-3 hours. They also arranged a tour of a small family run balsamic producer.

Villa Gaidello
41013 Castelfranco Emilia Modena, Castelfranco Emilia, Emilia-Romagna 41013, IT

Feb 18, 2011
katva in Italy

Richmond VA - Christophers cart

I need some recipe help - I am trying to recreate the slaw from Christophers carts.
Cabbage, carrots, black pepper, vinegar, mayo, some garlic - but what else? I am totally addicted but no longer work downtown so I would like to whip some up at home.

Aug 17, 2010
katva in Mid-Atlantic

Virginia Crab Shack?

Try the Crab Lady on Nine Mile Road just east of Richmond. East on I-64 through Richmond to the second Nine Mile Road exit, take a left at the first light (chevron station maybe?) and its on the left almost immediately. Probably an hour and half from C'ville. It is a shack. The folks are very nice. You can eat on the porch I guess. I have only ever seen folks wait for take out - not sure if she has hammers/crackers for the claws - but there are tables and chairs. Or just get it to go. 804-222-7655 for a recorded message of what she has and the crab prices. I have only gotten her crabs but she also has shrimp and something called "kickers." Crabs are decent size and full so far. I don't know of any other place around Richmond where you can (maybe) eat on-site. No water view - just the road

A friend in Fredericksburg says Capt Billy's in Popes Creek (Newburg, MD on the GPS). Water view. Hushpuppies. Crabs dumped on the table. Also fried seafood and salads and sandwiches and soups. from Richmond take 95 N to the 301-N/Bowling Green/Fort AP Hill exit and stay on 301 over the river then head south. She guesses its an hour and half from Richmond.

The Crab Lady
2207 Gordons Ln, Richmond, VA 23223

Jul 16, 2010
katva in Mid-Atlantic

Richmond, VA

Try the lamb gyro at Nader's inside the Chevron on Glenside just past K-Mart and Bob Evans, kind of across from Skillagalee.

Jun 24, 2010
katva in Mid-Atlantic

Richmond, VA - Thai and Vietnamese Food?

For Pad Thai, I have to have Thai Diner (original out on W. Broad), probably bc that is where I had it first. Also their green curry, crispy whole fish in ginger w/scallions, and pumpkin curry (seasonal special i think). For Yum Woon Sen, I prefer Chadar Thai in the shopping center across from the original Thai Diner. Their heat level is just right and they grind up the shrimp. For SUPERDUPERHOT and folks on the northside, try Pad Thai out on Meadowbridge Road, close to the hospital and race track. They grow their own peppers (including I believe ghost peppers) and stuff is H.O.T. THeir pad prik khing is delicious. I usually get American hot but the last time i had it here i only got medium and it was still blazing. I find Tip Thai is skimpy on portions. And they will not give you the soup on the lunch specials if you order take out. To me its worth a drive over to broad street. In Carytown i have only tried Thai Diner TOo and Mom's Siam. I find the Broad Street places all better (less greasy to me), but if I still lived in the fan I would not necessarily make the trip out.

For Vietnamese Mekong/Da Lat are great, but I find I prefer Vietnam Garden (new location in old Franco's) when i want a rice noodle salad and/or vegetable soup (great for a cold). Its more of a mom and pop kind of place. And they have an appetizer sized lotus root salad which is plenty for one. Mekong only offers a big lotus root salad, too much for me for one meal, and it doesn't always have the crispy rice/shrimp/whatever crackers.

Pho - I agree on Pho So 1. Vietnam 1 is also really good, and Pho 79 over on Staples Mill.

Try the Banh Mi (esp. #10) at the Asian Bakery in the strip next to Tan-A

off to google floating market soup.........

Vietnam Garden
2404 Virginia Beach Blvd Ste 114, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Pho 79
6909 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23228

Chadar Thai Restaurant
8030 W Broad St Ste A, Richmond, VA 23294

Asian Bakery Cafe
6215 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230

Jun 21, 2010
katva in Mid-Atlantic

Banh Mi in Richmond, VA?

Yes the Asian Bakery has good banh mi. I usually get #10 which is grilled pork with carrot and daikon shreds, jalepenos and a mayo-type spread. Its a generous sandwich for $3.50. The bread is fantastic. They also have a small hot bar. I have had the fried sweet potato (i think) and shrimp thing that is usually on offer. Its pretty good and very filling but the sandwich is better. There is also a bakery selling banh mi on the street behind Horsepen (turn at the Full Kee and go to the end of the block then take a right and go to the end - its the bakery on the left, I think its called Kim's Bakery) that makes better, to me, banh mi. I cannot tell you why. Maybe is the mayo-spread stuff. or maybe the meat and/or carrot/daikon is flavored differently - a different marinade or something? They have a large assortment of other baked things - sweet and savory. The owner's English is very good. A teenage boy, maybe a grandson, is often at the counter making the sandwiches, but she usually comes out to greet customers.

Jan 04, 2010
katva in Mid-Atlantic

Knife Sharpeners in Richmond, Va

Sur la Table at Stony Point shopping center sharpens knives. I think its $1/inch or something. Turn-around is a couple of days.

Sep 14, 2009
katva in General South Archive

Here's What We've Picked for 1st Trip to Nag's Head

My not to miss list, south to north:

In Manteo -

Full Moon Cafe for lunch. Nice outside seating, but no water view. Nicer casual. Salads, soups, sandwiches, pastas. Not as much emphasis on fried fried fried.

Poor Richards - locals spot for breakfast/lunch. Rear deck on the docks overlooks Festival Park. cheap. very casual.

Stripers. Its in the Shallowbag Bay condo development, behind the McDonalds. Overlooks the marina and sound. Casual. Standard OBX foods - lots of fried stuff - but with a twist. And he always several non-fried options - pasta with red pepper sauce w/shrimp, fabulous oyster bisque with chimichurri (oysters+chimi. yes. delicious.), asian salads with well-cooked tuna and nice sauce/dressing. The chef participates in cooking classes in the off-season. Outdoor seating on first and third levels.

On the Causeway -

Basnights. Yes its loud - ask to be seated in one of the back rooms. No, there is nothing fancy on the menu, no trendy or new flavors. But if you want local seafood this is the best. They do the standards - fried shrimp and fried/raw oysters (never a bit of shell), crabcakes, broiled scallops, seared tuna, tile/grouper/mahi better than anyone else, starting with their local fresh seafood. The clean/shuck it themselves on site. If you want to go for Sunday lunch either get there before noon or wait until after 1.30 - its very popular with the church crowd. Casual, but nicer at lunch on Sundays. Kids shrimp dinner is w/real shrimp, not popcorn.

Daniel's for crabs - take out only.

Sugarshack - takeout raw/steaned seafood. homemade potato chips. soundside picnic tables.

On the beach road-

Tortuga's Lie - casual - straight off the beach is fine. fun atmosphere. caribbean/island spin on things. nice cocoanut shrimp. std side is black beans, not slaw! Good for kids - kids sized food is good, kid-drinks.

Goombays - similar to Tortuga's. one or the other has painted the ceiling to look like you are swimming underwater, looking up towards the surface.

Off the beaten path - Colington Cafe - I think this is dinner only. Go WEST off the bypass past the airport and its on the left, kind of on a bend. No beach/water view, but in a nice tree shaded location if kids need to run around. Decor is a bit dated and cutsey cottage. The food is nothing cutting edge but is dependably good. Most items are sauted or grilled instead of the usual fried, topped with variety of fruit salsas and sauces. Less expensive than on the beach. Grilled stuff is usually topped with a nice but terribly exciting fruit salsa. good garlic mashed potatos. Vegs are not cooked to death. The she crab soup is delicious. Also the crab dip. If you cannot decide get the app sampler as dinner and it will be plenty. I would call it more dressy than most. Shorts are OK but nice shorts, with a button-up shirt or nice polo, not ratty shorts and ts, no bare mid-riffs. Many locals come here at prom/graduation time. I would make a reservation Th-Sunday.

Duck - Blue Point. Sound views. Great food. More trendy/new/hip with their menu. Pricey.
I have only been for lunch. Its small, so if you want to try it for dinner i would recommend a reservation. Nice casual.

I have heard, but not seen firesthand, that the Pearl in the SeaRanch in KDH offers oceanfront seating. Like on a deck on the beach. It is new this year. I would imagine its on the high side, maybe need a dinner reservation.

Jul 23, 2009
katva in General South Archive

Where To Eat Near Nag's Head, NC?

You can sit outside at the Full Moon Cafe in downtown Manteo. Only been for lunch when they had a nice selection of non-fried seafood entrees, sandwiches, soups, salads.
Also at Poor Richards in Manteo, which is on the waterfront - good view of boat traffice and the Elizabeth II, a replica of a 16th C ship with costumed deckahands and a cannon - and is a good spot for kids. Its very casual - burgers and breakfast.

Jul 09, 2009
katva in Southeast

Crabs in the Outer Banks

I don't know of anywhere in Corolla, but if you want to drive about 30 mins down you can get steamed blue crabs from Daniel's, which is on the right on the causeway over to Manteo, just before you go over the bridge. It is a shack right on the sound. They pick and sell lump meat too.

Jul 09, 2009
katva in General South Archive

best places for fresh fish and meat in nags head NC

Sugar Shack (associated with Sugarcreek Restaurant) at Whalebone Junction on the bypass (right past the turn to Hatteras as the road bends to the right towards Manteo) sells fresh local fish and shellfish to go. They will also steam/fry to order. For crabs try Danielsat the bridge over to Manteo, almost under the bridge on the right. Its a true shack, with pickers in a side room. Fresh and local. I think they just do crabs.

Don't know Nags Head meat vendors. There is a higher-end market up in Duck - Tommy's - that supposedly does nice meat and seafood.

Jun 30, 2009
katva in General South Archive

Where To Eat Near Nag's Head, NC?

Tortuga's Lie - on the beach road. fried/broiled seafood with caribbean twists. Try the cocoanut shrimp/chicken. Fun atmosphere/interior paint job, kid friendly.
Penquin Isle - Soundfront, great sunsets. More upscale than most. Extensive wine list.
Tale of the Whale - on the Causeway over to Manteo, soundfront. Also more on the upscale side. And quieter than most spots. They have a gazebo out over the sound with live music at night. For me they use too many dried herbs that mask the flavor of the seafood. But they have small plates, which are more normal sized portions than the usual seafood platters.
Sugarcreek - at Whalebone Junction where the road curves to go into Manteo. Soundfront views - great sunsets. Casual, standard OBX seafood. They also have a take out place called the Sugar Shack across the parking lot - local seafood to go raw or steamed/fried. Also you can eat out their picnic tables.
And the best of all is --- Basnights Lone Cedar - on the Causeway over to Manteo. Cannot be beaten for standard outer banks seafood. Try the local brown shrimp if available. Also the broiled scallops. Everything is fresh and local. The main dining room is big and can get loud - ask for one of the back rooms. Very crowded after church on Sundays.

I would avoid Sam and Omies, the Dunes, Owens, Millers, Kellys, all of the buffet places with frozen crab legs. All middle-of-the-road tired spots with less than stellar service and food.

If you need Mexican there is also La Fogata on the Bypass across from Outback for standard american-mexican food.

Jun 26, 2009
katva in Southeast

Barbecue in Virginia and NC near I-95

Second that re Parker's being not so good.

As you go through Richmond its very easy to get to great BBQ at Buzz and Ned's. From 95S, take exit 78/Boulevard. Turn right at the bottom of the ramp onto the Blvd., go past the baseball stadium a few blocks and its on the left. Indoor and outdoor seating. Excellent ribs, pulled pork, beans, cuke salad. Do not go to Bills BBQ, which you have to drive right past to get to Buzz and Neds. Terrible mushy watery pork sandwiches that should not be allowed to be called BBQ.

Jun 05, 2009
katva in General South Archive

BBQ in Nags Head, NC

On the way down on Highway 158 there are two BBQ places - BJ's, about 10 miles from the bridge just after the Cotton Gin and on the Cotton Gin side of the road. Eastern NC BBQ and hushpuppies. I have only had a take out sandwich from them but I think they have the standard BBQ sides - slaw, banana pudding, greens, etc; and Saul's, same side of the road, just before Harbinger. They used to be in Manteo, and when there had a buffet with Eastern NC BBQ, ribs, fried chicken and fish, banana pudding, greens, hush puppies, etc etc. I think they still have the buffet at this "new" location but its served family style, not all laid out for self-serve. In Kill Devil Hills there is Pigman's BBQ. He has a variety of sauces, not just Eastern NC. He is on the right, kind of across from the Pizza Hut and Mama Kwan's. He also does a great BBQ tuna. All have good fresh tea.

For seafood takeout, the Sugar Shack (associated with Sugarcreek Restaurant) on the right just past the turn to Hatteras is great. Lots of local fish, shellfish. They will steam or fry it for you if you like. Also you can eat out back overlooking the sound. For crabs go to Daniels, a little shack right at the bridge over to Manteo/Roanoke Island, on the right hand side of the road. The sell raw or steamed, in the shell or picked. His lump prices are the best. Take out only. This is a working crab shack with pickers in a room off to the side.

For classic OBX restaurant seafood, no one does it better than Basnight's Lone Cedar on the causeway over to Manteo/Roanoke Island. Its on the south side, just past Tale of the Whale. Excellent fried shimp (the small local brown or green shrimp are sweeter than the jumbos if they are available get those) and oysters, scallops, crab cakes, soft shells. And good fresh tea. Also Striper's in Manteo is a nice change of pace from all the fried/broiled combo platters that are everywhere. He usually has a theme each week - spanish, french, island, asian, etc. Lots of seafood but also hamburgers, sandwiches, pasta. He makes all his sauces, including a chimichurri he floats in a fantastic oyster stew. Its in a small condo development called Shallowbag Bay, kind of behind the McDonalds on the way into Manteo and easy to drive right past. Its just past the old Weeping RAdish Brewery. The have indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the sound and the condo's marina, so there is usually some boating activity to watch.

Jun 05, 2009
katva in Southeast