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Anywhere decent to eat in Brentwood (Contra Costa cty)?

It may very well be the case there isn't, but I need to head out here soon for a family event. All past attempts to find anything remotely palatable have been a near complete failure--if anyone can recommend a good brunch/lunch spot, it would be fantastic!

Hamon Washoku in San Carlos. Anyone been?

Yikes, just received this:

A dream was realized....but dreams sometimes change....

On May 14th, Hamon closed as Chef Suzuki and I focus on pursuing other dreams.
We are thankful to bring Hamon to life and to have been able to share true Washoku with you.

We thank you for being a part of this wonderful experience that we will cherish.
While ours dreams have changed, we encourage you to pursue your dreams, as we can attest, dreams can find reality.

Warmest regards and arigato.
Bobby and Suzuki-san.

Review of Azuze in San Carlos-- Two Stars

We've enjoyed dining at Azure on multiple occasions, and while we still enjoy it, we are concerned that it has never been more than half full (two possible reasons below). As of late, the possible cash flow situation may have influenced ownership in turning the menu into a bit of a monstrosity.

Let me start by saying that there are quite a few strong dishes on the menu--the Foie Gras is always seared appropriately (not overcooked), the duck two ways (now called "Anatra al Forno") is delectable, the smoked steak with gnocchi quite creative. However, when we first began frequenting the restaurant it was more "food-oriented" and less "identity-oriented"; by this I mean that there was no Italian flag hanging outside, nor was the menu "Italianized" by designating primi/secondi (pasta/entree) dishes. Back then, the only deficiency was a Maitresse d' who was completely bizarre--I recall numerous odd conversations with that person who, thankfully, ownership cut loose. Unfortunately, that seemed to have been part of a "broad stroked" reaction to make the restaurant more conventional, but we feel that this has affected the creativity of the kitchen, as well as made things unnecessarily complicated for the cooking staff.

While before there were a handful of consistently quality dishes, there are now nine pastas and twelve entrees (more than twenty dishes!), which include such banal dishes as scampi, cannelloni, and chicken orchiette, turning the menu into a bit of a minefield. Also, I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to have to be able to prep so many different dishes in sync for table delivery, or plan appropriately to keep stock of fresh ingredients for all of them. It's almost as if ownership pushed things to the point where it's now impossible for a staff to consistently deliver if the house ever fills up. The cashflow situation has also likely affected the wine list (as other readers have already pointed out).

I will continue to visit Azure in San Carlos, as it is still one of the few quality places to eat amongst the quite average Town, Spasso, and Piacere, not to mention others, but I no longer think twice about making the trek into San Francisco if I want a truly memorable meal. If you want to compare "Italian" venues, alongside A16 or La Ciccia there is no contest, really.

Spasso - San Carlos - just opened

I know the menu is a bit different, but quality wise, how does it compare to other "top tier" San Carlos restaurants like Azure?

Beef Wellington on the Peninsula?

OK, so I've been hankering for some serious old school food lately (in part inspired by Ramsay's liberal use of pastry on F Word), only to find that modern anachronisms like Iron Gate, The Vans and Chantilly have let this classic slip off their menu. Is there anywhere halfway decent you can get a Beef Wellington these days?

Cioppino~Tadich or where?

Rose Pistola seconded. Most authentic in the City!

english beer on tap in bay?

Yes, POW was evicted by the new owner of their building:

Azure - new - San Carlos

We are going to try going this Friday. Can someone elaborate on their wine list? And how much do they charge for corkage?