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Lunch near the Barnes Collection

Looking for quirkiy or ethnic or just really good but not fine dining near the Barnes. Suggestions appreciated.

Jan 19, 2015
jgreen7292 in Philadelphia

Casual but really good Lakeview eating

In Chicago for three nights early next month - Know the "big deal" restaurants but really want not to leave where we are staying which is in Lakeview area --- Looking for suggestions - happy to walk but not downtown - thx

May 20, 2014
jgreen7292 in Chicago Area

Best crayfish boil?

I stand corrected!

Mar 20, 2014
jgreen7292 in New Orleans

Best crayfish boil?

Looking for best crayfish boil in or near the city

Mar 19, 2014
jgreen7292 in New Orleans

North Fork of Long Island

Looking for best tcasual places to eat --- especially clam shack type places
also best farmstands

Sushi near Madison Square Garden

Yes I know about Dim Sum - It is for an early dinner - can travel if necessary

Oct 18, 2010
jgreen7292 in Manhattan

Sushi near Madison Square Garden

Looking for good sushi or dim sum near Madison Square Garden - taking out of towners to game who are good eaters and cannot get either of the above where they live.....thinking Chelsea perhaps but help appreciated here

Oct 18, 2010
jgreen7292 in Manhattan

Union Square Off the Radar

There's no dearth of eating around the area, I know, but need recommendations for low-key, kind of quiet, but good, no compromise food.

Aug 24, 2010
jgreen7292 in Manhattan

It's small, it's regionally appropriate, it's exceptional quality...

We just went to Joe Beef the other night. 7PM res and main courses did not arrive until after 8:15 and fish overdone. Lettuce so gritty it was like eating the garden....not from the garden. Servers were lovely and it is not their fault that the kitchen seemed to be in the weeds but it also seems not too smart to have everyone arrive at almost the same time and not pace reservations. Seems to be resting on reputation..would not go again.

Joe Beef
2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

LAX or Nearby?

Have a five hour lay over at Los Angeles airport ---Any suggestions for decent airport eating or something nearby?

Jan 25, 2010
jgreen7292 in Los Angeles Area

Chinese in Sydney

In Sydney next week - most meals already taken care of but looking for Chinese - not upscale, watered down, but real

The Food is Great But I'll Never Go Back

Noise? Long wait? Ignored reservation? Attitude? Wha will make you not go back to a restaurant even when the food has been fine?

May 08, 2008
jgreen7292 in Not About Food

PerLei - Anybody Been There

It has been suggested that we go there but I am worried that it is one of those noisy, jazzy, eastside places - Can anyone educate me? Thanks

May 12, 2007
jgreen7292 in Manhattan


Looking for the real thing - not a brick - but nice, smooth and a little runny ---Where should we go?

Feb 04, 2007
jgreen7292 in Manhattan