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72 hours in NYC. What (cheapeats) NOT to miss?

Wow! So many great suggestions!
ARGH its looks like I'm spoilt for choice then!
Thanks, keep em coming! Love to hear more!

Feb 07, 2007
deyawn in Manhattan

72 hours in NYC. What (cheapeats) NOT to miss?

Hey guys,
I'll be flying up to NYC during the start of March and I'll only have less than 3 days to spend there. Its a really short trip and I want to get the best FOOD experience possible!

My budget isn't very big, cos I'm still a money-scrimping student. But I might put aside money for one GREAT meal.

I basically have 8 meals to think about:
2 Breakfasts;
3 Lunches;
3 Dinners.

No Asian suggestions please, cos I'm Chinese and I'm already stuffed with chinese food on a daily basis! Haha.

Feel free to spring any other suggestions about places to go too! Probably not the touristy sights, cos I've been to them before.


Feb 04, 2007
deyawn in Manhattan