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Shake Shack Westport

******** NEWS FLASH ********


according to westportnow

Shake Shack Westport


From today's Westportnow news website:

"Executives of Shake Shack, a New York-based restaurant company, part of the Union Square Hospitality Group, went before the Westport Planning and Zoning Commission tonight to explain its plans for a new restaurant at 1849 Post Road East near the Fairfield town line. Formerly occupied by the Pho Mekong Thai-Vietnamese Noodle House and Restaurant, the space would house a restaurant described as a “modern day ‘roadside’ stand that serves hamburgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, beer, and wine. The company presented this rendering of the proposed Westport restaurant during its presentation. "

Shake Shack Westport

This is of course a my opinion but I don't think the 5 Guys is doing all that well in Westport.

Whenever I drive by a check it out and there is basicallly NEVER a line anymore.

Worst of the Cape?

I have a few suggestions as well as a few disagreements.

Top 'o the list.........drum roll please........

#1 Kreme and Kone, Chatham.

Starting with the stupid alliterative name, this place sucks every way possible.

The fried fish is frozen and totally forgettable. To order it is regrettable.
The burgers make Texas prarie patties seem both flavorful and wholesome.
The scallops are crappy little bay scallops which are small, don't taste particularly good and would be forgettable if not so lousy.
The fries are standard crap. The rings? The rings are probably their best menu item, although they tend toward the soggy and undercooked.

What else sucks around Chatham? Well, it closed recently but it's worth mentioning that "Christians" sucked the big one ever since the original owner sold the place to a big restaurant company. God did that place suck after that.

Worst pizza has to be the place on 6 in Chatham more or less across from Shop Ahoy.......I think it's called New England pizza house and they ought to be brought up on charges....Impersonating a pizza!:)

A place I actually like and that you should try for take out pizza and sandwiches in is Harwichport and it's called George's pizza. They make really nice cheese steaks (for Cape Cod, darn nice) and the pizza is cheap, crispy, kinda thick crust but crispy as I said and tasty. Yes it's tasty. It won't be putting Patsy's out of biz but it's nice for lunches. Busy place around dinner too.

Five Guys Westport

You never have to wait at 5G because there is honestly "never" anyone waiting on line, and to me, that says it all.

Oh once you're there you do have to wait, while they cook your totally nondescript fast food quality burger to order, making a show out of what otherwise would hold very little interest. Once, the very last time I was there, I didn't have to wait; they had many burgers going in advance of lunch or soemthing. On that occasion my burger was assembled ass-backwards, with the bottom bun on top, the top one on the bottom, and curiously, the bacon ABOVE the meat, so you couldn't even flip it over and pretend it was right side up.

I still think the prices are OUTRAGEOUS, I'm sorry.

5 bucks for a small puck? Cmon. 3 bucks for a "small" fries?

I'd much rather pay 2 bucks for half as many fries, but if you know the fry biz you know they are cleaning up on the fries, and then, literally cleaning up as many of those fries find their way into the circular file cab:)

Forget 5 Guys......Except for the smart sons of the founder, who decided, probably after reading Fast Food Nation about a decade ago, to begin selling franchises, which, if you know anything about it, are a complete cash cow. Those boys brought in something like 80 million in franchise fees, and yes, that sure do beat flippin' flippin' pucks, don't it baby?

Five Guys Westport

I always think when there that if these five guys would merely upgrade the quality of the beef they would literally RAKE in money. Key thing....That's the franchisees who would make more money.

The owners are busy making money hand over fist selling franchises with little incentive to change anything at present.

Then, if they would pull out the flattops and put in flame grilling, they would do that much better.

Five Guys Westport

The gloves are coming off and I'm ready to speak freely about the Five Guys experience.

For anyone who'se ever experienced true burger greatness, Five Guys sucks.

And it's expensive. A small burger is 5 bucks. A small fries is 3 bucks. And I have to say, that price point on the fries is just ridiculous, considering that they bestow enough of those greasy little calorie monsters upon you at that price to feed a family of four. It's only if you are alone that ordering them makes no sense. And then, should you dain to not order fries, when they present you with the "burger" they shout your order number as well as "No Fries!" as though you'd just grabbed the cash register and were making for the door, which, in a way, I suppose you are.

More later.

Best Burger in CT

I used to eat often at the Big Top in Westport where the McD's is now (talk about real estate prices taking their toll on the consumer)

And yes, their burgers were fresh-ground greasy flavorful wonderfulness....And yes, the steak sandwiches were great....And the grilled chicken was great......
and everything was greasy, and you sat outside in the sunshine, and the food was so casual, and so so good.

They didn't have 20 dollar burgers.......their burgers were $2.25 and they were better:)

Cherry Street East's Burger!

For the record jfood, the Gen. Tso's was for my mom, not myself, her request. Adventureous as I am, I never did nor do I ever plan to personally consume any of the foods from the already-prepared section of that store:)

Cherry Street East's Burger!

Just had a burger for lunch, nice and rare with lettuce tomato and pickles.

One word folks.....AWESOME. And for the money?


Killer lunch deal.

What's Happening w/ Zeytinia in Norwalk?

Parking was never adequate in the Zeytinia location to support a thriving grocery store. You need to be able to park fast, run in, and leave fast, and between the Big Book Store and the Bad Steak House there never was enuff parking here.

Three nights in Chatham, MA in Sept 2010

I have thoughts....

Cape Sea Grill is really good although my taste seems to be developing beyond their range of flavors....Things there tend to be too sweet.

There is another thing as well. The crowd is old and starchy and spontaneous fun is an unlikely to break out there as at your annual meeting with your accountant:)

The Oyster is nice. Never my favorite for food per se, but my peeps tell me that this year the food was actually great.

I like Pisces on 28 for a genuine, unaffected food experience in a fun, small room with a chef who really cares and accomplishes much. Order the mussles appetizer with the tomato, garlic and chorizo. Really nice.

Stick with the spirits. Try a Tanqueray and tonic. That'll relax you out and maybe even cause you to forget exactly how much your spending to stay at the Chatham Bars:)

City Limits Diner

Hey Louuuuu,

Had lunch at noon on the dot at "The Limits" today.

Had the burger again ordered it rare with bacon and cheddar. It came ouit VERY rare and I actually really enjoyed it that way. Also, both our meals were brought to table in under ten minutes of our ordering. Very thoughtful, very conscientious, very delicious food.

My compatriot had breakfast, scrambled eggs with a piece of bacon, a piece of Canadian bacon, and a sausage link. And it was all so very good, from what she tells me.

City Limits Diner

My contrarian take....

City Limits Diner = Screaming bargain:)

City Limits Diner
135 Harvard Ave, Stamford, CT 06902

Where to eat in/ near PTown if we loved Clem and Ursie's?

I can no longer recommend Front Street.

The lobster special (32) was not too good, and was wildly overpriced and the glass of red wine, the one which the waiter asserted was the "best one" was blech. Undrinkable.

Actually I got a lot of lousy wine by the glass at a lot of places where it used to be good this summer.

And lobster is cheap now. Really cheap. And to charge 32 smackers for some rubbery claw meat in an undercooked linguini is UNFORGIVABLE.

In fairness the veal francese my companion ordered was AWESOME, and a deal at around go figure.

Front Street Restaurant
230 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

City Limits Diner

Is an AWESOME place to go for burgers.

They grind the meat fresh daily on sight from interesting cuts such as hangar.....

They cook to order, rare if you want and they take no prisoners when it comes to freshness flavor and affordability.

Not to slay any sacred burger cows but I gotta say guys, City burgers are as good or better than Cherrystreet burgers and the bacon they use is much better. Better than the Duck. Better than River House, better than Tavern on Maine. Oh and it's under 11 dollars all in.

Moms had the fried chicken. It was great, and the mashed potatoes were fabulous, the gravy was extraordinary, and I am NEVER going to Sherwood Diner again:) Not ever:)

City Limits Diner
135 Harvard Ave, Stamford, CT 06902

Stew ongoing debate

Interesting stuff Harrie.

I will take a drive to Shelton:)

Stew ongoing debate

Having suffered many indignities at this store, including veal scallopini so old and smelly that I had to bring it back AFTER cooking some of it, including on-sale strip steaks with a consistency, when ground up into hamburger of soft red mush, and today, when I went there they didn't have any of the Amish chickens, whole.

However, here ARE 2 of the treats awaiting you at Stews this week...

Limes from Mexico for 50 cents each.

Garlic from Mexico for $2.99 per pound.

Considering that many of us depend on this store, and considering that Stew and his old man live like the kings Farouk, I think a little responsibility on their part is long overdue.

Cmon Stew....Give us a break!

Lay it on me, hounds--best dining on Outer Cape

This is a subject that has been covered extensively in recent posts; perhaps that is the reason there are so few replies to yours.

You say "OK, I've paid a lot of money and eaten a lot of just OK food on the Cape over the years."

Correct. That's the Cape. You should try going back 35-40 years and getting a gourmet meal, it wasn't happening.

My better piece of advice to everyone involves wine on the Cape. There isn't any. At least not at retail, and nothing you would want to do yourself a solid....Go to a premium wine shop before trekking to the Cape and "just say no" to crappy wine, which is genuinely all that seems available at retail anywhere I've been.

Restaurants, different story...but the wine shops?.....As Louuu might say...


My Week in Cape Cod - lobster rolls, chowder, clams, tapas, clambake, MV, Nantucket and more

I found this funny stuff in a review of 28 Atlantic :

" While waiting for our table, I was a little concerned about how much I'd enjoy my meal, based on the people in the bar and foyer. It looked like a roomful of Candace Bergens and Alec Baldwins in wacky Cape character for some Saturday Night Live skit. Men in pink blazers. People talking about money and golf. Ladies who look very unhappy and suffer through the expensive evening hoping a lychee martini can fix everything. Pretty lame. Several times, I'd said, "Let's just leave," but my husband wasn't as bothered by this would-be comedy and wanted to stay. And we did."

This is a woman I could hang with:)

Zole Westport

Has finally closed, thankfully. The problems with this place were many.

Location is a funny, somewhat amorphous concept, but you know it when you see it and you know it when you don't. In the no-man's land area of the Post Road next to the big furniture (or is it luggage?) store where Zole was, well, let's just say it wasn't a place people wanted to be. That is true of everything between Tengda, say, and all the way to the Fairfield line and beyond, but this was a spot particularly unsuited to foodservice.

And the food. Zole's food was boring. Very, very boring.

The first time I went, there was this middle-aged ex-hippie guy and his daughter, and while the food was what I would term "boring southwest", they at least brought to it that certain panche and intangible sense of direction that only an owner who cares can impart.

The last time I was there, the original owners were long gone. The menu had hardly changed if at all, but the people were all different, as was the door being used. What had not changed was the food, at least not for the better. There was, as before, hardly a spicey note to be found.

I could describe several dishes and their relative shortcomings, but the place has closed....What's the point?

Oh and the good news? A Vietnamese place is coming into the space and if they're good I will be there with bells on.

Jfood visits Colony Grill - Quite a Pie (long)


I have been to both locations many times. While I do accept the possibility that you are a supertaster able to perceive minue nuances of flavor that I am not....And in addition that this extraordinary ability of yours is informing your opinion...

Short of that though, I heartily disagree with your assertion that Stamford is better than Fairfield.

I have gotten pies at Fairfield I thought were better than the Stamford ones.
At the very least Fairfield is their equal, with more/safer parking cleaner facilities (obviously) and super-nice people, especially the tall dark haired guy who often is at the take-out area.

And IF Stamford IS better, and this is a debate we can have, (I presume you are asserting that generations of grit, dirt and sweat, not to mention puked-up beers, gunsfights and whatever the hell else has happened in Stamford over the past hundred years add to the flavor:) I would assert that Farifield is, statistically, within a percentage point or two one way or the other.

Not having to drive to Stamford and home again = priceless:)

And of course, the girls are much prettier in Fairfield:)

But hey...let me ask you...What do you prefer about the Stamford location?

Cobb's Mill Inn, Weston, CT, shutters its doors

It sounds like Mr. Guidera sadly got caught up in the credit boom of 05/06.

Remember the crazy stuff back then. Ads stating that anyone could borrow any amount no questions asked no job no credit check. I didn't believe that that was possible but it was. Our entire culture was consumed by a "get rich quick in real estate" mentality that was, it was plain to me as far back as the early 00's plain to see that it was doomed to failure.

It sounds like Guidera took significant losses in this venture. It is also strange that this very year (or late last) we lost both the Cobbs Mill as well as Silvermine Tavern. All the old joints are disappearing. But let's face facts.

Those places were wildly out of touch with the way American's eat these days, if we're eating at all. We no longer drive miles out of our way to destination restaurants to sit inside dark, cavernous spaces (with plenty of wood rot...Oh I have to add 3 Bears Inn to this list as well) where Giant hunks of mediocre meat are sold at full retail price.

Aah, how we love a deal. And remember folks.....what goes up comes down again. I just found it funny that we as a society forgot that and even the richest and presumably brightest among us fell prey to their own inability to properly balance their own greed with a healthy dose of fear. But hey....That's why it's called a bubble:)

Silvermine Tavern
194 Perry Ave, Norwalk, CT 06850

2 Weeks at the Cape - Where would you go?

Interestingly, my mom and sis ate at Impudent Oyster one night and guess what?

They tell me it was actually good. This is significant because it has not always been so.

To be avoided like the plague are the Squire, good only for cheeseburgers and picking up sunburned women, and especially Christians, which, 20 years ago was fabulous fun and now sucks the big one:), having been sold by the original owner for a lot of money to a big restaurant company.

Impudent Oyster
15 Chatham Bars Ave, Chatham, MA 02633

Good Seafood near Hyannis/Centerville

Perhaps. The one in Orleans is well situated and actually has some of the better fast food type cheeseburgers in the area.

After a week of eating fried seafood go to Cooke's in Orleans for a couple of cheeseburgers...they will hit the spot:)

After many many years of eating at both of the aforementioned Cooke's, I can state for certain that the seafood in Hyannis is good, the place is clean, the food is decent, the tables are clean blah blah blah.

No Colony Fairfield Reviews?

*************Improving On A Classic********************

The past few times I have been getting the pie with the hot cherry peppers and hot oil. The cherry peppers are OUTRAGEOUSLY good here. I am going to explore the other toppings and let you know.

BTW are they doing the new toppings at the old location? It kind of seemed like it from the web site.

Need a rec for Provincetown

Hello? (bm bm bm ) McFly?... Have you been listening?

Front Street.

The only 2 words you need to know in Ptown. No view but the view of the food is outstanding:)

Good luck getting in this Sunday though.

Front Street Restaurant
230 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

Bottles, On the Post Road in Westport, an Excellent Wine Shop

Ok so we all know that buying wine around here has been a joke for the most part. You basically have to order online or drive to Zachy's in Scarsdale if you want delicious wine at decent prices.

But now, at Bottles in Westport on the Post Road, that's all changed.

I live a mile or two from Bottles, which opened earlier this year. This place is like no place else around here. What do I mean?

The store is climate controlled. It's nice and cool; not too dry nor too humid, and no wine is exposed to direct sunshine.

The wine is selected buy an owner who loves wine and has great taste and passion for wine. I have asked his advice, specifically for affordable reds from Spain and Argentina, and his ability to deal with me ethically as a customer as well as to sell me the kind of quality wines I'm looking for place him in high regard in my estimation.

Also, the guy has DELICIOUS wine....fresh, interesting, properly stored and displayed intelligently......Priced well also, but the main thing is that it's there at all.

This place is NOT a graveyard for old, corked, second and third rate mass-production wines with dust on them like so many other local purveyors, sadly. This guy ios on the mark and is positioned to win big ultimately. In the meantime it's like my little secret.

Bottom line....Bottles offers more tasty, delicious wine for the buck than ANYBODY else around here, and this store has been a long time coming and I am grateful it's here.

No Colony Fairfield Reviews?

"After having dinner here I don't see the attraction to the food or experience. It's definitely not very Italian style nor NY style." (You are correct, the pizza is not NY style. It is, as I have always stated, a crispy cheesy spicy bar snack)

"Must be a CT style" (actually it owes much to the Staten Island style of "pizza making", if you've been there, you know what I mean...There is a fair amount of cake-type flower used, the crust is crispy, it is a study in minimalism )

"Without the stingers though it would be plain, greasy and basically tasteless like the other pies we had." (it is true that the plain cheese pies are very boring, imho)

"I'm not sure what the hype is but if you grew up eating these pies I guess it's what you're used to " (this is true also of McDonald's and worse).

Bottom line. These are crispy thin cheesy hot spicy things meant to be consumed during and especially after drinking hard. They is what they is. This is not Patsy's, or Lombaridi's or Totonnos. BTW Coalhouse, while it aspires to greatness, fails to achieve it. Their pies are "half-baked" (sorry couldn't resist)...But they are better than Pepe's:)

In short, I like Colony pizza, but I am sympathetic to pizza purists such as my mom who do not. But tell me, where is the fantstic NY style pizza? I'll meet you there for lunch!

No Colony Fairfield Reviews?

Since it is true that the revenue-producing of the pizza-portion of a business such as Colony is fairly insignificant, (sell 100 pies at ten or eleven bucks and you're netting only...what? 500 bucks?)

it was a concern of mine that the new Clony might de-emphasize the take-out portion of their business, which is the ONLY way I fly....I drink tons of good red wine and such, but I have never had a drink at either colony location, and have never eaten in. Call me what I am...a cheapskate with a fondness for good red wine:)...

However, the new colony is actually much easier to get take-out from than the old location. So there ya go.

Someone on here said the Colony pie doesn't travel well...I don't agree with that exactly, although mine rarely make it home; I've perfected the art of driving and eating. I will say this is a "first day" pizza. Colony pizza cold out of the fridge the 2nd day doesn't cut it at all, whereas, Patsy's East Harlem......Different story.