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Eggs Benedict in Philly

Hi Chowhounders-
I have a good friend coming into town for a long weekend who is CRAZY for Eggs Benedict. I was hoping the chowhounders could suggest some places that either do:
a) great traditional Eggs Benedict - the standard ingredients done very well
b) unusual & fun Eggs Benedict (spanish, crabcake, cajun, etc.)

I am relatively new to the city (2 months) so while I know that Morning Glory frequently has an EB special that is good, and Marathon on the Square is generally reliable for all brunchy-type things, beyond that I am pretty much in the woods. From searching the board, I am reading good things about N. 3rd, Caribou Cafe and Azure - anyone had the Eggs Benedict there?

I'd love recs of great places for EB as well as ones to stay away from - I'm hoping to feed them to my friend every day while she is here as a surprise so I'm depending on you all for help!

Thanks so much chowhounders - happy brunching!

Center City - Announcing engagement over good food?

Anyone else with ideas? We're really excited to be doing this but had hoped that lots of people might give us suggestions to check out.

Center City - Announcing engagement over good food?

My sweet girlfriend proposed a few days before the New Year, but her family is from Sao Paulo, Brasil, so we decided to wait to make the announcement public until her family could come to the states. Despite the fact that we've been together 4 years, our respective parents have not yet met, so the occasion of the announcement will also be the first time that they meet in person (although they've spoken on the phone). We live in Center City and were hoping that the combined brains of the chowhound crowd could help us come up with a place that we can fill our parents with delicious food before telling them the good news. We tend to eat in little BYOs/Reading Terminal or cook at home so were feeling stumped as to where might be good for the occasion.

Definite Restrictions:
-Great food (duh).
-Able to accommodate a group of 7-8 on a Sat/Sun.
-Several in the party are vegetarian/fish eaters; others are seriously carne-craving Brasilians.
-In Center City (defined pretty broadly - don't make us cross any rivers or get too close to Temple or the Airport and we're pretty happy).

Not mandatory, but would be great if:
-Open on either a Saturday or Sunday afternoon - my family will likely be driving back to DC that night.
-Not SUPER swank, as my parents are financially strapped artist types and will likely be overwhelmed by the pomp & circumstances of somewhere like, say, Le Bec Fin or even Buddakan.