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Brunch on Queen East

It seems like only awhile ago that a small striploin steak was around $9.00 at the Tulip. How big was the steak that cost $25?

Condiments store on King East

Thanks, everybody. I must be thinking of Pasquale Brothers, who you say has moved to Etobicoke. No matter, I ordered the salt-free chicken wing sauce I was seeking on the Internet, from the manufacturer.

Condiments store on King East

That's food preparation PRODUCTS of course!

Condiments store on King East

I've forgotten the name, phone number and address of the store on king street east that sells all kinds of condiments and other food preparation productions. Can you help me, please?

Panini press?

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. We finally made the same choice as Ciaociao and others, and bought the Cuisanart at Sears, currently on sale at $124.99. I just got an e-mail that it's waiting for me at their outlet on Queen Street East so I'm just leaving to pick it up.

Panini press?

Can you help me find a store in Toronto where I can buy a good quality panini press? A member of the family is getting married and that's what she wants for a wedding gift. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Help - need simple good birthday cake in Toronto

If you're in the east end I recommend Jubilee Cakes at 1959 Gerrard St. East on the south side, a few doors east of Woodbine Ave. We've had birthday cakes from them for years and they're always fresh and delicious. Some are too elaborate for your taste, but they also do plainer ones as you describe. (416) 690-2227.

Favourite foods of the CNE

Oops, I see Arcadiaseeker also mentioned the ice cream waffles.

Favourite foods of the CNE

OK, Chowhound Team, this is about something that's available today, BUT was also a big part of my childhood Ex-perience. That suit you? The ice cream sandwiches on waffles from a stand near the eastern gate.

Any Toronto restaurants easy on the salt?

Thanks, Vinnie. I've printed out your suggestion and will try those places.

Any Toronto restaurants easy on the salt?

I'm supposed to watch my daily intake of sodium. Fortunatly my Special Person is a genius at preparing tasty low-salt meals. It's when we go out that I get worried about how heavy-handed the chefs are with the salt shaker. Any suggestions for restaurants and/or takeout, preferably in Scarborough west or Toronto east that suit my low-salt needs, or will prepare meals low in it? Thanks.

Hit the Spot Eatery closed

Almost exactly a year ago I posted about a new restaurant in Scarborough, Hit the Spot Eatery. Sadly it's now closed, the windows papered over. It was in the same space as the former Stavros Greek takeout, on Kingston Road just west of Warden Avenue. It was run by the same Greek-Canadian family as the old place, but took on a second life with brand-new kitchen equipment including a panini grill and a fresh facelift. The menu was expanded from the original Greek fare to include panini sandwiches which were delicious, especially the Philly cheese steak. But probably because they over-extended themselves, it didn't work out. The area is notorious for establishments of all kinds that go belly up, and unfortunately Hit the Spot Eatery has joined their ranks.


I've had good luck with Panzerotto Pizza, 1062 Kingston Rd. on the north side just east of Victoria Park Ave. I order the deluxe panzerotto with cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms for 4.95 I believe. I always ask them to bake, not deep fry it, and they do it well. Usually I phone ahead and order - 416 690-6669.

Restaurants with a view

If you want to try a restaurant with a view other than the Toronto skyline, you might check out the outdoor patio of the Boardwalk Pub when the weather gets a little warmer. It's in Woodbine Park in The Beaches. Typical pub grub, but the view from the patio of the boardwalk, the beach, the lake, and the sunbathers in the hot weather is excellent.

The Beaches - Savignon or Balsam Rest??

I haven't been to either Savignon or Balsam restaurants, but you also requested other recs in the Beaches. IMO you can't go wrong at ViVetha, on Queen East near the Neville Park streetcar loop. The first time I was there was with my son. We both ordered simply - the deluxe ground beef burger with an amazing array of fixings - special sauce, sliced orange & pineapple, salad, onion etc., all for $7. My son commented that you'd only get the burger and fries for that price anywhere else. The server was helpful and personable. The total bill for two including two imported beer was $30! Later I reported our success at ViVetha to my wife, so she and a friend had lunch there. she had the wild mushroom salad and the friend had the "luau" salad, with strips of beef. Both were excellent - generous portions with exquisite dressing. Score two more regular customers for ViVetha!

Looking for a country pub....

It's a bit north of Toronto, but you might enjoy Hogan's Inn in King City. Take the King City exit east from hwy 400 and travel a few blocks - it's on your right at the four corners. Fine dining, but also an excellent pub on the lower level with a very good menu.

What is good in Guelph?

Awhile ago another Chowhound asked for good restaurants in Guelph. Until recently, one of our family lived there, and was a member of several local musical groups. After a concert she introduced us to Diana Downtown, an Indian restaurant at 141 Wyndham St. North that also features a regular menu. Recently we revisited Diana Downtown before another concert. One of our party, the timpanist, had to get away quickly to set up his instruments and asked for quick service. He had his meal in 10 minutes. I ordered buttered chicken - delicious. It was lunch so I took half of it home. I'd recommend Diana downtown for its cuisine, its central location, the decor and the friendly wait staff. You may like it.

Low-sodium food stores

Thanks, Foodie. I'm finding that everything you say about reducing salt content is true, especially about home cooking rather than takeout. Fortunately the lady in my life is a spectacular cook, and has adapted many recipes from her low-sodium cookbook to improve their tastiness. Already my taste buds are coming around, and if I ever tried a salty food now I'm sure it would taste strange. We've tried health food stores for low-salt items, but most of their wares are more concened with cholesterol than sodium content. We've found a few such stores (there's one at Beech and Queen in the Beaches), but we're looking for more.

Low-sodium food stores

I"m told that my salt intake is far too high, so I'm seeking stores that stock low-sodium foods. Any favourites? Thanks

What's your most disappointing dining experience?

My all-time disappointing restaurant is Ikki Sushi on Kingston Road east of the Danforth intersection. Until it arrived we hadn't had a good Japanese restaurant in that part of Scarborough - and we still don't. The food isn't just mediocre - it's awful. (The hamburger joint that previously occupied the building was much better!) There are lots of much better Japanese restaurants and sushi bars not far from there, down on Queen East . Our favourite is Yumei Sushi.

Aida's on Queen East gone?

It certainly is a dry patch. One place I visited today for the takeout jerk chicken special for about $4.95 was JJ Jerk, north side of Kingston Rd. just west of Midland Avenue. The portion I was served was lunch today and will be dinner tomorrow night.

Aida's on Queen East gone?

Grumbles is my favourite deli - I'll go there. The European staff are delightful and I kinda like the kitch, in an an area like the Danforth where most retail outlets are bo-o-o-o-ring. I settled for a panzerotto at Panzeroffo Pizza on Kingston Rd. just east of Victoria Park Ave. that bakes them for me instead of deep frying.

Aida's on Queen East gone?

This wasn't a good day for takeout. I drove some distance into Toronto from Scarborough to pick up a Montreal smoked meat sandwich at Jody's on Kingston Road above Queen E. It was closed. The sign on the door said the reason was "a family emergency". I was sorry on more than one count, then headed for nearby Aida's on Queen just east of Woodbine. I couldn't find it! Does anyone know when it closed, and if it's relocated anywhere nearby?

Sunday brunch near Novotel

I just heard from the pescetarian relative at yesterday's lunch at Chez What. She wrote: -
"I had the falafel platter, which was excellent and the cider, which I wanted to have several more of. J - - says his lamburger was "amusingly evocative with hints of mints and sage and the fries were reminiscent of the Belgian variety without the impertinence", but then he is an artsie fartsy."

Sunday brunch near Novotel

It went better than I was expected to believe, especially re the service. The woman who served us was pleasant, prompt and efficient - couldn't ask for better. It was noon so all I had were the quesadillos - average. Our server brought me extra salsa on request. Two others had lamb and buffalo burgers respectively and were very pleased with them. I can't remember what the Pescetarian among us ordered, but she was was satisfied with it. I had a beer recommended to me (I forget its name), and it was among the best I've drunk anywhere, even in Germany. The decor is cosy with a big fireplace - ideal for a chilly day like today. All in all I found it it a pleasant place, with good company inside and hordes of kids and parents outside waiting for the Santa Claus Parade to arrive!

Aki Da Japanese Seafood House at the Beaches

We've had good luck with Yumei Sushi at 2116F Queen St. East. for years now, and never been disappointed. They have above average, consistently good food, and reasonable prices. The place has private booths and a roomette at the back seating 6 which we always book for Christmas Eve family dinner. I suggest you reserve - 416 698-7705.

Sunday brunch near Novotel

Will do.

Sunday brunch near Novotel

After I posted my initial request I checked out what Chowhounds had said about C'est What and discovered my memory failed me - the reviews were decidedly mixed. Thanks for your concern, all, but I'm afraid in this case my mind has been made up by our visiting relatives who decided on the place, obviously because they like it. C'est la vie, C'est what?

where to chow in muskoka?

Whenever we visit our relatives in Port Sydney we go to lunch at Wabora, a Japanese restaurant on Wellington St. in Bracebridge. It's a large, attractively decorated place at one end of a strip mall. The food is as good as Japanese food gets, and very reasonably priced. Try the spicy sushi - I did and devoured it eagerly. We intend to return to Wabora next time we're up north, and we recommend it highly.

Danforth/Birchmount Lunch!!!

JJJerk for rotis, jerk chicken and other Caribbean goodies. A few tables, but mainly takeout. Very reasonable luncheon specials for under $5. North side of Kingston Rd. just west of Midland Ave.