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Any decent food off the pike between Boston and upstate New York?

There's a Dakota 10 minutes off the pike in Pittsfield,Mass.

Looking for breakfast, W. Stockbridge, MA area

Martin's is fine, they do a consistently good job with competent service. But considering an average of 5 new restaurants open every summer in southern Berkshire county, you might be better off re-posting closer to the date you are coming. I personally am a big fan of Spoon in Lenox....fresh, interesting options and as locovare as you can be in the frozen tundra of current Western Mass.

Saturday lunch near Lenox

Your options in downtown Lenox are Alta (gets good reviews) The Heritage (local "sports bar",good burgers, spotty service), Firefly (consistently awful) , Bistro Zinc (pricey tourist trap), the Village inn (resonably priced,outside dining) Spoon (haven't been), Betty's Pizza shack(fair pizza) and a couple of ice cream joints.

Recs for Hancock, MA. area needed, please

The Mill on the Floss is only a couple of miles from Jiminy Peak and has fantastic French cuisine. Flavours of Malasia in pittsfield is quite reasonable and really memorable dishes. I'll second John Andrews although it's quite a haul from Hancock.

restaurants near Hancock (Jiminy Peak) with 7 y.o., parents and grandparents

The Mill on the Floss is close to Jiminy Peak and the food is excellent.

Wedding Cake in (or willing to deliver to) the Berkshires

Cakewalk in Lee, Mass is excellent....I've tasted at least 6 different ones and they've all been excellent!

rehearsal dinner near Lenox, MA

You may want to consider Rumplestiltskin's restaurant at the Village Inn in Lenox, the food gets great reviews and the tavern downstairs is alot of fun...they usually have live music on the weekends with no cover charge.

Best Dinners in Berkshires

An old friend who worked there told me it was the old hot dogs, some of the stale buns, chili sauce and Kitchen Bouquet ...I ate many as a kid, but after watching the help line them up their tatooed arms to garnish them, the hot dogs lost their appeal.

Best Dinners in Berkshires

I would concur about the food at John Andrews, although the service hasn't a been close to that level. My top 3 would be the Mill on the Floss in New Ashford, Flavours in the Econolodge in Lenox, and Rumplestiltskin's in the Village Inn in downtown Lenox. Consistently great food and service, decent sized portions, and reasonably priced.

Barn Wedding in Berkshires?

you may want to try bucksteep manor in Washington, mass...I know the place is for sale, but they have an old stone church on the property ( i was married there a long time ago) a large barn where they used to do live music events, and some hostel-style rooms in the main building.

What happened to Lenox?

Sure! It's at

What happened to Lenox?

I'll second Hot Tomatoes as the best pizza around, although everyone seems to have their own personal sauce and crust preferences. And add my name to the list lamenting the closing of Kim's Dragon. Other than an occasional service glitch at John Andrews, my experiences have been stellar. On the Lenox front ...Flavours, though not exactly IN town, is fantastic. In town my favorite place has always been Rumplestiltzkin's...not exactly cutting edge but consistent quality, large portions, great service and reasonably priced. After today's article in the local paper it probably won't be as easy to get into.

East Side Cafe in Pittsfield MA??

I haven't been in a while, but the general populace considers it to be among the best. They only offer it certain days of the week...thin crust and a friend of mine who worked there years ago told me they use mostly meunster cheese, with a little mozz. For a while they only made pizza on Thursdays, which was payday for GE back when there WAS a GE in Pittsfield.

Berkshires (Lenox area) over Xmas?

A couple of restaurants have closed for the season(church Street Cafe is one), a few others (Cafe Lucia, Barroods) usually close Jan through May.
On the more expensive side, I'd reccomend Lucia's or Prime; more reasonably priced I'd go with Frankie's, Dish, or the Village Inn (my personal favorite). The Heritage Tavern is a low-end local favorite for lunch, great hamburgers. The Gateways and Zinc are places to avoid. Halpins is a new sports bar on the motel strip with great corned beef and hot wings
for another lunch option. Have a great time and report back!

good eat in lenox mass?

I concur with the thumbs down for Spice. I have eaten there several times and had dreadful service and ice cold food. Much as I wanted them to succeed, I won't go back. They've just opened up Burger, with a two pound burger on the menu, with Schlitz and Genesee Cream Ale--disgusting!

good eat in lenox mass?

FYI Prime is not affiliated with Zinc, Prime is a family owned affair. Zinc's owners and their partners DO own Betty's pizza shack, Fin (sushi), and Frankies (moderately priced Italian) all in Lenox. Napa is going on the auction block in two weeks according to the local paper. Sheeresss, I suggest checking back closer to your travel date as restaurants, hours of operation, and management and staff can change in the off season.

Lenox restaurants: Bistro Zinc, Firefly, Cafe Lucia, Napa or Wheatleigh?

John Andrews and the Old Inn are great choices, probably more like a 40 minute drive though. Prime in Lenox has a New York feel to it, but it's rather pricey. I heard they charge for a side of ketchup! Zinc is hit or miss, I've had terrible service and won't return. Rumplestiltzken's and Dish have consistently great food and service, I eat at both places regularly, and have never heard a discouraging word. Have a great trip and let us know where you landed!

Woods Hole, Landfall restaurant--are they kidding???

I also ate there was tepid at best and the baked potato was at least a couple of days old. It does have a nice view..sunset was you think they would let me bring in my own food?

Willamstown MA & nearby Big anniversary

Just a little south in New Ashford is the Mill on the Floss, excellent classic french and quite romantic...Enjoy!

Spice in Pittsfield disappointing again

I can relate...I thought that maybe it was just "new restaurant jitters" when I ate there shortly after they opened, and the service was ever-present but unavailable and the food was uneventful and tepid. I recently returned and found it wasn't much better. Our drinks arrived void of carbonation and took about 20 minutes although there were only six tables occupied in the dining room. The bread was a nice Portugese loaf, quite hot although a little burned on the bottom. The amuse bouche was a calamata tapenade with a quarter slice of cuccumber - usually served with garlic rounds or crackers...were we supposed to spread it on the bread? My salad was mixed greens with a couple paper-thin cucumber and radish slices and what looked like shredded cheese from a bag. The sherried vinaigrette dressing was essentially just olive oil. We had the maple-glazed duck (devoid of maple flavor...perhaps it walked under a maple tree as a duckling) hanger steak and I had the pork chop, which was served with a half of a teaspoon of sweet onion chutney, I think. The portions were rather odd, the hanger steak was huge, with a triple order of fries, although someone else at our table got the same thing and it was about a third smaller.The pork came with 5 tater tots and some seriously over-salted spinach. EVERYTHING was barely warm, and it was almost two hours before we saw the entrees. There was no garnish on the plates whatsoever....even corner diners will throw a piece of parsley on the dish. After trying to find our server for about 15 minutes we resigned ourselves to eating our lukewarm dinners, with one of our foursome heating the fries over the table candle.
I'd really like to see the place succeed and help with the revitalization of my hometown, it's a beautiful space and centrally located, but the only way I'll eat there again is if I can get my dinner delivered from another restaurant!

Pittsfield - Dinner / Drinks???

Patrick's Pub is right across rte. 7 from the Crown Plaza and does Patty's Day right. Bousquet Ski area, a little south, does an "Irish Olympics" with green snow and live music. Mazzeo's Restaurant is great for Italian but a little difficult to find. I've eaten at Spice a few times, you're better off having appetizers in the bar area, dinners can be disappointing. The better restaurants are mainly in Lenox and Great Barrington (south) or Williamstown and North Adams (north). Matt Reilly's on the lake (rte 7) has great seafood at reasonable prices and an Irish flair. Erin Go Braugh!

Cheap good lunch in/near Lenox, MA--Love Dog?

the sign on the door says open 7 days...but we went last tuesday and a sign next to it said "we closed tuesday" ...which was weird as there were servers in there folding napkins. We ended up at the Cork and Hearth instead (for dinner) which was quite good. Pho's phone number is 413-243-6288.

Cheap good lunch in/near Lenox, MA--Love Dog?

I'm reasonably sure that Bombay only does their buffet at lunch. Their food's really tasty, and I'm not a big fan of buffets, but they do it very well. They bring Naan to the table straight from the oven--yum!

Cheap good lunch in/near Lenox, MA--Love Dog?

Another option is the Olde Heitage Tavern in downtown Lenox, they do a decent burger and prices are quite reasonable. Arizona Pizza towards pittsfield does great wood-fired pizzas, though I've been disappointed with other entrees. Bennigan's recently opened a branch next to where Love Dog was, I wasn't impressed with the food, service was great, but they're probably in your price range. Enjoy and report back!