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Best Filipino Food

I'm still trying to figure out what the best filipino food in manhattan is too...Grill 21 was decent. Never been to Banyan....Kuma Inn is fusion-y but yummy.
I'll tell you what is not the best in manhattan though.....Elvie's Turo Turo....on 1st and I think 13th? I've been there before, and its been passable...but last week I had a meal that was just disappointing. Kare kare that had no real peanut flavor, the color was right and the consistency wasn't watery...but there was no taste at all. And the oxtails were few and beyond fatty in between. The adobo was super salty. The rice was mush. Also, $9 for lumpia shanghai seems a bit excessive. Even if you get 16 pieces..why isn't there a smaller portion?
They've always had good halo halo though....
I kinda miss the Krystals in the east ville....

Mar 27, 2009
missinfo in Manhattan

Cong Ly - pretty decent not great (w/ pics)

Yum, that pork dish looks great! I pretty much always order a grilled pork "bun"? meaning over vermicelli and this the same but minus the salad?
(honestly, I really need to find some new Vietnamese specialties to routine is dull)

I've never heard of Cong you think its better than Thai Son, Nha Trang, etc on Baxter?

Nov 18, 2008
missinfo in Manhattan

Zoma - new Ethiopian in Harlem- 113th St

maybe you're thinking of Zula's on Amsterdam and 122. So good. So missed.

Nov 17, 2008
missinfo in Manhattan

Murray Hill Restaurant Suggestions - GOOD ONES

sigh....even though it seems like there are alot of conflicting opinions, lol, im so jealous of this post. I've been desperately seeking a comprehensive list of Chelsea recs and have found very few everyday casual raves.
I gave in and tried Pongsri the other day.....horrible food.

Nov 17, 2008
missinfo in Manhattan

new jerk chicken Jamaican resto on 2086 7th Ave. (124th) in Harlem

oo, I want to try that soursop ice cream...this is a bit unrelated but Sweetsop fruit is unbelievably delish and exotic as well and I stumble upon it like once a year at a sidewalk fruit stand in Chinatown....but I wish I knew exactly when to look for it.

I'm def gonna try out this West Indian spot....and report back.

Oct 21, 2008
missinfo in Manhattan

Zoma - new Ethiopian in Harlem- 113th St

Thank you, that's exactly the name.....Cafe Addis.

And I'm sorry to say....not such a great meal....
I went with one other person....also an Ethiopian food fan and former Zula fanatic.
We ordered their special meat combo platter for around $19. Which comes with the spicy cubed beef (Tibs Wett), as well as the lamb Alitcha which is mild with a tumeric yellow thick sauce.
Now, neither of us eat we asked if we could replace the lamb Alitcha with the chicken Alitcha.
The waiter had to go back twice to check on whether this was possible, and came back to say that it wasnt. This made no sense because isn't lamb more expensive than chicken? was the same sauce.
So finally they agreed to switch it to chicken.....for an added fee. Really???
(mind you...Cafe Addis is not chichi.....which I dont mind at all, some the best meals in my life have been had at holes in the wall. But why are there deli sandwiches and random pastries on the menu?)

Finally the food came....a large platter layered with injera flat bread (which I love...and which was well done)....and with small piles of the Tibs Wett, the Chicken Alitcha, along with a small pile of salad with italian dressing, a small pile of shiro (my favorite chick pea puree), and a small pile of stewed cabbage with carrots.

The salad was...salad. The cabbage was tasteless but harmless. The shiro was definitely the worst I've ever had. It was hyper smooth and shiny like gerber baby pumpkin puree. And there was no flavor at all.

The Tibs Wett was spicy and tasty, the best meat of the meal. But in the middle of the platter was a pool of yellow sauce, also relatively flavorless.....and 1 chicken drumstick.

Not only were we charged $5 extra because we replaced lamb with chicken in the Alitcha...($5? Really?)....but in a combo platter specifically for 2....there was 1 chicken leg.

At this point I was so over it, I just ordered a whole nother chicken dish. Doro Tibs (cubed boneless chicken cooked with ginger, onions, tomatoes). The waiter told us that we should just order Doro Alitcha (the same dish as the 1 chicken leg) because it would be faster. Why would stewed pieces of chicken on the bone cook faster than small cubes of boneless chicken?....
well, maybe we should have listened...not because of the wait....because the Doro Tibs was rubbery and gamey.
The bill came out to $58 and it was just not worth it.
I wanted to like the food because the 2 staff members were nice....if a bit disinterested.
But the food was just bland and it seemed unloved.

Oh, except for the coffee....the coffee was amazing. Seriously. Best part of the dinner. Very strong and nutty.

The search for a Zula replacement continues.....

Oct 21, 2008
missinfo in Manhattan

Flushing Dumplings

where in chinatown???

Oct 17, 2008
missinfo in Outer Boroughs

Zoma - new Ethiopian in Harlem- 113th St

I am on the eternal hunt for food that matches up to my memories of Zula. Maybe that wasnt even the best Ethiopian but since it was my first and most dear, I just feel like none of the shiro that I've had (with the exception of a spot my cousin took me to in LA) has been as good.
That being said....Queen of Sheba is amazing. (I love the vege combos, and the tibs wat I think its called. I love the chicken with berbere and egg, and the spicy cubed beef dish. Totally bad memory of the names, I'm sorry. But the injera is really good. Tangy and soft) And my first choice but....its far from where I live and the wait during peak times is insane. I liked Zoma alot actually but it seemed very heavy (oily perhaps?) and pricier than I thought necessary...then again, I guess youre paying for fly new-Harlem chic? ehh.
I'm gonna try out this new spot on 125th st. btw Convent and Amsterdam that I forget the name of....had it once and it was decent, but it was before a full opening of the place, so I guess it deserves another try.
Awash to me was kind of bland, as was Ghenet, and a few other places in the city.

Oct 17, 2008
missinfo in Manhattan

Flushing Dumplings

Oh I love those ladies up on the second floor of the Flushing Mall! I always assumed they were making korean mandoo, because it tastes very similar to my mom's. But the wrapping is a bit different. Delish!
And now I'm so anxious to try the ones at Sifu Chio....if I can find it, lol....
I'm not sure if its just bad taste, but sometimes I really like a dumpling with a thick doughy skin....
(Once I went to Shanghai and bought some pork dumplings from a woman on the street who was cooking them on what seemed like a bunsen burner, lol...they were shaped like Joe's Shanghai soup dumplings but the skin was doughy and they were fried crispy on the bottom. She threw them into a plastic baggie and that was it....ahh, good times.)

Oct 05, 2008
missinfo in Outer Boroughs

Any Flushing karaoke with good food?

I'm thinking of throwing a small party and was thinking of combining the trifecta of good times: food, friends, and bad singing....
I've been to a couple "norebangs" in the city and one in Flushing (can't remember the name, it was off Northern and pretty good)...but its been a while....
Any recs on Karaoke room clubs with good food, and updated American pop music? (and since its always more fun when bragging rights are involved....I'm looking for karaoke with the onscreen rating system, lol)

I've eaten at Prince II but it was a bit college-rowdy I think. And I've see Monster, but I heard they dont have up to date music.

Ok, this is totally off-topic, but it just popped in my head.....has anyone tried that new spot Chicken Koo on Bell Blvd? Its intriguing because it's just a sign and a door!

thank you for reading
miss info

Oct 05, 2008
missinfo in Outer Boroughs

Shanghai Cafe - pretty decent lunch

oo I love Shanghai Cafe! I had a couple horrible lunches at the Manhattan Joes Shanghai's in Chinatown (meanwhile, I've had nothing but great ones at the Flushing loc, but anyways) I always do Shanghai Cafe. And despite the icky street smell outside of the joint, I love their soup well as this really good tofu with minced pork and spinach dish. The serving is huge, and the brown sauce is amazing.
I also always get their basic noodle dish....which seems like lo-mein but with huge fat noodles.
(pass on the bubble tea...its not the greatest and there's a Ten Ren nearby)

Sep 24, 2008
missinfo in Manhattan

Chinatown Dim Sum take out

Oh nice! I didnt know there was a "takeout counter" lol...I'll def try there...maybe even this weekend. My standards of measure are usually the shrimp in rice noodle (haw cheung?sp?), chicken feet, har gaw, and ginger/garlic greens of some sort. I'll try to compare and report back. For some reason, I dont like Go Go as much, kind of sterile. And Chatham was good but a lil fancy.

Has anyone tried this tiny "fast food" type spot that is on the 2nd floor, on Mosco btw Mott and Mulberry? No idea of the name

Aug 28, 2008
missinfo in Manhattan

Chinatown Dim Sum take out

I used to get really comforting haw gaw (sp?) from this hole in the wall tea-counter that was on the corner of mott and mosco....above Hop Kee. But it closed down and I was so upset....after that I would splurge on Ping take out on sundays. Also on Mott. I like their chicken feet, their spare rib tips, haw gaw, and their taro cake with bits of pork inside. All available for take out.
For some reason, I just dont like the bigger mega restaurants for dimsum in NYC. In Queens, though, I dont mind. Ocean Jewel and Jade Asian are delish.

Aug 27, 2008
missinfo in Manhattan

Time for Korean Grilling

this sounds totally delish! never heard of or tasted anything like this in any korean restaurant (or mom's house) but maybe I'll give it try....sounds a bit labor intensive though

Jun 19, 2008
missinfo in Home Cooking

Need info on new Korean buffet in Flushing

I've noticed a couple spots on Northern, near the Kyochon and Prince II area, that have the grand-opening bunting outside. I was curious if any of them were good too. Sorry I'm no help, but I'd like to hear reviews. Honestly though, $40 for me is too much because I dont really eat enough at one sitting to justify the buffet cost.

Jun 19, 2008
missinfo in Outer Boroughs

Seeking recommendations for dim sum in Flushing

well since its a special day for you, maybe try getting in at the new spiffy spot Mulan. I've read it here on various posts and it seems like a cool place to sample some variations on a dim sum theme.
including dessert dim sum?
I walked into the new building that houses Mulan and checked out the exterior of the looked very slick. Which isn't always synonymous with good food (in fact, most of the time, quite the opposite) but the reviews here have been good.

May 09, 2008
missinfo in Outer Boroughs

Flushing Dumplings

I agree with polecat...when I was in 6th grade I had a trip to a pretzel factory. yuck.
on the topic of dumplings tho, I just ordered the soup dumplings from "Noodle House" on prince st, right next door to Happy Beef Noodle House.....and they were decent and cheap but I think I prefer Joe's Shanghai in Flushing or Shanghai Cafe on Mott in NYC. The skins were super flimsy and the meat was too dense, so it was like a bowling ball in wet tissue.
The soup was ok, but I guess I couldnt get past the dense meatball effect.
I wonder if there's somewhere else in Flushing that I can try?
Luckily I also scored some yummy tofu for breakfast from the flower shop lady on Roosevelt, so all was not lost.

May 09, 2008
missinfo in Outer Boroughs

Best Mott Street Chinese?

Wow, what a loaded question, lol...well everything I learned about Mott St, I got from some good friends who happen to have spent 80% of their adult lives in a 4 block radius of Pings. I feel like I ate about 2 meals a day in that area for months, lol...but I loved it. In my opinion....Pings was always a great reliable for the basics (walnut shrimp, crispy chicken with amazing slivers of garlic, addictive pea shoots, yung chow fried rice with lots of ham, shrimp, raisins and chinese sausage) and I also loved having sunday yum cha there (taro cake, shrimp dumplings, chicken feet, pork spare ribs, fried shrimp balls, etc). In general, I'm not crazy about having dim sum in stadiums.
Big Wongs was definitely the place to go for congee, but (I'm ashamed to say) I've never liked congee or the korean version, juk. Something about it reminds of being sick in bed, lol.
And I agree that Hop Kee is for suburbanites and outsiders, lol, but its still super yummy to me, especially late late at night after partying. The stir-fried crabs are worth the work to eat, I love their simple dishes and pig out on snails and beef with mushrooms. (I'm a minimalist) If Hop Kee is closed then I'm still happy to soak up any alcohol with some fried pork chops at 69 on Bayard. If 69 is closed then I will eat at basement Wo Hop but only if I'm starved to the point of near death. Its just awful there.
Peking Duck House is a fancy splurge for decent duck, but overly heavy everything else, and it feels like a rip off when everything else on Mott is better and cheaper.
But what I really really miss is the old school teahouse diner that used to be parked right above Hop Kee on the corner of Mott and Mosco. I loved parking at the counter for supercheap, yummy har gaw, pork spare ribs, a pork bun and a coffee/tea combo, and just listen to the regulars talk despite not understanding a word.
(oh and now that I think about it, I also miss this one shortlived spot that was another basement spot, a little further down Mott, across from Sweet and Tart and Ajisen. They had really yummy peking duck but even better, it was served with supersoft white steamed folded buns instead of the wrappers you usually get. Waaaay better, lol.)

Jan 28, 2008
missinfo in Manhattan

Looking for best udon and ramen in NYC

I wonder if I'm one of the only folks who was disappointed by Rai Rai Ken? Maybe its that they didnt serve Hakata style Ramen, which seems pretty hard to find. Even at Menkuitei, they had tonkatsu ramen which seemed similar, but not as good as the version I used to get at this short-lived ramen franchise that was on 6th ave in the ville and 72nd st on the upper west side. It closed down.
Is there any good Hakata ramen in the downtown area?

Jan 03, 2008
missinfo in Manhattan

Guh Sang in Queens -- Question for Korean Cuisine Experts

Wow, I've eaten at Guh Song many times but never gotten the grand dessert treatment! I've never seen or had that and it sounds awesome. I will say, though, stay away from the orange peel chicken. Its totally unremarkable.
I've had raw gogoma at Pocha Pocha, but it just came in strips with beer.

Jan 03, 2008
missinfo in Outer Boroughs

Best Sandwiches (Any Type) in Queens

for some reason, I've never been a fan of the fancy vertically-overambitious odd-combo I'd just add some of favorite sammich spots. I love the tunafish salad and egg salad combo sandwich at the Malba Deli, which is near College Point/Whitestone Queens. Very yum.
Also, I love the endless menu and 24-hour reliability of Cherry Valley, which I also think is in Whitestone. Nothing fancy just really satisfying chicken cutlet heros with melted cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, mayo, hot sauce, and a fried egg. Fries with gravy too. (wow, I feel guilty now)
And when it comes to gyro....I really like Kati Allo in Bayside, better than Gyro Corner and the other nearby similar spots. The sauce, meat, and even the prep seems better. Also, they have fantastic loukaniko (sp?) greek sausage as an alternative to the regular gyro.

Ok, now I'm hungry.

Jan 03, 2008
missinfo in Outer Boroughs

Help -- Asian restauarnt open late in Queens?

if you can get to Flushing, there are many korean restaurants on Northern that stay open 24 hours a day. San Soo Kap San is good. And for good late night Chinese, there's Chao Zhou off Main St I believe. Nothing like greasy delicious fried pork chops with Peking sauce on the side, and young chow fried rice after a late night out on the town.

Jan 03, 2008
missinfo in Outer Boroughs

Korean Food and Private Karaoke Rooms

well, good is a debatable term, lol, but i think Prince 2 on northern is very popular. And I had a great time at a karaoke room at I think it was called L7 off northern....the food was good and the rooms were clean and kind of upscale.

Dec 16, 2007
missinfo in Outer Boroughs

Momofuku Ssam is over-rated, go to Province!

I didnt get a chance to read all the posts here, but I was just searching for a place to express my disappointment about Saam Bar. All the food I had either left me dead-sea salinated, KFC-greaselogged, or just plain bored. I love pork, always will.....but just because you pile on the swiney goodness doesnt mean that I wont notice there is nothing else going on...oh, save for a random edamame bean thrown in for...color? Wished I'd had a fried pork cutlet from Mitsuwa instead. Or maybe some real saam with sesame leaves in ktown. Or even a real burrito...anything.

Mar 16, 2007
missinfo in Manhattan

Queens Pizza Crawl Findings

sorry to be off topic, but i have a question for surly...ive read your other postings and love the thoroughness : ) have you ever posted a definitive list of your favorite korean spots in flushing and/or NJ? I have Manhattan figured out but I'm tired of trial and error in Qns and NJ, lol.....nuff respect

Feb 02, 2007
missinfo in Outer Boroughs