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Good lunch plus delicious free stuff

This place is awesome. Within minutes of entering the store, we had free piping hot little falafels in our hands, then in our mouths. What a gracious greeting. Lots of yummy things go in to each order and they are willing to explain them all. Our group ordered a variety of wraps, none of which was soggy or greasy. Only full of freshness and flavor. At the end of our meal, we got each got a free mini baklava piece. Tasty and not overly dripping with honey. A wonderful finish to a great lunch experience. Definitely a good value!

International Pocket Cafe 2
52 E Main Rd, Middletown, RI 02842

Where to find Goose Fat in SEA?

check with Swinery in West Seattle. They carry different fats from time to time.

The Swinery
3207 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Oct 13, 2010
goofygamine in Greater Seattle

Country Ham in SEA?

How 'bout The Swinery's ham? All things pork, and then some. Yum, yum, onolicious!

Dec 14, 2009
goofygamine in Greater Seattle

authentic peruvian food supplies

The Salvodorean Bakery is a great suggestion! You can also take a drive down past the bakery to Ambaum Blvd SW in White Center and find lots of possibilities.

Aug 04, 2009
goofygamine in Pacific Northwest

Visiting Seattle - Looking for Bakeries

A bit different and delicious? Add The Salvadorean Bakery in Rat City to the list!

Jul 15, 2009
goofygamine in Pacific Northwest

Feedback Lounge

Feedback Lounge opened in West Seattle last Sunday. The rock and roll concept seemed unique. We decided to check it this week and were sorely disappointed. We saw quite a few people come in to look around at the rock memorabilia, then leave. That's our recommendation for visiting the place.

The drink menu looks great, very creative. The drinks taste great, other than being very, very weak on the alcohol. The bartenders spent the time to use many in-house ingredients. Maybe that's why the orders were so backed up? The waitress took orders fast enough. She may have been the only waitress in the place but she made the effort to get orders in and out as quickly as one person could. Everyone around us noticed the long wait. Hey, at least we had cool rock memorabilia to look at during our wait.

As for food, skip it. We didn't see anyone who was pleased with their appetizers or entrees. Other than to finally get them. But the inconsistency and quality disappointed. Lots of people ordered burgers. All were overcooked with blah, stale buns. The burgers at our table didn't get finished because they were so bad. Condiments weren't consistent either. Some got nothing, others got a full selection. And french fries? Maybe you got a few, maybe you got a nice pile. The salad was okay. The chicken was salty. We definitely didn't finish anything on our plates. We saw tables around us giving up on their plates as well. Bummer.

As we walked out of the place, we noticed the new Zeek's Pizza going in next door. They're schedule to open May 1st so they'll likely outshine Feedback.

Apr 30, 2009
goofygamine in Pacific Northwest

Exceptional Regional Cheese Available in Seattle?

If you're looking for a nearby island adventure, consider a trip out to Vashon and visit Sea Breeze Farm: working farm (with cow's milk cheese), wine cellar, restaurant, and retail.

Apr 09, 2009
goofygamine in Pacific Northwest

Cooking on Kauai

Glad to hear that you're interested in working with the local goods. Since you'll be doing the farmers markets, a great option is to speak with the sellers about recipes. Other shoppers are also great resources. They'll probably tell you about other local ingredients too.

As for the fish, the seller is probably one of the best resources. It'll likely be either a "raw" recipe or their grilling technique.

I keep my pacific rim cookbooks in Hawaii since the ingredients simply aren't as readily available at home (WA). They're waiting for me there on Kauai when I need 'em.

I do keep some pacific rim cookbooks on the mainland that have recipes with modifications for mainland cooks. For example, a couple cookbooks that convert kalua pork recipes to the crockpot. Yes, onolicious kalua pork in the fridge right now! Unless you find yourself in to all the local grinds, you might not want to invest in any books yet.

Apr 02, 2009
goofygamine in Hawaii

Seattle - CSA's and Wine clubs

I wholeheartedly support the CSA concept. Especially those that focus on local produce. Full Circle Farm makes a good effort to stay local. However, during my subscription to their CSA, I had too many times where an item came up bad. One week it may have been that the green beans were moldy when they arrived. The next week may have been that the apples were so bruised and dented that they had to go straight to applesauce. And the next week may have been that the mixed greens were already slimy upon arrival. You get the picture. Full Circle was very accomodating to send a fresh batch the next week without any additional charge. But the repeated inconvenience prompted me to the stop the subscription.

I subscribed to the Pike Place Market Basket for years and never had product quality issues so these repeated issues with Full Circle produce was very disappointing.

If anyone can recommend other CSAs, I'd be interested in knowing about them. Till then, farmer's markets or farm visits are my answer.

Apr 02, 2009
goofygamine in Pacific Northwest

Where can I get fresh yeast in Seattle?

Good question! I was at QFC, Albertsons, and Safeway this past weekend but found nothing. I made a special point of going to these places since I thought fresh yeast was such a classic and these places carry classics. No luck. They said nobody buys it anymore so they stopped carrying it. Maybe that was specific only to the locations I tried (not Columbia City).

I plan to hit up the nearby Thriftway, PCC, and Metropolitan Market this weekend. Why should this be so hard? I know, I know, shelf life, etc....

Dec 05, 2008
goofygamine in Greater Seattle

Meatball Mondays!

You've all probably heard about Spring Hill's Meatball Mondays. But have you taken it in? Hold off on lunch to save yourself for Spring Hill's Monday Night Supper!

The Monday menu is comfort food for all: spaghetti (either red or white), spaghetti with meatball, or the glorious spaghetti and meatball sub. Our table explored one of everything on the menu and shared them all. Or at least let each other have a few bites. Yum, yum. My favorite was the sub and the bread that came with the pasta dishes. I wish that I'd had a slice to go with the appetizers. But that's just me. I need the bread to facilitate moving the food from the plate to my mouth.

The sub is enormous and not too sloppy. The two large meatballs in the roll are just right. The pasta dishes are also just saucy enough. Best of all, they didn't choose to add any substantial twists to the dishes. Still classic and comfort enough for even the kids to enjoy.

We noticed Spring Hill was probably the busiest restaurant in the West Seattle junction on a Monday night. Thanks to Meatball Mondays!

Spring Hill Restaurant & Bar
4437 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Dec 02, 2008
goofygamine in Pacific Northwest

French Toast in or around Seattle

Don't forget Eats Market Cafe in West Seattle!

Nov 21, 2008
goofygamine in Pacific Northwest

where to go eat ...on Thanksgiving day?

It sounds a little touristy but hey you are visitors to the islands so consider...a luau! Really. They'll usually add a turkey (or two or three) into the imu with the pig. That way, you'll get some local food and your t-day fix. The atmosphere is very much in the spirit of the season as well. Good fun.

Nov 21, 2008
goofygamine in Hawaii

Catering on Kauai - Anyone have any experiences?

You might try Windward Market. I've had food in their retail store and at catered events. Onolicious good quality grinds.

Nov 21, 2008
goofygamine in Hawaii

Kauai: Grass-fed Beef?

Princeville Ranch sells their meats at the Princeville shopping center's Chevron gas station's convenience store. You'll also find it in some local stores as "Princeville Pride." How much more local and grass fed can it get?

I think some of the Ranch's cattle are finished on the mainland with the meat being sold at Whole Foods there.

Oct 28, 2008
goofygamine in Hawaii

What is the best restaurant for lobster in Seattle?

Yum, lobster.
Waterfront Seafood Grill is a really good bet. They have both Maine and Australian.
And take a look at lobster prices these days, they are incredibly low. An anomaly in today's market but hey, we reap the rewards!

Oct 21, 2008
goofygamine in Pacific Northwest

Kaui and Big Island help...

I read that recent post about Bamboo and almost felt like they were talking about a different place. My boyfriend always melts over their pork dishes, not finding anything burnt about them. And I generally stick with the fish, surf/turf mixes, or ask for a variation on their stir fry. As for the service being slow, it's a little slower than island time but doesn't seem worth dinging them on.

Oct 09, 2008
goofygamine in Hawaii

Thanksgiving in Honolulu

For tourists, a fun thing to do is a luau. It sounds a little cheesy but the thanksgiving feel added to a gathering of so many people makes it less cheesy and more thankful. I've heard that luaus actually sell out for special days like thanskgiving since not so many restaurants are open.

Oct 01, 2008
goofygamine in Hawaii

Kaui and Big Island help...

If you're looking for local grinds, go with local products, flavors, etc.

For the Big Island, I second Hawaiian Style Cafe and Bamboo Restaurant. I found some good fundraiser barbeques on the Big Island that had onolicious beef. Many places serving beef use island grown, grass fed beef so you need to find the right places that know how to work with it. I hear lots of people say they don't eat beef while in Hawaii because they don't like grass-fed beef. Hmmmm.

As for Kauai...

I second the Sueoka's recommendation. I great local secret for cheap but good plate lunch in Koloa.

Kim Chee #9 restaurant in Kukui Grove shopping center is also a nice, little local secret. Some people really like the Kauai bakery in that shopping center but I find it's too much partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in their products for my taste.

Korean BBQ, Windward Market, Small Town Coffee Exchange, Mermaids, Papaya's, Blossoming Lotus in Kapaa are all great options. I know someone who loooves the Kountry Kitchen pancakes with truckloads of coconut syrup. I personally can't eat as much food as Kountry Kitchen puts on their plates so their offering seem like a waste to me, even if they are onolicious.

Moloa'a Sunrise roadside stand for smoothies, sandwiches, and free hula show (if the ladies behind the counter have a free moment they'll do a beautiful performance) is a nice little break on the trip between the North Shore and the rest of the island.

Kilauea Fish Market and Kilauea Bakery/Pizza Place are both good options in Kilauea.

Papaya's, Tropical Taco and Hanalei Dolphin Fish Market (not the restaurant but the fish market behind it) are all good Hanalei grinds. Since you're staying at a house in Hanalei, get your fish at the Fish Market, produce at the farmer's market, and have your best meal on Kauai right in your own kitchen.

Sep 30, 2008
goofygamine in Hawaii

Kauai Trip report


Sorry to hear that the Bali Hai mosquitos struck again. I think they're infamous.

Next time you're on island and looking for other options, consider Tropical Taco in Hanalei for lunch, Kilauea Fish Market for killah wraps, Papaya's Market and Cafe in Kapa'a for vegetarian and vegan, Mermaid's Cafe in Kapa'a for everything tasty and well-priced, Blossoming Lotus in Kapa'a for dinner (even if you're not vegetarian), and Windward Market in Kapa'a for fresh fish and meat, awesome catering possibilities, or even take out to eat at their picnic tables or on the beach. These places aren't mentioned much by Kauai travelers so I thought I'd add them to the list of options to consider.

Kauai Luau?

Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. But I'll provide my input for those in search of Kauai luaus on future trips.

The Smith Family Luau at Wailua is well advertised and may be convenient for many. Yet everything about this luau is mediocre. Somehow, they are still able to routinely pack in over 400 people at each luau. Not one I'd recommend.

As others have noted, seek fundraising luaus. Definitely a great deal, plenty good fun and food. Just last week I saw two advertised in Kapa'a so they aren't that hard to find.

Mar 01, 2008
goofygamine in Hawaii

vegetarian/organic in kauai

Definitely check out Blossuming Lotus. They only serve dinner but the food is outstanding. Their cookbook is also worth getting. For lunch, check out Mermaids. Papaya's Natural Food Store's Cafe is another great option. All are located in Kapa'a although Papaya's does have a Hanalei location as well.

oyster farms in Washington

Wescott Bay Sea Farms outside of Friday Harbor. They've got yummy oysters, clams, and mussels.

Jan 02, 2008
goofygamine in Pacific Northwest

Eats in White Center?

You're right, White Center (aka Rat City) does have a variety of choices. Some pho places down there are great. And as for the taco trucks and hispanic food places, I've always done best to not order from the menu but ask for recommendations or point to someone else's dish and ask for some of that. When I stop at the Salvadorean Bakery down there, I order what others in line are ordering and am always satisfied with it (even if I don't know exactly what 'it' is).

If you're anywhere near Westwood Village, check out Eats Market Cafe.

If you go so far as Burien, check out the Tin Room for yummy drinks and food. And then nearby B-Town Scoop is serious ice cream goodness.

Dec 18, 2007
goofygamine in Pacific Northwest

Looking for great restaurants in Kauai

There's not a lot to choose from around Princeville. If you're staying at a condo, then a short trip to the Princeville Foodland, Papaya's, and The Hanalei Dolphin Fish Market will supply you with all you need for probably the best meal.

If you're up for going out, then the places within Princeville are okay. You've got the Princeville Hotet's bar and restaurants, which can be hit or miss. The same for meals at the Hanalei Bay Resort although we've had more hits than misses here. Both hotels have nice mixed drinks and wine selections in either the bar or restaurant areas. And as for the "new" mediterranean place, Saffron, in the old Sabella's, I haven't tried it but heard that it's slightly better than Sabella's, the previous occupier (which had great service but mediocre salty food).

For a few minute drive down to Hanalei, I'd recommend driving by Hanalei Dolphin (except for lunch) and heading to either Postcards or Hanalei Gourmet. Hanalei Dolphin does have nice fish dishes, but they're frequently in greasy batter or overly buttery sauces. However, the Hanalei Dolphin Fish Market (behind the restaurant) offers great fresh fish, sushi rolls, 2-3 kinds of ahi poke, and tako poke.

Postcards Cafe and Hanalei Gourmet respect the local catch of the day with great execution. Plus, you get great live music with your meal in Hanalei Gourmet (they even have Sierra Nevada on tap sometimes). Barracuda in Hanalei is a great option but with a Spanish tapas twist on your meal. Which means fewer local dishes but still local produce. I recall the polenta fries were being devoured by lots of patrons but we found them a bit greasy. The risotto and lamb shank was cooked to perfection though. Service, drinks, and food were generally excellent.

We still mourn the loss of Hanalei Mix Plate for lunch. Especially since the restaurant that took it's place doesn't quite match up (in food or service).

Moxie needs help

So the menu and reviews about Moxie seemed encouraging. The food did not disappoint. However, the service did. The host and hostess were incredibly accomodating, which was a nice surprise. But the wait staff was weak. We didn't even know what the evening's specials were until we left the place and saw them on the sandwich board outside. The wait staff was friendly but almost non-existant, despite the place being relatively quiet. Our wine orders during the meal never met with the food they were suppose to be enjoyed with.

The food did shine from start to finish. We were hoping for Wescott Bay mussels and oysters. The mussels were Penn Cove (good but not in the same league as Wescott Bay and Prince Edward Isl.). The oysters were Wescott Bay--perfect flavor and perfectly served. The steak was cooked as requested and the pommes frites were a nice match (although the salt was heavy for a side dish but would've been fine as a stand alone appetizer). We also had the other seafood main plates and found those nicely done as well. The desserts were the items most promptly served. Interesting. We opted out of hot drinks since we were concerned that they'd show up as chilled instead.

Unfortunately, our wonderful food experience at Moxie was dampened by the mediocre service. Bummer.

Nov 12, 2007
goofygamine in Pacific Northwest