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Barcelona-suggestions for my first night and my last night?

If you want a blow out meal go to the Hotel omm and eat at Restaurant Moo . Goofy name sure, but the food was incredible. My wife and I went there for our one high priced dinner (anniversary) and it rocked. Incredible from start to finish. And its in the Passeig de Gracia. Have fun in BCN. BTW, be careful of your wallets and/or purses. Seriously! Cheers!

Jun 03, 2011
Tourettes in Spain/Portugal

Baltimore Girls Weekend (late 20's)- HELP!!!! :)

Vino Rosina in Harbor East is just the place for you. I've been there a few times and have seen how accommodating they are to groups of young ladies.


Hot dogs in Bmore

The article was submitted last Saturday. I will post a link to it when it comes out (should be soon). Here is where I went (in no particular order):

Ann's Dairy Creme
Haute Dog Carte
Weenie World

It was fun and I will not be eating another dog for a whle........ well, maybe just a week or so.

Cheers and thanks!

Weenie World
1099 Merritt Blvd, Dundalk, MD 21222

Hot dogs in Bmore

Zack's Has 4 locations in MD and 2 in Michigan.

I was thinking about Pollack Johnny's. I'm pretty sure they are only down to the one place on Washington Blvd., but it's worth checking out. I havent had a dog from them in years.

Aub- The Haute Dog Carte has a revolving dog featuring Binkert's dog. It will be interesting to see what they do with them since they are so good just by themselves.

Hot dogs in Bmore

It Would still have to be in the state. As long as it's not too far from Baltimore City, then it's fine (we have readers in some of the surrounding counties). Isn't Zacks a chain? I would rather highlight small local businesses. I'll look for that hot dog truck though. There is another truck out by timonium called the wild dog. They move around a bit during the week so I might use them for an article we'll have in the future on mobile food. I still would like to check them out though.

Hot dogs in Bmore

I'm writing an article for B Free Daily about hot dogs in Baltimore. I have to pick 5 or 6 places. I currently have Ann's, Haute Dog Cart, G & A, Weenie World, and Stuggy's. Are there any places that any of you think needs some serious consideration that is not on this list? I'm sure there is a place I haven't heard of. Thanks ahead of time.

G & A Restaurant
3802 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

Weenie World
1099 Merritt Blvd, Dundalk, MD 21222

Tater Tots in Bmore

The piece went up about a week ago and I forgot to post it. Sorry, but here is the link to it if you want to check it out:

I did not pick the name of the article btw.

Thanks for everyone's input.

Food with crab in it. Need Recs

Well, that is what I was drinking at the time, so it went into a couple of the pics that I took. My editor chose that one. That same piece just ran today in B magazine as the main article. That was a nice surprise.

Food with crab in it. Need Recs

So the article came out the other day. Here it is:

Thanks for all of the help everyone. Hope you enjoy it.

Tater Tots in Bmore

Does anyone know any places, other than Ale Mary's in Fells point, that serve tater tots? There has to be other places. Thanks in advance.

Food with crab in it. Need Recs

Thanks again everyone, I'll post a link to the article when it comes out.

Fell's Point - ideas for a late afternoon drink outside?

Hanging outside of Todd Conners is always good for people watching.

Food with crab in it. Need Recs

They all sound really good. I am trying to keep it within the Baltimore Metropolitan area though. Keep em' coming if you can think of anything else. I really appreciate this help everyone.

Food with crab in it. Need Recs

I am currently writing an article for Baltimore Metromix on crab related foods and would like to know of any restaurants/ bars/ cafes that have unique crab items on their menus (i.e crab ball, crab fluff, crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms etc.). Its a relatively open article and I would like to cover some interesting dishes. There are people who read this board that have been to place I haven't been yet. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate the suggestions.

Good Veggie Burgers in Baltimore?

Todd Conners in Fells has a really good veggie burger.

Bad news for Baltimore sausage lovers -- fire at Binkert's

This is a huge tragedy to my weekend grill ups. They had THE best sausages and cold meats.

Why isn't anyone else talking abou this? Anyone on good places to go aas a backup?

If you say Ostrowski's, I'll haunt your dreams naked. F them, I live 5 blocks from there and it really isn't all that good. Him or his brother.

Maybe Krakus....

Slow Cooker Duck Confit

Yes, you can re use the duck fat. Just strain it through a strainer lined with cheese cloth or a chinois if you are lucky enough to have one. The you will have lovely duck fat for making duck fat fries (awesome) or any other wonderful dishes.

May 22, 2008
Tourettes in Recipes

Slow Cooker Duck Confit

Yeah but homemade duck confit is soooo much better than store bought. You can let the duck sit for up to 2 full days in its cure and deepen the flavor. Much more flavor and texture than store bought.....and it takes like 20 total minutes of active time. Great sunday project.

May 21, 2008
Tourettes in Recipes

New Canton Restaurant - Sauté?

I didn't expect the food overall to be so sophisticated. The presentation and the garnishes to the dishes were better than I expected it to be. The oysters were on a little bed of frenched green beans that were dressed in a peppery vinaigrette. It was a nice touch. The oysters were perfectly cooked, as was the fish. It was good to se a place opened only a week to be up and running that well.

New Canton Restaurant - Sauté?

I had the fried oysters and the Tuna entree. Both were really good. I was surprised at the level of quality and technique of both dishes. I wasn't expecting it to be so sophisticated. My GF got the pumpernickle panzella (which wasn't really a panzenella, basically a salad with pump. croutons) and the crispy whole fish (cooked perfectly). The only problem we had was that our server was a little dim. He didn't know how to pronounce half of the stuff (foo graa) , told us that the potstickers are like the things you buy at TGIfridays, and said that the chef is a little bit of a jerk because he likes a quiet kitchen (slightly inappropriate). Besides that, Everything else was great.

Delivery in Canton/Fells

Py in canton square delivers. Their pizzas are prbably the best in the area. There aren't many places that are good that deliver. I also get ding how all the time.

Fells Point/Canton wine bar recs

Check out Chesapeake Wine Co. I go their for my wines most of the time. Their Food is really good and their staff is incredibly helpful. If you know where Helen's Garden is at, then this is right down the street. Enjoy!

New Canton Restaurant - Sauté?

Its about time this place is opening up. I live on kenwood and have been wondering how long (if ever) it was gonna take to open. Lets all hope it doesn't turn out to be another crappy "american brasserie" thats just and excuse to feed jager bombs to towson students. Hopefully it'll have good food and then hudson street cafe will open up finally and be decent as well.

How is Cinghale (balt.)?

The charcuterie plate is good (althought there are no accoutraments with it). I thought the cuttlefish stew was probably one of the best things I've had in a long time (chunks of creamy white polenta dot the stew). The suckling pig was a bit over cooked and dry. I really enjoyed myself over all (I snacked on my GF's plates). I can't wait to delve deeper into the menu.

Fish 'n Chips in Baltimore ?

Hands down the best fish and chips in bmore imo is at Dudas in Fells Point. Light, airy batter thats not too much, firm fish. Good portion size and not greasy whatsoever. Definitely great hangover food. Its not expensive either, like at other places around bmore.

Baltimore CSA options?

My GF and I had a CSA through One Straw Farm last year. It was a great experience. For a full share (feeds a family of 4) it costs 475$ up front. We got a half share (you have to go halfsies with another person or couple) so it only cost 237.50 for the season. You get weekly vegetables from june until the end of november. It works out to cost around 10$ a week and its more than worth it. Yes in the begining there are a lot of greens but that is what seasonal eating is about. Whatever is ready at the farm is what you eat. They have over 20 drop off sites around baltimore so its easy to find something convenient for yu. We found it to be a great and challenging experience. Every week was like iron chef, you never knew what you would be eating until you got your share. It was definitely worth it and it also helps to support a local farm with great people working for it. Joan at one straw is an amazingly cool farmer. The quality of the veggies were top notch as well. Hope I answered as much as I could.

Chess Pie anyone?

I know dangerously delicious pies in federal hill has a lemon chess pie. Its really good. don't know if its the same thing though.

Polish foods north of Baltimore

try krakus on fleet street in baltimore. its a small place but they cure their own meats and make their own sausages. Also, if you speak polish, thats pretty much what they like to speak there. its a great place, great food.

Bacon Bits

definitely cut the bacon before baking/ coking it. The bacon will cook quicker and the pieces will be a more uniform size.
homemade GBC is the best.

Nov 11, 2007
Tourettes in Home Cooking

Brick Oven Pizza on Canton Square

I had their pizza on saturday (11-03-07). It was really good. We had a slight problem with them being out of some of their toppings, but we chalked it up to them just opening. The fresh moz was a welcome site and the sauce actually tasted like tomatoes. they're open until 3 and they deliver which is how I got it. I hope they'll be around for a while. Pizza sucks in canton.