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whiskey/bourbon tasting or cocktail mixing in JUNE?

that works brilliantly. thank you so much :-)

Apr 12, 2012
memostothefuture in Manhattan

whiskey/bourbon tasting or cocktail mixing in JUNE?

I'm trying to find a whiskey or bourbon tasting or a cocktail mixing event in early june. this is supposed to be a birthday present for a friend but she'll only be here between 06/06 and 06/12. the usual suspects (astor center, smwsa) don't seem to have anything at that time on offer. do you happen to know of something?


Apr 11, 2012
memostothefuture in Manhattan

best chocolate gift basket?

I'm thinking of sending a small gift basket with perhaps chocolate or pralines to a friend of mine ... I'm thinking $50-70 here as a small 'thank you' ... she lives in upstate and I'm stuck in chicago, so I'm unable to bring it to her.

any recommendations?

Dec 19, 2007
memostothefuture in Manhattan

is there good food at JFK?

I will be flying into JFK on dec 23rd around noon and taking off again close to 6pm. I would love to have dinner with a friend from nyc but while she would come out to the airport I'm not sure where I should take her.

I have been browsing through a couple threads on this board convincing me that in essence there is no decent food for me to be had in the near vicinity but nobody mentioned airline lounges, upscale airport restaurants and the likes.

this is one of these questions where money is not really the issue. I owe this person a really nice dinner and even though this would be lunch, I'm all for making it memorable.

so have you been to any of the lounges? emirates, swiss, etc? is there anything and can we get access?

a cafe for reading?

wow, some great recommendations. I think I will try out nookies today.

for the record: I have tried reading in the lobbies of both the drake (dracula's castle .. never again) and the james (too attentive, I felt guilty for taking the space) but I have yet to find a decent hotel lobby to read. the intercontinental and hilton of course aren't even worth considering.

Nov 15, 2007
memostothefuture in Chicago Area

a cafe for reading?

I've been looking for the equivalent of the vienna coffeehouse without much luck recently. a place where I could go, have a nice hot chocolate and something small to eat and lounge out for an hour, reading the nyt without it being overly loud. yes, starbucks kind of works but it's like a band-aid on a severed limb.

anyone feel like recommending a place? should I try a hotel?
where do you feel comfortable reading alone in the afternoon or early evening?

Nov 15, 2007
memostothefuture in Chicago Area

chocolate cake?

I have a craving for chocolate cake this weekend but being german, I'm really not interested in the oversugared crud the usual suspects offer. I'm willing to go to a hotel or bakery a little bit out of the way if that's what it takes. anyone want to recommend a great bakery? a selection is nice but the boy's gotta have at least one slice of chocolate cake.

I'm in the loop but can use the cta...

Aug 18, 2007
memostothefuture in Chicago Area

oh the weather outside is... name your fav delivery places

I decided not to go out today (if you're not in chicago: it's murder out there) but still hunger for interesting chow. are there any places apart from the usual chains that deliver food you'd actually recommend? there seem to be a million pizza and burger joints delivering here but that surely can't be it...

only limit: cost should not exceed $40/person.

I live near union station but I am interested in places all over downtown.

Feb 25, 2007
memostothefuture in Chicago Area

Bobby Flay's Italian Beef

there is a bus stop poster on michigan ave saying 'fees on savings are like ketchup on a hot dog' ... for the record: there is nothing wrong with ketchup on a hot dog or mayo on french fries.

if it's real mayo.

Feb 07, 2007
memostothefuture in Chicago Area

is there any decent lunch near the wrigley building?

I work in the wrigley building on michigan ave and anyone who has ever been to chicago probably knows how horrible the lunch choices down there are. the nordstrom food court? yikes. the usual chain places? been there a million times.

I am yearning for decent spots. not extravagantly expensive (let's just say the limit is $20 per head). I love the james (their new three-course lunch menu is a great idea) and that sushi restaurant at the back of nordstroms but how often can you go there. zest, while quite nice, is not really an option more than once a week.

someone please save me. I am resorting to mc donalds and chipotle, for chrissakes!

Feb 02, 2007
memostothefuture in Chicago Area