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Nota bene

oh! yums!
when i was there, the charcuterie plate was definitely a winning combo of delicious meats, olives, beets and mustard (Kozlicks, no less), and the Jennifer's Blue Cheese Burger was also an delicious indulgence.
but- enjoy! i don't think you can go too far off base with a menu this tight. i even liked it better than splendido!

an unconventional wedding

my friend's are getting married, which is a happy event! i'm trying to help them organize a little bit and i'm at a loss for the wedding dinner. here's why.

they're getting married at city hall, then photos at allan gardens. after that, they'd like to go to a restaurant that would fit 35-40 people, where each person could pay for their own meal.

here's the criteria:

-mains shouldn't be more than 15-20 dollars
-food should be appealing to all (Indian etc. are out. the Bride's dad has a fairly conservative palate)
-parking should be close by and relatively easy to get

any ideas? even though i know a lot of places in the city, this one has me stumped!

best mojitos in the city?

ah- summer is here, and that means one thing: cool, refreshing minty mojitos (preferably sipped on a sunny patio).

i was just wondering where everyone's favourite mojito is made. i'm also open to trying riffs on mojitos with unusual ingredients added to the mix as well.


what's the big deal with zuni?

Coming from Toronto for a few days, we had heard that Zuni was a San Fran institution and were excited to try the famed 'chicken dinner for two'.

I could see how for someone who has no ability to cook, doesn't have access to an oven or, perhaps is a student missing mom's cooking, the chicken dinner could be a nice treat, but if you have roasted enough chickens in your day to sort out the kinks then chances are you have sorted out a roast chicken as good if not better than this. Ho hum.

where to eat by golden gate park/the haight

so me and my bf have had a swift two and a half days here in san francisco, and we've fit in mission burritos, zuni chicken, and we were thinking of going to the slanted door. but since yesterday we spent a good amount of time on the embarcadero, we were considering branching out into the haight/golden gate park area of town to get a better sense of the city.

other than magnolia, is there any other place that comes highly or even moderately recommended? would it be worth a bus ride to richmond just for some chinese?


perigee, george, canoe, susur...etc?

it's not my birthday, but it was, and my parents want to take me and my boyfriend out for a good meal. only problem is, we're not sure where to go!
price isn't a concern (sorry dad!), but the food definitely is.
where's the best place to go in the city for something like this?

Turning 30..

there's a restaurant in the west end that serves food and then you clear the tables and dance. i can't remember what it's called, and i've never been there, so i have no idea if it's good. but it might be fun.

maple syrup?

i don't know what the actual processing difference is. all i can tell you is that if you know what i'm talking about, you know what i'm talking about.
i'll check out the royal winter fair though!
and costco...

maple syrup?

i used to live in montreal, and one of the sweetest (pardon the lame joke) food finds there was quebecois maple syrup in a 355 ml can for 5 dollars or less. the syrup always came in the same can- with a sugar shack and snowy maples on it, and the individual shack address was stamped on the side. the syrup came in dark, ,medium and golden flavours and was pretty much heaven on earth.
now, trying to track down maple syrup has been giving me a real headache. everything is so overpriced and the quality isn't as good.
apart from a 6 hour drive to montreal (or importing the stuff myself) does anyone know where to buy Quebecois maple syrup or a comprable substitute in Toronto?



oh- well, thank you anyway!


i was wondering if anyone had been to cru on Mount Royal lately?
I searched but couldn't find anything about it...

Good downtown (Concordia) spot for a big work lunch

Thanks for all the suggestions, it looks like we are going with Au Bistro Gourmet. I looked at the menu and I am excited to see how it goes over.

I will be sure to post about it after.... if my Hamburger lover finds something to eat!

Butcher for tartar in the Mile-End area


My girlfriend and I are doing this crazy raw-food diet and 4 days in I desperately need some meat so I was planing on making steak tartar for dinner tonight. I was going to go to Chez Vitos for my steak, but they are closed for Vacation until the 13th of August.

Can anyone recommend another Butcher in the area where I could get some dependable meat for tartar?

Good downtown (Concordia) spot for a big work lunch

oh yeah, and one of my closest coworkers ONLY eats burgers. this is almost completely true. only burgers.

Good downtown (Concordia) spot for a big work lunch

Thanks, but, unfortunately, my employer is the university and they are too cheap to actaully foot the bill and I am worried that that price might be too high for some. you know, I don't want ppl paying through the nose for little old me. I think $10 - $20 seems reasonable.

Good downtown (Concordia) spot for a big work lunch


I am leaving my job and my company wants to have a big work-lunch send off type thing. Though I have worked in the hood for the past 4 years, I can't really think of a nice spot that is group friendly but not cheesy.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a tasty spot that is good for a big group (more than 20 I think?) In the Concordia downtown campus area?

A patio would be a real bonus.

thai delivery?

is there any thai delivery in montreal?
i'm fiending for some pad thai.


Brunoise or La Montee de Lait

Brunoise and MDL are very similar restaurants. IMHO, MDL surpasses the Brunoise if only very slightly. It's also smaller than the Brunoise though, which means it's a little noisier and a little more crammed. But the food at both places is very good and they seem really to be sisters in terms of presentation and style. I think MDL is also more expensive, but they're both good "deals".
I think whichever you choose, you should be satisfied. We tried the Brunoise in February or so and enjoyed it, although found the tasting menu too heavily weighted on rich, dense flavours without enough variety. We actually just had MDL last night, and we had the 7 course tasting menu which featured oysters, scallops in a basil pea soup, fried shrimp with sweet caramelized onions, foie gras and a delicious molasses laden "piglet". Dessert was playful- a creme brulee foam with sponge toffee and chocolate mousse. All in all, it seemed more refined than the Brunoise.

Solo Dinner (this Sunday) in Montreal

i have to add niu kee to this, just a short walk from there at rene levesque.
the spice flower has been slightly pared down, but it's still the only place i know of in the city that offers that food-euphoria after you eat it. see other posts for more details!

shiritaki noodles?

oops- sorry!

shiritaki noodles?

does anyone know where one could procure shiritaki noodles in montreal?

thanks in advance!

I lost the thread

Sorry- a while ago there was a discussion of a restaurant where the Les Chevres chef moved to. Does anyone know the name of it?
I think it's down on Prince Arthur maybe?


Masai Much?

how was the food?

Masai Much?

I was just wondering if anyone here has been to Masai on Parc just north of St. Viatur. It's been open for a while now, but whenever I walk by it's always empty....

tamarind paste

i used to get it in toronto and it would come in a plastic container with a blue lid...not sure about the block form stuff, but maybe that's a good alternative?
i'll check chinatown and up on jean talon. thanks for all your help!

tamarind paste

where can one get tamarind paste in the city?

Laloux recently?

ohhh! tell me more!

Lemeac was wonderful

Oh- and try the brunch!


I have to say I disagree.
Admittedly, I went to Milo's on a budget- for their Sunday night prix fixe. But the food was completely devoid of love. We started with the calamari, that was accompanied by a sauce that added nothing to the flavour to the dish (other than an extra step before you put the fork in your mouth). The main was salmon (they were out of the arctic char), which was cooked well although with no creativity, and a pile of steamed vegetables in olive oil that was pretty much as basic as you can get. My co-eatsies writer had the lamb, which was equally as boring, and french fries that were inundated with olive oil that left a heavy slick residue in my mouth.
I understand the premise here- don't get me wrong. High quality food prepared simply and with fresh ingredients. But there was nothing extraordinary or innovative about this meal- no stamp of the chef's ingenuity, or even interest. Perhaps if I had the dollars to venture to Milo's for a regular, non prix fixe meal, I'd be able to rave about tzatiki or dorade, but the fixe was a joke so I probably won't return any time soon.

Best Italian veal sandwich?

I just went to Santangelo's on the rec. of this thread and I don't really know what the hubbub is about. I had the Veal Parmigiana all dressed and the veal was this weird textureless meat-mush. The sandwich was fine but definitely can't compare to the veal sandwich in the St. Lawrence market in toronto... ah well I was excited as this is my work hood and I was hoping for a new local fave for lunch...