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Barbecue in and around Phila

Going today, is the brisket only on weekends as website suggests ?

Paris Dining Input

Have not been to Yam'tcha in new location but former site last year was wonderful with the tea tasting worth the trip alone.
If you want a similar style Sola was superb at every level in the spring.

2 days ago
Delucacheesemonger in France

Fire destroys Grgich wines in Croatia - Decanter

Great shame, was there last year and the wines were amongst my favorites tasted in Croatia.

2 days ago
Delucacheesemonger in Wine

Do I need plates and flatware for cheese course at a wedding?

May be more than you wish to hear but l cheese catered many weddings.
l served a prepared plate with cheese, honey, preserves, and dried fruit to each person with small fork.
It was always appreciated by guests.

Great pie

Oh My

EStia, Radnor

Was wondering when l posted, thanks for the correction
They are two separate organizations ?

Great pie

Percy St. BBQ used to offer a superb pecan pie.
Otherwise you are correct in this geographical area.
All seem to want frou-frou, but not me.
Although not a pie the sweet corn creme brulee last night at Farm & Fisherman was fantastic.

Barbecue in and around Phila

One of a very small chain that should be AVOIDED
Whole Hog Cafe in Cherry Hill, NJ

Barbecue in and around Phila

Will be trying tomorrow evening after Pete's Produce

Great pie

Hate to give my secret place up but Tartes at 2nd and Arch is stellar.

EStia, Radnor

Many of my friends love it, if you avoid the fish by the pound, not too pricey.
l have been to the Las Vegas outpost and it was super, the zucchini and eggplant stack worth the trip alone.

South Philadelphia favorites?

Can l add Monsu or Tre Scalini for BYOB Italian.

Western Loire Valley restaurant recommendations

For wineries near Anjou go south to Bonnezeaux and look up Marc Angeli at Ferme de Sansonniere. Both he and his wines are a delight.
North of Vouvray is Domaine de Belleviere in Jasnieres.

Both these are quite small and non commercial and have always shown me a great time with knowledge and tasting, etc.

Aug 25, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

Anyone up for a Chow lunch next week?

Arrive 9/22 if offer still exists for then.

Aug 25, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

Pastrami-Hand Cut or Slicer.

Assumed navel.

If you've been to Laurel, how did you get a reservation?


Ice cream

Now on list, thanks

Aug 23, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

If you've been to Laurel, how did you get a reservation?

as so easySorry, been away.
Hope was great for you, please report back
We drank a Urban Spatlese riesling 1995
Chateau Canon 2001
Zyme Os Osleta 2004
We drank very well.

l find l look at and use Chowhound a lot less now after the updated site was put into effect.
Perhaps, ok probably, l am a luddite but find going to various area now takes many clicks while before was so easy.

If you've been to Laurel, how did you get a reservation?

She commented on every course and offered to bring one of the upcharge courses to replace.
She was as helpful as could be, all three of them
The problem was not that the food was different from all other tables, l assume, but not enjoyable to
me and my guests.

If you've been to Laurel, how did you get a reservation?

Here comes the curmudgeon
Service perfect
Place lovely but very noisy, this is my 3rd time here but first time at prix fixe
there were four of us tonight

course 1 ok, trout roe with frozen horseradish cream
course 2 two left uneaten, foie gras with granola
course 3 two left uneaten, snails with potato creme
course 4 best course of night, all liked, 3/4 of a scallop each.
course 5 three left uneaten, watery monkfish barely tepid
course 6 three left uneaten, peking duck, so tough and boring just terrible, corn cream decent
course 7 four left uneaten, again granola and God knows what

So $450 later we could have stopped at Popeyes and done far better.
Other two times here it was very interesting and unusual, not this time.

Brie: Cheese of the Month (November 2014)

Raveneau, my heart is fluttering

Aug 16, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Brie: Cheese of the Month (November 2014)

Hope your Joguet La Cure '02 is holding up. l still have a case or so of Joguet Varennes '05 that is perfect.

Aug 15, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Pleasing a foodie and a non-foodie in Manhattan

Was at Balthazar on Saturday evening.
Perfect table
Perfect service
Cotes de boeuf is back and it rocked.

Marai corn


Marai corn

Now that l have commandeered this thread with my experiences. Let the party continue.
For the last week they have offered a rare hybrid of lima bean and tonight l made succotash with their corn and limas, oh my, oh my
The beans will be there for a few weeks, get there and try them.
After boosting my purchases to over $200 in the last three weeks, l was awarded a pair of Pete's Produce tee-shirts. l am humbled and honored. Regretfully if my purchasing behavior continues l might have to return to the work force. My lover says their bread and butter pickles are worth the trip alone.

Taking a break from "new American" "French tavern" & "farm to table"

E Mei or Shanghai 1 would IMVHO be better that Han Dynasty, especially as Chestnut St branch is no longer BYOB.
l would not risk my dice at Nom Wah.

Taking a break from "new American" "French tavern" & "farm to table"

Dumplings were terrible and all else was nothing great by any measure at Nom Wah.

4 Hours in Philly - What to do and where to EAT!

Because it is a question and answer thread, thus neither collapses not can you reply. In other words a royal pain in the butt.

Foods unique to France to buy in Paris?

Yes, in ziplocks, no freezer packs but sure why not. While hard cheeses are fine for TSA, l play it safe and put all, hard, stinky, and soft in checked luggage.

Aug 05, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

Responding to Posts

Is that feature new ?

Aug 05, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Site Talk