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So disappointed: chef left Mainland Inn



Here comes the curmudgeons view. This res was made before the review by Laban.
Spot was bare bones, but homey, staff was very helpful and friendly.
Went for the monkfish for two, not !
They offered 5 apps, 4 mains, and 2 desserts.
We got the celtuce with yoghurt app and the pea and cheddar main for apps, both very pedestrian.
Had the lamb, which was a very tough leg, and the duck breast, which was very fatty and swiss chard, inedible due to saltiness.
No food was hot, most tepid.
We skipped dessert, the noise level made Zeppoli seem like a nunnery.
Following the meal we went to Popeye's at 11th and Girard for dinner.

HELP in Moorestown-Mt Laurel NJ area

Dream Cuisine
AVOID Kunkel's like the plague

Cheese Journeys

Start at a wonderful salon de the , then a cheese shop, a market and a tasting at my apartment of way too many cheeses, wines, and accompaniments

Jun 29, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Cheese Journeys

To toot my horn l give cheese tours and tastings in Paris.

Jun 28, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Best pizza and pasta in Paris

Yikes, the one l use is in the 11th near metro Parmentier

Jun 26, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

What does Brooklyn have to do with Philadelphia ? [moved from Philadelphia board]

In response to those who love Vedge, there is a distant alternative that is not vegan, even cheats on vegetarian with some stocks, and is beyond amazing.
Went last night in Brooklyn after the Sherryfast wine tasting in the West Village.
Place is Semilla, not to be confused with the Parisian restaurant of the same name, just off Williamsburg bridge. Place has @14 seats, serves a chef's choice meal of 8-9 courses for $ 75, has a great odd wine list.
Not one course was a miss ranging from fresh pea falafel, which was truly a wow to a cabbage wrapped rice dish with the most perfectly cooked rice ever, not an easy thing to do.
What l had does not matter as the menu changes often as the supplies do, but the tristar strawberry and beet dessert dish was spectacular.
As said meat was not missed by our party at all.
As a bonus the staff was warm, smart, clever, and very helpful.
This is worth a detour.
l will return soon.

If you've been to Laurel, how did you get a reservation?

Actually got a few resses lately, just going to opentable at midnight 60 days out, no problems.
l think their are two seatings thus the 6 and 8 30 timeframes are the open ones.

Paris Diary - 5/26 - 6/7/15

Glad you loved L'Assiette, one of my faves and l was led there by Ptipois.
When you return there, not if, l hope the dessert you MUST get is their creme caramel, a normal throwaway here defines the dish.

Jun 24, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

Paris Diary - 5/26 - 6/7/15


Jun 24, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

any ideas for smoking something new/unusual?

Be over at 7:30, regretfully sans Veggo

Bon Appetit names Pizzeria Beddia the best in America: agree or disagree?

l am only all about the crust, P Bianco toppings are OK, but for me crust rocks. Phila places like Barbuzzo, Osteria, Pizzeria Vetri and others doe not interest me at all as crust pita like and of not my joy.
Liked him and crust at Beddia but something was missing.
BarryG's post above very much echoes my experience and he put it far better than l could.

Bon Appetit names Pizzeria Beddia the best in America: agree or disagree?

Felt his is like Lucali's in Brooklyn or Pizzeria Napoletana in SFO, but a little less so.
P Bianco is not the same, but even more awesome.

‘Favorite cheeses’

Maroilles, Caryac, Pechagos, and the easiest for you to get-
Red Hawk from Cowgirl Creamery, available at W(t)F. Use it @ 10 days past the use by date and always buy the whole thing not a chunk.

Jun 20, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Best place to get Middle Eastern ingredients in Paris?

Sabah is indeed wonderful. One of my first stopping shops for Iranian raisins, Lebanese cider vinegar, capers, etc.
Great honeys as well,including Attica

Jun 18, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

Le Virtu

l am responding to this here rather than on it's own as it started here.
l went to a Baldino BBQ at Zeppoli.Had no idea what to expect.
There is one table on the back patio per BBQ, there were 8 of us with 17 bottles of wine.
Joey plain went nuts, there were 10-15 courses, with very rare exception all were OMG,really OMG.
Many cold, many grilled seafood, four main courses, three desserts. Here l will say it, it was the best meal of the year and one of the best in my memory. l will do this again if l am lucky enough to get the table.

Book Recommendation

Thanks for this rec, excellent read.

So disappointed: chef left Mainland Inn

You can get some info here
l still have not decided whether to return in a few weeks or not.

Read the last few posts.

Looking for Recommendation for South Philly Italian Restaurants after seeing The Lion King - with KIDS!

What about valet at a hospital ?

Le Virtu

Yes, l am in a party of 8 and do not know how to add you
Call Joey and ask if you come.

What a shock!

Or you are looking at things differently from others.

End of an era at The Farm & Fisherman

OK, here l go again and thought l would pop this thread.
After 2 months in Europe came back to Philadelphia earlier this week. Went to my fave places, Tacconellis, Cafe Soho, Fuji, and here at Farm & Fisherman.
Still rocks my world. Ate less than usual went with two friends and had the beet appetizer, another beet, Chioggia, appetizer as well and mine was the lamb ribs. Cooked to fall off the bone perfection.
Next was an unordered Lawler version of Michel Bras gargouillou.Picked by Josh and his five year old, there were vegetables not often seen this small. Yellow squash under an inch long, haricot vert even smaller, and wonderful greens as well.
Finally for me was the pork rib chop, huge medium rare and luscious served with a plate of my beloved root vegetables including three types of carrots, baby turnips, and potatoes the size of a child's fingertip, yum.
My friends got the two fish options and were very pleased.
Had to skip the beets for my dessert, too full but one chocolate dessert on millefeuille was shared. The chocolate reminded me of the Horn & Hardart upside down chocolate pudding of my youth.
Check before tip for we three was $ 144, come on, almost free.

While the front of the house is not at the level as when Judy Ni was there, understandable as she is unique, everything flowed with no flaws. One of the other longtime servers is leaving at the end of the month. Hopefully they can keep their game continuing for a long time.

Chowhound's Best Restaurants of 2014: Vote Today!

How does one get the results ?

Jun 15, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Features

Reasonably priced date night spots/Sunday Happy Hours in Center City?

Pub & Kitchen would seem to work for your needs.

Escargots in Philly and surrounding area

What l learned when l sold them was that escargot sold without a shell are a different type of creature and if served in shell, most people would not be happy with the vastly different appearance of the new shell.
Was told these were from China and certainly not bad, but different.
OTOH Pierre at Bibou bought burgundy snails without shells all the years at Bibou.
Just back from France and in this trip had snails four times, all served in shells.

Le Virtu

tru dat

Le Virtu

And regretfully for a long time.

Le Virtu

Why not ?
Same board, same audience

Le Virtu

l was aware

Le Virtu

True, but it seems from the execs l know they really keep the places going the way they want them to go.