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Berwyn/Devon(ish) dinner suggestions needed

If you are beer people, Theresa's next door has good burgers and good lite food with an spectacular beer list, hundreds and hundreds.

House champagne at Guy Savoy

While special is excellent, l had the finest whole guinea hen served in two courses shared with another, the wine prices are scary from a superb list. The wine has cost me three times the meal each time in three trips, my bad.
Watch out for the cheese course, they ask when you want it, making it seem that it is part of the special, it is not and adds 40 euros/pp for a just ok cheese course.

Aug 20, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in France

Roscoff & Brest in August

Also thanks for getting back to the board. Hopefully Muscadet mitigated the sullen teenagers by either you or them drinking it.

Aug 20, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in France

Looking for a good dinner spot near Union Transfer (Spring Garden Street)

Bufad, really ?

One weekend in Philly, Center City: Where to dine?

Agree with LaCroix, if you want it, reserve early for prime time 11-1, as fills early.

One weekend in Philly, Center City: Where to dine?

Curious, what did you find at Will that made you a fan ? There was nothing bad when l went but nothing that got me even a little excited.

Two interests in Paris

Bistrot Belhara has a excellent pigeon. My issue with CLAJ, whether palombe or squab is he cooks them bleu, regardless of how it is ordered and that texture is not for me.

Aug 18, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in France

One weekend in Philly, Center City: Where to dine?

l will get my vote in first as no brainer for me, Farm & Fisherman. Research other posts on this site about it.

Any Good Izakaya (居酒屋) in Philadelphia?

OTOH the sushi/sashimi was perfect at Fuji tonight including live uni that rocked. This could have been a result of this time l had an influence in ordering which l did not at Sagami.
The grilled hamachi collar at Sagami was also near life-altering.

Any Good Izakaya (居酒屋) in Philadelphia?

Agree completely, was at Sagami a few weeks ago and Fuji tonight, and that mirrors my thoughts

Not posted, but posted

This seems interesting to me. Posted a comment on #971379 yesterday. On thread shows post, listed as one of five posts.

But neither updated on listing on its board, Philadelphia, my profile, or when using search function, still shows as four posts not five and therefore has not moved up to newer postings. So?

Aug 17, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in Site Talk

End of an era at The Farm & Fisherman

Went yet again to F&F last night with a friend from Southern France. Josh yet again did his wonders with vegetables. We had 6 vegetable courses, mostly one plate each and then we traded with each other. Yes the beet is still amazing, but a local white tomato course was also stunning, both visually and tastewise. Finished with the Ossibau pork chop, split and huge. This time served with a tomato enriched mound of farro, or as they call it emmer wheat. Can never finish it.
My friend thought M Bras in Laguiole, France has nothing on this place.

As stated before, l feel this is one of the best restaurants in the world. There is virtually nowhere l would rather eat. A bold statement but l just looked at my fave restos on my info page and that was my thought. We are very lucky to have this spot in Philadelphia.

The Balkans

Split, Croatia

Loc Bistro-Great location and service could have not been better. My friends roast veal and potatoes was huge and good. My seafood risotto, a special of the day, was huger and ok.
Split, ha ha , a large Greek salad and all ingredients including feta was great. Croatia makes a feta that is closer to Bulgarian feta, creamier and far less salty. Homemade lemonade was just that, you add your own sugar, drank a vat of it. $45/2

No Stress Bistro- In the Diocletian Palace area and recommended by the pension owner, again perfect service.
Had foie gras torchon,interesting, wonderful tomato soup,greek salad, ham/cheese. In big square and was serenaded by excellent violinist the entire meal. $73/2

Kotor, Montenegro-This town was one of finest walled towns ever seen, in perfect condition especially at over 600 years. Stay at Hotel Vardar inside the walls.

Restaurant Scala Santa-Also inside walls. Fine mussels and grilled local octopus. $75/2

Zagreb, Croatia. Due to an injury to my companion we canceled the rest of trip and booked the best hotel in town to wait a week for the plane home. Did the Esplanade Zagreb, lovely old place with all service you could want.

Le Bistro-on hotel complex and wheelchair accessible, had a wonderful onion soup made with beet broth and nicely undersalted with dome of brown bread and nicely melted cheese. Also yet another greek salad, the Caesar salad was not great, and lamb breast. Luckily they had Chimay blue beer, my all-time favorite,and homemade passionfruit ice cream with the seeds, excellent. $84/2
Went back three more times primarily for the strukli, a gigantic blintz boiled then baked and filled with excellent cottage cheese and their sour cream, which is closer to creme fraiche. The strukli, spinach soup at JB in Lubjiana, and the pasta at Toklarija were the three single favorite restaurant dishes of the trip.

Vinodol-Considered the best place in Zagreb, we went for veal cooked under a dome for many hours, must be preordered, and grilled goat, both very good. Had Roxanich Teran and was excellent. Also a sauteed swiss chard with potatoes that was my fave at place. Then the party started, Lidia Bastianich came in with a friend, l spoke to her as knew her from my time in Manhattan, and from then on whatever they brought her, they brought us. It was amazing. Especially a spanokopita thing twice the size of a manhole cover, slices were served. Called sopitaka (sp). The owner spooned a special just made garlic sauce on top and really unusual but very good. Strukli for dessert, not in same league as Esplanade version. It should be noted, strukli can be served as savory with salt on top, or sweet, with sugar on top, did both and far preferred sugar, sort of a sweet kugel.
When tab came, no charge for all the extra stuff and dessert gratis as well. $87/2

It should be noted the fruit in the Balkans is fruit from when we were children. Peaches and plums running juice down your arms while eating. The watermelon has lots of seeds and the center of the watermelon is so sweet with the cotton candy texture of our youth.

Aug 16, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in Europe

The Balkans

Now in Istria, managed to get to the four most recommended places on this board and other articles. It is also interesting we had a local Chowhound make our reservations for us, and no reservations were found at any of the places for us, easy to get ourselves when incountry though.

1/Agritourism Toni-Near Motovun. Was told terrible and difficult drive from small town to smaller town, not. Was well signed and easy to find and get to.Restaurant's theme is all foods grown right on the farm or quite nearby. Toni was a delight and he and his daughter cooked for us.He recommended many things and we tried a lot. Trouble was the food was heavy and very uninteresting. Best part was a plate of local cheeses and charcuterie, well made and yummy. The other pasta dishes, all dishes were served on pasta were somewhat pedestrian. Business is suffering in Istria and all of Croatia, tourism greatly down this year. He even gave us jars of home pickled pickles and peppers $72/2.

2/Kanoba Asterea-Brtlonglia. Started off very wrong. We were given a seat in an otherwise empty restaurant next to the only other occupied table, consisting of two American parents and their very talkative three young children. Food was excellent.
Mushroom soup,not creamed but stocked, rich and packed with mushrooms, porcini.
Black risotto,excellent but a bit salty for me. Also here, meaning Croatia, they do not use small Arborio type rice but normal long grain, thus risottos are not creamy.
Shrimp and asparagus risotto, good yet boring and expensive.
Rib Steak, large, well charred and cooked on big bone, price was $18, had to be 500-600 grams.
Wine was a bottle of Cab Franc from 2007 that was very fine. Attempts to find vineyard went sour and no one knew where is was/is.
Had a good time $90/2

This was the bitch to find, GPS took us through village and glen, on cowpath and worse to eventually get to a town of three houses. No sign on restaurant, had to find a person to show us the place from which we were standing across the street. Set in a beautifully restored 16th C. mill the same family has been here for many decades. Currently the father is the cook and the son is the everything else. On our evening we were the only customers just as at Agritourism Toni. We were given our own lovely room and the meal began. No menu nor hint of what was coming, asked allergies and dislikes though. House only served 4 wines and did it by the glass, one was a Roxanich chardonnay and as Roxanich's other wines, we loved it.

Two cheeses-A homemade ricotta that was just fabulous, creamy full of flavor and not heavily salted as well as a cheese from a farm down the road that was soaked in red wine like a testun a la barolo. With these cheeses came dandelion capers, preserved mushrooms, arugula, and raw bacon. It was so much better than it sounds, maybe we were very hungry after the major schlep to get there, but it this course rocked.

Soup-Bean and vegetable soup, standard but good.

Carpaccio of fresh porcini-with arugula and microplaned grana padano and EVOO. Again this was so much better than it sounded, we ate it like animals, moaning all the while. The mushrooms were lightly blanched and the texture was like velvet.

Pasta with truffles-Yes everywhere here places serve pasta with truffles. They are the summer truffles that look nice but have very little nose. All that said, this was one of three favorite pasta dishes in my life. Homemade fresh tagliatelle with a sauce of oil and who knows what served with over an ounce of sliced and microplaned truffle each.Why so good we do not know but they served in large earthenware bowl and it was all, and there was a lot, completely demolished.

Now we go downhill, next course was told to be suckling pig. Obviously they did not do a pig just for us, the pig was tough, reheated and very salty. Both of us love baby pig and both left 70% of portion on plate.

Final course was a chocolate thing, we looked, we tasted, we left it.

Great service with a tour by the son, father came out to talk as well.Then the horrible ride back, easier on the return as they always are. Worth it for the three wow courses, especially the pasta. $288/2

4/Le Mandrac-The one most looking forward to. Right on harbor a short walk from our hotel in Opatija, all white open space with comfy chairs. Owner talked us out of wine we wished and gave us a white from Ottocenti, Bjeli 2011 and it was just great. A cuvee of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Malvazia. As usual was not enthused by chef's choice menu so went a la carte, perhaps this is where we went wrong. Ordered the black risotto as love it and it was dry as a bone with almost no sepia in it and very oversalted. Carpaccio was ok,as meat cut way too thick in their style, very chewy, very chewy. We also ordered their famous frittata like spaghetti carbonara without the spaghetti. It was pleasant but nowhere near life altering as l had read. For some reason after a 45 minute wait they realized after my prompting they forgot our main courses. We got a check and left. We were very disappointed. If you go in high tourist season, either walk or get a cab, the driving spaces and the parking rival the worst l have ever seen anywhere in the world and l have been to over 80 countries. $92/2

Aug 15, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in Europe

Dinner near Longwood Gardens

No mention yet of Junto in Chadd's Ford, have not been but going next week. Amada alum doing good things according to friends.

The Balkans

Just back from a three week trip to the Balkans. Will list the places we liked and skip the also rans.

JB: in Lubjiana, Slovinia-Started with the best meal of the trip, knew nothing about it but our hotel concierge recommended it. Is/was in Pellegrino top resto list.
Allowed us to each have one of their multicourse tastings, thus we were able to try a total of 20 dishes without repetition. Pictures will follow with full course descriptions but memories of fois gras ravioli and a spinach soup will linger for a long time. They did something with the wine service never seen before, if a bottle was $50 and you drank by glasses 1/3 you would pay /16. What a great deal and great concept. Each new bottle, of which we had four, was opened for us and the same formula prevailed.
We were there for almost 4 hours and loved every second. This place has been added to my best resto list on my Chowhound profile. $272/2

Okarina: Lake Bled, Slovinia-Great service, food was ok, nothing special at any level. $91/2

Celestine Pizza-Trieste-Italy, recommended by the owner of our super hotel, Forvm Boutique, and wonderful pizza. Place bustling, fun, and great people watching and entertainment. $65/2

Kantinon,-Rovinj, Croatia, Food quite good but the sommelier here was great, leading us to wines by the glass from any bottles we wished. Leading vineyards as Roxanovich and Kabola.
Fish stew had a tomato sauce to die for and the black orzo with sepia ink was really barley. $82/2

Aug 14, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in Europe

Paris restaurant for good choucroute? Best duck confit?

Chez Jenny at Republique metro has a good choucroute.

Aug 14, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in France


Sorry the crystalline iceplant was not on the carte, it was amazing.

Aug 14, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in France

L'Arpége or Pierre Gagnaire?

My sentiments exactly

Aug 14, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in France

Crow & the Pitcher

Boy, could she not live with me. For a variety of reasons, l suspect

Options near Forrest Theater

Count me as a non Barbuzzo lover, not hate just don't see the love.

Options near Forrest Theater

Agree with you on Kanella as so-so, l am the F&F booster on this board and have trouble having anyone do vegetables as well as they do anywhere. Will be there again on the 15th.
Was at Petruce et All twice and was wowed by how inventive and good the food was. Tim, the sommelier and the Et All, is super as well.

The decline of the Italian Hoagie

No, they charge extra for SWEET peppers, hot always free and as much as you want.
Last time in they skipped the charge as l know the waitress, but this is new and the explanation left me puzzled, do not even remember it.

The decline of the Italian Hoagie

Funny was at Whitehouse about three weeks ago and it was PERFECT. Whatever was wrong a few years ago has been corrected.

Transporting wine and spirits in car for 6 hours

In areas where climate, too hot or too cold, is an issue many importers/distributors have reefers in ships or trucks to deal with this.
Many stores or vineyards will not ship in extreme weather or require one day shipping.

Aug 10, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in Wine

Crow & the Pitcher

Thanks for your report.
If their cheese guy told you Red Leicester is a washed-rind cheese he (she) was doing a disservice. Usually has a heavy fat feel, but generally quite mild as is a pressed style product. Bitterness may reflect a product too long in the tooth, Le Bec's ironlung cheese cart notwithstanding.

Parmesan without the rind

If this store has been selling parm without rind and has now decided not to do this it may be an experienced supervisor finally noted the practice and said WTF.
When l helped the cheese depts of two W(t)Fs, l trained neophytes how to breakdown wheels of parm so most portions would get rind on one side only.
I also told customers to look for noses, the front and center part of an eighth or quarter as they had a smaller percentage of rind. I also made sure no pieces had no rind as that would be unfair to the other customers. If a piece broke while cutting it, we would sell the rind for soup and grate the cheese for sale that way for same reason. We would never sell a piece rindless as we paid for the rind and thus so should the customer.

Buying foie gras d'oie in Paris but not at Fauchon???

For about 10-15 € Cluizel has a chocolate colored insulated
large picnic bag that makes a super gift, do not miss it.

Aug 08, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in France

Buying foie gras d'oie in Paris but not at Fauchon???

Agree on P Roger, even his milk chocolate bar is stunning.

Aug 08, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in France

Chateauneuf-du-Pape - Tavel - Gigondas, Wine Tasting Sept 2014

Guess there are more makers of similar products now, although a vin doux natural, it is not the rancio version done by M-B. Had one purchased at Astor in Manhattan from a producer with whom l was not familiar a few years back and l did not like it.
They will last many decades.
When l go to Berns Steakhouse in Tampa, l drink the Masson-Bressy there from the 70's and is wonderful.
They make it from either white or red grenache. I far prefer the white grenache version.

Aug 07, 2014
Delucacheesemonger in France