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Places to eat near Swarthmore College?

At a first thought, Charlie's Hamburgers in Folsom has been there forever and has decent burgers as well as kitchey environment.
Secondly, DiCostanza's hoagies on route 452 just east of exit #2 on Route 95
Lastly, while in Delaware only a few minutes more is Claymont Steaks in Claymont, De three blocks off first exit of 495

Dinner off the 95 between Princeton and Central Philadelphia?

Halo's Butter Pecan is indeed perfect and 3 pints for $6

Barbecue in the (western) 'burbs?

Thought Jimmy's was far less then OK

Tasting menus and other no-choice restaurants: why the praise?

After my ranting and raving about no more for me in chef's choice, tonight went to Rogue 24 in D.C.
Oh boy, did it rock, every single of the 24 courses, every single of the 7 pairing fruit non alcoholic cocktails,every interaction with Cooper and his superb staff, everything, just everything.
Thus there are exceptions to the rule due to the chef's skill in keeping ingredients not normally loved by me so interesting that you had to love them.

Acceptable Behavior ?

Just realized this couple has done it before, l am done.

South Philly April

Was at 4505 the next day and was super as well.

Acceptable Behavior ?

They ate with us as well.

South Philly April

Wish l could give you a brunch place half as good as NOPA on Divisadero was last weekend, but not here.

Acceptable Behavior ?

With them 4-5 times for meals, not happened before

Acceptable Behavior ?

l have corrected OP again. Hope understandable now.

Acceptable Behavior ?

Corrected original post, two couples arrived 5 minutes late, 5 minutes really.

Asian resto thus not really apps or mains, adult beverages and three items had been ordered.

Acceptable Behavior ?

We were too amazed to ask and no reason was offered.

Acceptable Behavior ?

Was at dinner for three couples last week. Two couples, including me, came together and arrived at the restaurant about 5 minutes after the agreed upon time. When we arrived we found the third couple had arrived early, had ordered, and were chowing down.
Is this appropriate behavior ? Should this be considered rude ?
Yes, the check was split evenly though not a major concern of all of us.

South Philly April

That 'bar' l assume is Nick's at 20th and Jackson, for me as good as it gets.

So. Chester County -- Moving

Sounds like my wine groups.
Sunday was Farm & Fisherman, 8 people, 14 bottles

Next Tuesday is Mainland Inn, 12 people, @ 22 bottles

Netcost coming to the far northeast

Used to have very inexpensive and wonderful smoked sturgeon.

Beeler Alp Drackloch

Nice seeing you again at the cheese event at Fork in Philadelphia a few weeks ago.
Cheeses selected, not by you but by resto, were pretty forgettable , however.

Mar 23, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Center City Restaurants?

About three blocks away is Petruce et all. Very interesting place with many small dishes on menu.

Where can I find an Original 'Old School' Italian Hoagies?

They said the seeded roll was Liscio's as well, just the reason l no longer go to the center city Primo's

Where can I find an Original 'Old School' Italian Hoagies?

For old times' sake l had a Lee's Hoagie from their store in Bala-Cynwyd on Rock Hill Road. l asked what bread they used and after being told Liscio's l was not surprised with the result.

Arrived home 20 minutes later, opened the package and it was so wet, the bread fell apart like wet Kleenex. Tossed the sandwich, what a mess.

Cheese rind - to eat or not?

Congratulations on your first post.
Please note you have revived an eleven year old post
that is the current chowhound record.

Mar 13, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Mimolette on Lockdown in US

Bought a chunk in NJ 5 months ago

Mar 10, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Cowgirl Creamery

A plastic bag thing size of a Dopp kit, used for carrying dairy, eg: butter/cheese. Dense plastic and opaque

Mar 08, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

what's the best brand of marmelade (orange or other)?

Actually Tiptree Tawny is damn close

what's the best brand of marmelade (orange or other)?

Still in my larder is an old jar of vintage, back when they listed a year on the jar, dated 1965.
For me, the coarser the cut the better.

Cowgirl Creamery

Was at Marin Farmer's Market this AM, has Red Hawk on sale at 16 per
Also got Cowgirl Creamery, zipped cheese carrying case.

Mar 08, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Brittany lodging and restaurant reccs for 5-6 day driving itinerary in late Oct

Excellent thoughts so far, but here are a few more based on your itinerary.

Cancale: Les Rimains, Olivier Roellinger's family home provided me with perhaps the best night ever spent in a hotel. IIRC it opens @ 10/15. From there go to early morning oyster market, bring back a bunch of huitres sauvage and an opener and eat your fill in your private garden staring at Mont St Michel.

Mont St Michel: Le Mere (Merde) Poularde does the hideously puffy omelet you seek, but absurdly expensive and reeks of bad tourism. When in the Mont last, the family owned every food thing on the rock,

Quimper:While Chez Jacky cannot be faulted, it is an hour from Quimper. A must for me as a collector was the Quimper faience factory. They have unique pieces l still treasure after many years.

Pont Aven: One of my favorite villages for the restaurant Le Taupiniere alone. Their version of langostines and pre-sale lamb is seared into my memory.
The art in the village is wonderful as well.

Mar 05, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

Updates on Mainland Inn?

Growing up in East Oak Lane, it and Tremont Inn in Lansdale were my splurge restos.

Tasting menus and other no-choice restaurants: why the praise?

For you perhaps, but if chef's choice with no other options, l opt out.

In Philadelphia a highly rated Top Chef winner has just changed to chef's choice only. The clamor for reservations when it opened with normal options was extreme and a very tough ticket. When there before the change l got a chef's choice as with group and others planned, no desire to do it again as was too much food for me.

My reason for the changes and there have been 6 in the last month in Philadelphia alone is a restauranteur has a Sat res for 8:00 for a two-top. People come in have two apps each and a glass of wine, a check of $ 70. The place had expected a full meal and a check of $ 200-250 with app, main, dessert, coffee, adult beverage.
This dollar differential might be the difference between profitability and not, thus the chef/owner/investor guarantees his price point before the meal happens.

Tasting menus and other no-choice restaurants: why the praise?

Forgive me for attempting to clarify what you posted.
l believe Steve's point, which is the same view as mine, is that while dining with friends and engaging waitstaff is more than enough entertainment for a meal, having the food and it's plating and pomp being the entertainment is not what we are looking for.
Others might and places like El Bulli did it excellently. But after three visits to El Bulli and a few to Alinea, l realized that ' food theater ' was not what l was seeking in a restaurant.