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Oak Lane Diner

Was brought up 200 yards away, many burgers and apple dumplings

about 14 hours ago
Delucacheesemonger in Philadelphia

Top 5 of the past 5

Same guy, different city.
Good for you

"Crumbling" Gorgonzola dolce

if you want the texture softer, heat with a little bit of cream/milk for a sauce type product
You could also use a potato ricer or a wand mixer.

Jan 27, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar - New at Red Rock, and for now perhaps the most interesting dining in Summerlin

Back to topic guys,
Was at Hearthstone Sunday brunch at a light week for Sin City tourist- wise.
We were there, 8 of us, at 1-3:30 and would say place was @ half filled for that period.
One of the group preordered the 20 lb suckling pig and we were also served a ton of other stuff.
Charcuterie plate- excellent meats and cheeses l rarely expect in restos and even less so in LV were in perfect condition.

Quinoa salad- not a quinoa fan but so much arugula, apples, and cheese hardly noticed the quinoa

Yogurt blackberry toast- yogurt was great, greek, thick, the blackberry jam was homemade as were all pickled things and apple butter served.
Like Yardbird these guys are making and serving great pickled things.

Poutine- yes, made with curds, but no brown gravy, yay, smashed potatoes that had been cooked under the rotisserie, french style and catching the drippings, excellent.

Spinach boat-cheesey spinach boat in dough that looked like a Georgian khachapouri. Very well done.

THE PIG- Have had many whole pigs in this country, last at Amada in Philadelphia and this one was the bomb, no excessive salt, crispy skin, a ton of meat. l witnessed the carving and after all was removed selected my portion the neck bone area and it so was wonderful, and monumental in size as well.

Skipped adult beverages and desserts as all were stuffed with a lot more to go home with.

Jan 26, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Las Vegas

Move over Ronalds - Ace Donuts just upped the ante for the west side of Las Vegas

Went this morning
Got a selection of:

cronut- perfect glaze, nice size, a bit dense

Bear claw-HUGE, wellmade, not too, too sweet, apple filling did not thrill me, was not expecting it.

Blueberry fritter, small- Just perfect in every way, snap to exterior, equal excellent glaze, a winner

Apple fritter, large- Again perfect, fritter lost nothing in larger size, in fact the variations in texture were wonderful.

Place is a winner, total cost for these 4 items was $ 10+

Jan 26, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Las Vegas

Costco or BJ's membership?

Costco for the prime meat alone.

Jan 25, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Chains

Cheese pairings for some honey I bought

Find it difficult that in Westchester you cannot get most of what you want but that notwithstanding, a blue with power is perfect for honey, Picos de Europa or Valdeon from Asturias Spain should be available at W(t)F, and great match.

Works with dry cheeses but if delicate cheese, honey may overpower it. Taste honey first, match strong with strong, etc. Older pecorino works well as well.

Assume you are using Mitica brand as the cheeses recommended are Mitica cheeses.

For wine, try a fortified as a sherry dry or sweet or a french vin doux natural.

Jan 21, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Restaurant Bucket List

Was at Zeppoli Sunday and indeed it rocked.
Can no longer get around the excessive salt used at Zahav.

Restaurant Bucket List

None of my three are considered 'fine dining' but are quintessential Philadelphia.

Nick's Roast Beef at 20th and Jackson, was there Saturday
Chickie's Hoagies at 10th and Federal, was there Wednesday
Tacconelli's at 2604 E Somerset, there tonight

Anyone use Netflix?

Add, even better than the excellent

Quiet, Lunch, Center City or Nearby Parkiing

Wed-Sat Le Cheri seems perfect

Help pls w/this Sunday night, walkable to Denfert-Rochereau, don't want to make reservations,

Both Kigawa and L'Assiette are on Rue du Chateau, easy walking distance.
Whether availability is easy on a Sunday night is more dicey.
Both are listed on La Fourchette, the french Open Table, thus you could check just before going.

Jan 13, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

8 yr old at Michelin 3*

Last time at LGV, the cheese is brought on a plate. The cart was noticeably absent.

Jan 13, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

a. kitchen

When you, the restaurant, sign up with Open Table, you pay a dollar for each reservation, whether done on line, by phone, or written letter. Makes no difference.
l use it whenever l can unless there is some sort of special request l feel more comfortable making by mail.

What happened to Kelchner's?

Very simple, Heinz chili sauce, little Worchestershire sauce, and as much horseradish as l can stand.

Best cottage cheese? I vote for Friendship (no salt added)

Cannot get any cheese even close here, so when there ate it @ 20 times, just love it.
My favorite restaurant dish of last year

Jan 09, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Best cottage cheese? I vote for Friendship (no salt added)

The reason Croatia's is so good is that it is full 4% milk and has sour cream blended in. This is what is used to make Strulki, the finest blintz there is.

Jan 09, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

What happened to Kelchner's?

Thank Goodness, thought post was about the horseradish, which l use to make my own cocktail sauce.

What happened to Kelchner's?

You have just ruined my day.
When worked at D&D, carried Kelchner's by my purchase as the
'best' horseradish there was.

Philadelphia Mag.-Top 50

If you like brussel sprout dishes l had one at Pub & Kitchen last week that was the bomb.

New Year's Disaster at Mica Chestnut Hill

My error, when l was there it was a BYOB

New Year's Disaster at Mica Chestnut Hill

Remember it is BYOB, so the wine cost was the OP's not Mica's

How to Cut a Commercial Sized Parmesan Cheese Wheel

Where l used to work we would do one or two a day.
We always did them rustic style, no wires, just chunky all the way.

Jan 05, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Paris -- staying in the 9th for two weeks November

Just noticed Penja peppercorns are from Cameroon and sold in the states by Kalustyans in Manhattan as Enja

Jan 02, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France


Another vote for NY Bagels, l still drive out from CC for them and my fave vegetable spread.
l never was a fan of H&H as too bready.

Tal's in NY still good for me.

what's the best brand of marmelade (orange or other)?

Take a look at Japanese yuzu marmalade imported by WA imports in Illinois, truly awesome.

Favorite Restaurant Dishes 2014

Here is my list, was an excellent year.
The following are in no particular order except for first one which l ate four times in the week in Zagreb.
Please add your lists.

Strulki- Bistrot Esplanade, Zagreb, Croatia

Passionfruit Sorbet-Christian Constant, Paris, France

Raie aux capres- Chez Denise, Paris, France

Cotes du Boeuf- L'Ami Louis, Paris, France

Pork Belly- L'Assiette, Paris, France

Steamed dirty Crabs- Mr Bill's Terrace, Essex, Maryland, USA

Sushi/Sashimi Omakase- Shunji, Los Angeles, California, USA

Bloody Beet Steak- Farm & Fisherman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Spinach Soup- JB's, Lubjiana, Slovenia

Tagliatelle with Truffles- Toklarija, Buzet, Istria, Croatia

Bean Sprouts Alfredo- Porte 12, Paris, France

salt baked squid

Nice to see this thread bumped up.
LHF has improved dramatically and l am back to once or twice a month now.
Has the SB scallops a few nights ago and they were perfect.

Trying to send someone a bottle of champagne

Glad they are still lovely people.

Shanghai 1: Another Soup Dumplings (XLB) Restaurant in Philly Chinatown

Was in Manhattan for Christmas with asian friends, we had many great soup dumplings.
Plan on Din Tai Fung in California next month.