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Brittany lodging and restaurant reccs for 5-6 day driving itinerary in late Oct

Excellent thoughts so far, but here are a few more based on your itinerary.

Cancale: Les Rimains, Olivier Roellinger's family home provided me with perhaps the best night ever spent in a hotel. IIRC it opens @ 10/15. From there go to early morning oyster market, bring back a bunch of huitres sauvage and an opener and eat your fill in your private garden staring at Mont St Michel.

Mont St Michel: Le Mere (Merde) Poularde does the hideously puffy omelet you seek, but absurdly expensive and reeks of bad tourism. When in the Mont last, the family owned every food thing on the rock,

Quimper:While Chez Jacky cannot be faulted, it is an hour from Quimper. A must for me as a collector was the Quimper faience factory. They have unique pieces l still treasure after many years.

Pont Aven: One of my favorite villages for the restaurant Le Taupiniere alone. Their version of langostines and pre-sale lamb is seared into my memory.
The art in the village is wonderful as well.

about 4 hours ago
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Updates on Mainland Inn?

Growing up in East Oak Lane, it and Tremont Inn in Lansdale were my splurge restos.

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Delucacheesemonger in Philadelphia

Tasting menus and other no-choice restaurants: why the praise?

For you perhaps, but if chef's choice with no other options, l opt out.

In Philadelphia a highly rated Top Chef winner has just changed to chef's choice only. The clamor for reservations when it opened with normal options was extreme and a very tough ticket. When there before the change l got a chef's choice as with group and others planned, no desire to do it again as was too much food for me.

My reason for the changes and there have been 6 in the last month in Philadelphia alone is a restauranteur has a Sat res for 8:00 for a two-top. People come in have two apps each and a glass of wine, a check of $ 70. The place had expected a full meal and a check of $ 200-250 with app, main, dessert, coffee, adult beverage.
This dollar differential might be the difference between profitability and not, thus the chef/owner/investor guarantees his price point before the meal happens.

Tasting menus and other no-choice restaurants: why the praise?

Forgive me for attempting to clarify what you posted.
l believe Steve's point, which is the same view as mine, is that while dining with friends and engaging waitstaff is more than enough entertainment for a meal, having the food and it's plating and pomp being the entertainment is not what we are looking for.
Others might and places like El Bulli did it excellently. But after three visits to El Bulli and a few to Alinea, l realized that ' food theater ' was not what l was seeking in a restaurant.

Paris -- staying in the 9th for two weeks November

Thanks for the mention of these peppercorns, bought and used them. Not overly hot, but very peppery and flavorful.

Mar 03, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

Cowgirl Creamery

CC at Ferry Station in SFO sells chunks as well as many W(t)F's

Mar 02, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Regional snacks for gifts?

Just bought a case of Baumann's no sugar added apple butter. Have been using since 10 years old, no changes, just perfect.

Bibou reboot

Understand their point completely as no one can come in on a Sat night at 8 PM and eat two apps and a glass of wine and walk out for 50 when resto is expecting 180.
But for me being menucentric often do not like many items on menu, if the chef's choice has choices in categories, far more acceptable for me.
Will see how Pierre will do it. Was out last night with a couple who have been going every Thursday since Bibou opened and they said they intend to continue with new program to see if works.
l intend to try and see how it works as well.

Cowgirl Creamery

If buying CC at W(t)F, do remember get the whole cheese, Mt Tam, Redhawk, or whatever as they put them out very unripe and product should be eaten a week or two past expiration date.
Thus if you buy a cut chunk it will never ripen.

Mar 01, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Cheese

Bibou reboot

Regretfully they have lost me as well, not for the cost but for the chef's choice menu only.

Updates on Mainland Inn?

Going to a wine dinner with about 12 of us, we will see, unfortunately for you guys it will be at end of March, so indeed a month to wait for report.

NY Dim Sum [moved from Philadelphia board]

For Christmas went with a bunch to Golden Unicorn at 18 E. Broadway.
If going on a weekend at a busy time there might be a wait.
On Christmas, it was a zoo.
BTW, of our group 5 out of 6 were mainland Chinese and Taiwanese and they approved highly and had been here many times before.

Feb 25, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Manhattan

Please help figure out foodie destinations in France (take 2)!

Only because in all these threads it has not been mentioned,

Lille is 45 minutes away by TGV and some wonderful cheese shops, Meilleurs de France places, great bakeries and excellent restaurants.
The old city is charming and your food selections will be very varied as well.

Ok,OK l love St Malo and Cancale as well.

Books, Mostly About Food, Food, Delicious Food in Paris and Brussels

Patricia Wells,'Food Lovers Guide to Paris', now has a new 2014 edition.
Roy Andries de Groot's books on rural France are a wonderful read
My all time fave is Joseph Wechsberg, 'Blue Trout and Black Truffles'
Great cheese book, 'French Cheeses ', by Eyewitness books

Feb 25, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

Updates on Mainland Inn?

Going next month, will report back.

Best Italian Bakery in Tampa area?

In Florida a good drive is almost expected to get close to what you want.

Feb 23, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in Florida

Short trip review (including too much roast pork)

Regarding DiNic's, next time get the pulled pork not the sliced pork.
Different cooking method and if ordered wet,wet,wet comes with great seasoned gravy ( sauce ).
Agree essentially with all your experiences, especially Osteria and Sang Kee.


Thanks for this, my only comparison was a thread in France at a place where l ate had a special check for English speaking diners that states 'Service not Included'.
This is illegal in France and again STAMPED on English speaking checks only. Practice now discontinued.

Carrot Cake

No, and thank you

Carrot Cake

You might want to read the ingredients in the one served at both Famous 4th St and Hymies in Merion.
Believe the same cake and is a chemical wonder

Omikase Dinner: Fuji

No it was mackerel, just tasted better than mackerel generally does.
Was at bar on far right with an Asian friend.

Are you a food hoarder ?

Jarred and Canned tuna as well as sardines is not considered hoarding, it is known as aging.
Have a bunch of sardines l dutifully turn every three months. {8>)

Omikase Dinner: Fuji

l was at the sushi bar last night and had an awesome time as well.
l do not love cooked Japanese stuff, so always just get sashimi and sushi
The selection chosen by Jesse was wonderful, more than $ 60 but lots of strange and pricey fish was included. His hamachi, hamachi belly, and albacore were truly memorable.
Was the warm mackerel course served with a yuzu scrape over the top in 5 slices for the two of you ? l did have that and was wonderful, did not realize it was mackerel.

Szechuan reviews: Four Rivers and E Mei from Philly Chinatown

Had it at Shanghai 1 and Szechuan House

Szechuan reviews: Four Rivers and E Mei from Philly Chinatown

If in Phila, Shanghai 1 on N 10th St next to Penang has a intestine and blood cake dish that was excellent.

Knives for a Paris rental kitchen

Never oil them either, seems to be no need.
My Opinel # 12 l bought used a few decades ago and still perfect.

Feb 17, 2015
Delucacheesemonger in France

What can i substitute for gruyere?

l am on their side, cannot call sparkling wine here Champagne and many others due to not the region of protected manufacture.

Szechuan reviews: Four Rivers and E Mei from Philly Chinatown

All l know is when they went, l was not there, they came home shaking their heads, and they are all in the industry.
Another BTW, went with the parents of one of the woman recently in L.A. area to Dai Tin Fung, oh boy did that rock

Szechuan reviews: Four Rivers and E Mei from Philly Chinatown

My Taiwanese GF and her friends laughed heartily at that review as Laban apparently has very little knowledge of Taiwanese cuisine.

Szechuan reviews: Four Rivers and E Mei from Philly Chinatown

IMVHO, Szechuan House is far better in authenticity than Shanghai Bun foodwise .
The staff and servers at Shanghai Bun OTOH are far nicer than those at Szechuan House.