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I Know the Hamburger Thing In SF Has Been Done To Death

I agree completely. I was a vegetarian for 3 years. I recently broke down and had a burger at street. There's no turning back now.

Best Dim Sum In SF

I've been to both Yang Sing and South Sea Seafood Village in the inner sunset. While Yang Sing is someplace I can feel comfortable taking my parents too, South Sea Seafood Village is were me and my close Chinese friends go. Both are really good, but they're very different environments.

List of good creme brulee places in the city

I am a creme brulee junkie. And I love me some vanilla creme brulee. It seems there are plenty of restaurants that have their variation on this dish, but I've yet to fine a place that serves a really amazing vanilla creme brulee.

There was one cafe in Union Square that I had a really tasty grand mariner creme brulee at, but this was in 2004, and I can't remember what the cafe was called.