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good places to eat in Oxford, MD?

any recommendations for tasty joints?

Apr 30, 2007
bardo in Mid-Atlantic

good eats in Easton?

will be heading to the Eastern shore in about two weeks. trying to figure out where to go based on food.

I've been to Tilghmans and St. Michaels and was not overly impressed with either.
I love the beach and nature. my girlfriend also wouldn't mind doing a little shopping.

I recall Easton having some good places for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Aside from the Inn at Easton, what other joints would you recommend?

what other areas would you recommend we check out? we will be driving from Bethesda and don't want to drive more than two hours.

is Rock Hall worth checking out? any good eats there?


Asheville breakfast joints

Hey, there.

looking for tasty breakfast joints in Asheville that start serving as early as 7 (or possibly 7:30 am). I heard Early Girl is one. looking for others. thanks in advance.


Apr 24, 2007
bardo in General South Archive

Ashville - favorite breakfast and dinner joints?

awesome. thanks everyone. I'm sure my mom will be enjoying your suggestions.

Apr 18, 2007
bardo in General South Archive

Ashville - favorite breakfast and dinner joints?

my mom is heading to Ashville for a conference and wanted me to do some "homework" and find her good eats in Ashville. Chowhound has done me right before, I'm hoping it will do the trick again.

So far, I have come across the following:
Market Place
Tupelo Honey
Southside Cafe
Sunny Point
The Over Easy

what do you think of those for breakfast or dinner?
what are some joints that should not be missed?


Apr 17, 2007
bardo in General South Archive

glatt kosher in DC or Rockville?

an anyone recommend a really tasty glatt kosher joint in DC, Bethesda or Rockville?
the only place I know is Eli's in Dupont.