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Have You Seen a Panini Press/Foreman Type Grill - Without Non-Stick?

Did you ever find a non, non-stick panini grill?

Dec 05, 2010
jmwicks in Cookware

Twin Cities Tasting Menus

This is exactly what I was thinking. Done and done. Thanks.

Jan 13, 2010
jmwicks in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Twin Cities Tasting Menus

I am celebrating my 30th this weekend and would like to go out for a great tasting menu.

I know there is La Belle Vie or Chambers, but I want to do something a little more niche. I don't care how much we spend and would like to do several courses.

Any suggestions?

Jan 13, 2010
jmwicks in Minneapolis-St. Paul

St Paul-lunch for group

I recently had a great meal at Il Vesco Vino on w. 7th near Xcel Energy. The prices are good and the food is Italian which usually accommodates most palettes.

Another great option with an affordable spread of offerings is LoTo.

Ingredients Needed (Twin Cities)

Thanks for you help. I will let you know what I find.

Restaurants with large private party room? [MSP]

Jax Cafe is a great place to host this event. They have large banquet rooms upstairs and eating and renting is pretty affordable compared to most joints around the Twin Cities.

ps, I used to do catering there and they are great about accommodating your needs.

Ingredients Needed (Twin Cities)

Yes this is for my Caribbean dessert which I will be serving on Saturday and am gathering the final touches. I need a beverage pairing and hoped to do Jamaican coffee w/Tia Maria.

I did call the TropicWorld Foods market, but it does not seem that they have many fresh ingredients. They don't carry the coffee, but suggested that I substitute with instant Puerto Rican coffee as it is much cheaper. I would prefer to have fresh delicious ingredients.

I also did swing by there last Sunday (they were closed) and peeped in the windows. The place looks pretty disheveled and the products that I could see looked pretty aged.

I tried the Wedge this afternoon, but am afraid that I will have to make the trek to Whole Paycheck or Byerly's to see if I can find anything.

Ingredients Needed (Twin Cities)

Where can I find:
Passion Fruit Nectar (pure passion fruit - nothing else)
Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
Tia Maria

Anglophone Caribbean Dessert (Twin Cities)

I am charged with the task of creating a dessert inspired by or coming from the Anglophone Caribbean (
Does anyone ...

1. know where I can get a soursop fruit, tamarind juice or frozen tamarind, hibiscus juice in the twin cities?

2. have any additional suggestions for dessert options?

I am planning to make a sorbet/ice cream sampler using ingredients from the area, but would love to hear if anyone knows of any really great desserts from this area.

Lunch Near the Museum of the American Indian in Washington

Thanks everyone for your ideas. I just wanted to drop a note and say that we actually went to this cafeteria today based on all the comments and it was really really excellent. The only thing I would say is that we went really hungry and were slightly overwhelmed because everything looked so good, but once we weeded through the large selection and picked our lunch items we were thoroughly impressed.

I had the chicken tamal with red corn salad and squash escabeche and fry bread with honey and sugar for desert. My husband ordered the buffalo chili Indian taco with corn bread and our BFF had the buffalo shank (a healthy portion) with fry bread.

Highly highly recommended for tourists on the Mall Museum strip.

Newcomers needing Dining Tips

My husband and I will be headed to Boston for an extended weekend. We have never been and need advise on where to eat. We are staying in Back Bay. We love pretty much everything (esp. sushi) and need suggestions for all meals. We are trying to stay budget focused, but don't want to skimp on the most important part, being the food. Anything local, organic is always a plus. Any advise would be great.

Oct 29, 2007
jmwicks in Greater Boston Area

Korean Restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul

I have a Korean aunt who is moving to Minneapolis and is looking for good Korean food. Please help.