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Asian Green--what is this?

sounds like amaranth to me

Aug 13, 2015
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Soft Shell Crab Whales- Anyone Seen?

Father's day weekend I called Browne Trading Company in Portland who supplies many of our Boston restaurants with caviar, and they weren't getting any as the "season is over". since I was told at Whole Foods Southie that they had 50 come in and go out the day before, I then went to Harbor Foods in Portland who had some whales but of the 20 or so in case 10 were shelling up or Leathery as others described it. I think the season may extend till September but they are dependent on water temperature and weather.

Jul 01, 2015
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Soft Shell Crab Whales- Anyone Seen?

it is the end of season. We had them a week ago Sunday and they were starting to shell up... frozen probably still available

Jun 29, 2015
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

GOOD Low Sodiun Fare (North of Boston)?

Add that mom and i had dinner last night at indian restaurant across from forest hills. They made her rice without salt and grilled her shrimp amd put the sauce on the side. It was perfect.

Apr 20, 2015
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

GOOD Low Sodiun Fare (North of Boston)?

having been through this with my mom after a hospital stay she wanted to go out to eat. We asked for a listing of their salt content. (99 restaurant). Almost fell out of our seats. Every item was over my mom's daily allowance with exception of the plain baked potatoe which was only 800 plus.

After explaining to a wait staff person that we had to have low to now salt we ordered a hamburger. It was so salty upon arrival we knew it had added salt they remade it and it was still so salty (they had added worcestershire sauce!).

While you may understand what ingredients have salt the restaurant staff doesn't always...Soups are just out of the question.

Most smaller chef owned restaurants are more than happy to accommodate.

Apr 18, 2015
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Seeking Kitchen Space for Small Scale Bakery

There are a number of food incubator spaces in boston area. Most recent one to come on line is at Dudley, I think its Pearl Kitchens.

Crop Circle in JP

Check out this web site which appears to be a map of the incubator kitchens available.

Mar 31, 2015
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Maine shrimp season cancelled.

Canceled again for 2014/15. Its very funny that many restaurants still have Maine Shrimp on the menus. Where are they coming from?

Mar 25, 2015
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

restaurants with no kitchen hood

Interesting conversation. I agree about the fire spression systems and hoods but from there things vary. There are also self circulating hoods with fire supression systems that are designed specifically for the equipment which is under them. Issue on cost is grease ladden exhaust which requires black iron or welded duct. There are also in line grease cleaners which may eliminate taking ducts to roofs. Every situation is so specific its very hard to generalize

Mar 21, 2015
gardgen in Manhattan

Boston restaurant to buyout for a wedding

I have attended wonderful events at Alden Park. It was a seated wedding for at least 125 people. They did nothing more than large candelabras with candles on the tables and draped ivy. The room is lovely. Cocktails were a little more awkward in the Lounge. Food was very good (by the way who goes to weddings for food...serving 125 people plated meals which must all come out in a very short cycle from a catering kitchen rarely works well...)

Oct 29, 2014
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Best Clam Strips and/or Lobster Roll near OOB or Ferry Beach

For lobster roll head up to the lighthouse in south portland park and look for the lobster roll truck. Sit on a picnic bench overlooking the water.

Run of the mill makes a decent roll. Its in downtown saco

Aug 09, 2014
gardgen in Northern New England

Bastille Day 2014

Sandrines in Harvard square and other merchants have had a street festival in previous years dont know this years plans

Jul 07, 2014
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

The Briar Rose-Hyde Park

It is now open for sure.... went by and the signs are up.

May 28, 2014
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

The Briar Rose-Hyde Park

Saw they just this week applied for a take-out license.
Also noticed a sign up that they are open for lunch.

May 13, 2014
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

So... is Speed Dog/Super Dog officially gone?

I sometimes see the truck with a For Sale sign parked in its old spot in New Market.

May 07, 2014
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Recommendations for Inn and Dining for 60th Anniversary Southern Maine

We all live away now and Mom and Dad are having 60th Anniversary. We are looking for someplace where they can drive spend the night and enjoy a lovely meal.

Dad is visually impaired and deaf with hearing aids.. no loud dining rooms. Mom still driving. We have done White Barn Inn in the past.
They really enjoyed it but found the service a little too precious..
Anything within hour or two drive of Portland. Oceanfront with fireplace a plus.

Mar 11, 2014
gardgen in Northern New England

Boston weekend dining with 72 year old parents

You didn't mention when you are coming. If its later in the season some places which I would call crazy loud have summer outdoor dining options. I just traveled in Atlanta with my 88 year old parents. Since when did screaming at your dinner partners become fashionable?

Mar 09, 2014
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Good source for pie?

Hadley House in Roxbury. Had best Sweet Potato and best Pecan I have ever had.

Mar 05, 2014
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Quiet sunday dinner in midtown

Boston visitor here for wedding need quiet place for dinner tonight in midtown (although we do have a car). Traveling with 87 year old parents and dad is deaf. Mid price to cheap eats. We had very good breakfast at flying biscuit thanks to chow hounders. 5 of us for dinner. No steak places please and local specialties a plus.

Feb 23, 2014
gardgen in Atlanta

Let's Talk About Food Festival

Lots of info on about this event which looks to be very interesting with demos and talks by Boston Chefs. October 5th at Copley Square. Its sponsored by Whole Foods. Any one go last year?

Oct 03, 2013
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Small and Low-Key Wedding Reception Ideas for Metro West Boston

You might be too late but you might try the Herb Lycium in Groton. Lovely farm and grounds and food was very good.
Its further out then the places you mention though..

Sep 18, 2013
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Corn on the cob TOO sweet!

Just read "Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health" which has a whole chapter on "Corn how Sweet it is". Talks all about the introduction and breeding of the super sweet corns. I do believe they gave some varieties to purchase which weren't so sweet. BTW this is interesting book on what to buy at the grocery store for more nutrients and what to look for at farmers markets and what might be good choice for the home gardener...

Aug 20, 2013
gardgen in General Topics

Logan Airport Suggestion Needed

with 4.5 hours you have a number of options. I might grab something to eat at the airport (depends on what terminal you come into (Legals has two restaurants at the airport and get a to go bag) and get on the water taxi to Hingham or Hull. or take the water taxi to Rowes Wharf. If its a nice day just riding around could be wonderful. I haven't done it myself Rowes Wharf would get you close to China Town.

Maybe someone else can jump on and tell you what might be near the Hingham/Hull or other stops....

Aug 12, 2013
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

restaurants accommodating large parties without charging huge $$$ for room rental

Kingston station, legal at park, sandrine in cambridge, fairmount grill hyde park, blue room cambridge...

Aug 03, 2013
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Menotomy Grill - Arlington (anyone been?)

Heard they are doing Friends and Family this weekend. Openings usually follow immediately after those.

Jun 05, 2013
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Morels 2013

I found some one year in the mulch along the row houses on Beacon t opposite the Commons. But watch out for doggy do....

Just for those who aren't in the know there is a false morel which is poisonous or will at least make some people sick. Please know what you are picking.

May 08, 2013
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

looking for Tfal Actifry recipes

I just got mine this week. The potatoe crisps are best.
But I too have looked for some other recipes. I am going to try the chick peas. There seems to be alot of recipes on pintrest. did you ever find any really good recipes?

Apr 11, 2013
gardgen in Home Cooking

Where to buy Easter ham?

I serve a very very large crowd for Easter so price is important. Don't laugh but if you are looking for a spiral, I have had good hams from Target for $2.88 pound. (Match's the one from Costco).

Mar 11, 2013
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Enso Sushi - Conveyor Belt Sushi

Anyone Tried it yet?

Feb 21, 2013
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Cheapest bulk produce around?

Price-Rite in Hyde Park on River Street
Good Produce that last for more than a few days at very very low prices. We checked out Costco but the prices didn't even come close.

Jan 03, 2013
gardgen in Greater Boston Area

Help with the Patriots game this Sunday

Save the really great meal for Providence. Go to the Federal Hill area for Italian. This is about the game experience. Go to CBS Zone or experience (I forget what they call it) and have a beer and burger...your son will love it.. There is a nature trail (cranberry bog) near the Bass Pro Shop if you get there early and need to kill some time. The picnic lunch goes well with that theme.

Nov 14, 2012
gardgen in Greater Boston Area