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Anyone tried the new Milagro on Queen West yet?

Missing Coca!
Has anyone had a chance to try the new Milagro on Queen West yet?


Rol San Restaurant - 323 Spadina Ave

There are two different line-ups. Someone in the front usually lets you know if there is room in the back, they will tell you to go to the back. In the back, they will give you a number. But its not very organised especially after 12pm it gets so busy - sometimes there is no one to greet you and give you any info. If there is a long line up in front, I often just go myself to the back and see how that line-up is.

Rol San used to be my favourite place to go - I liked ordering from the sheet instead of waiting for carts to come by - the food is always fresh and hot. I used to make sure to go before the 12pm rush. But because of the weird line-ups and the price (yes I totally agree it is more expensive than other places) I now prefer Forestview on Dundas.

My Recs for Take Away Sushi places

Great list! Its hard to find good value sushi in south Scarborough around Eglinton, any more recommendations there?

I always get take away from Sapporo Ichiban, great value for the party platters.

J-town they also have discounted bento boxes and cooked fish in the fish area after 5-6pm. They close at 7pm.

Indus Junction

oh yes - the crowd is typical queen st. 20-40 yrs. Out of habit, I usually call before to reserve a table, but when we get there, its pretty quiet. Never seen a line up.

Indus Junction

I've eaten at Indus Junction several times since its in my neighborhood. Reason why I always go back is the prices are pretty decent. The portions do look small when they arrive, but once you start getting into it, its REALLY filling. For us two, we usually order two entree items to share and 1 appetizer, 2 naans and we're stuffed. I really enjoy the lamb chops and the salmon curry. Stay away from the cocktails, stick with the beer and lassi!

Paella in Madrid or Barcelona?


We wandered around the various Paella options around the beach area of Barceloneta. Initially I really wanted to sit outside, however the restaurants with tables outside, the hosts were incredibly snooty, there were definitely tables available but insisted that we could only be seated in 45 minutes. We decided to forego the beach view (and blowing sand) and eat at Can Ros - we were quite early so we got a table easily.

We were very happy with this decision. It was near the end of our trip, so we decided to just go for it and ordered the deluxe Fisherman's paella platter and the grilled calamari. It was FANTASTIC! I preferred the paella here to Madrid's, maybe because the seafood was so fresh and the rabbit in Madrid was a bit dry. We ate way too much but it was very memorable.

Feb 25, 2008
chinglish in Spain/Portugal

Paella in Madrid or Barcelona?

This is definitely way overdue, but I thought I would post pictures of where we actually ended up going for Paella in Madrid and Barcelona!

Thanks to Buttefly's recommendation, we hit El Ventorillo Murciano. Started with an amuse bouche of Empanada y Tomates Fritos. We loved the Atun Ahumado (Tomato with Smoked Tuna). That was a lovely start. The Paella we got was with Rabbit, artichokes and snow peas - it was pretty good, and although it was a bit salty for me, we finished it all! It's a nice quaint restaurant and the service was excellent, very friendly, and tolerant of our horrible Spanish. Near the end of the meal, our waiter finally turned on his English to explain our dessert options - his English was soo good, we were a bit embarrassed at trying to practice our guidebook Spanish !

Feb 25, 2008
chinglish in Spain/Portugal

3 days in Lisbon

Went to Lisbon last May. We tried Cantinho do Bem Estar in the Barrio Alto, from recommendations here and elsewhere on the net. Definitely worth the line up - the garlic shrimps were great!!! I would definitely go back to this place. Open every day except Monday from 7pm

We also tried Bota Alta - it was good but I think we had too high expectations and there were quite a lot of tourists around us. Service was very friendly.

Feb 24, 2008
chinglish in Spain/Portugal

Paella in Madrid or Barcelona?

Thanks for the links, can't read spanish but did use the google translation tool and tried to read thru the lines of poetry that came out of that execution:from Samm's review:
"Many steps over frightful arrocerías with zenithal heat furnaces…" sounds like an epic paella experience!

Unfortunately, Samm is going to be out of the way since we won't have a car.
Casa Valencia is also a bit far for us.

El Ventorillo Murciano might work for lunch after Prado/Reina Sofia visits since it's sort of within walking distance ... correct?
When should reservations be made for lunch- can it be the day before, or is that taking too much chance? For this week Friday?

Thanks for your help!

May 06, 2007
chinglish in Spain/Portugal

Paella in Madrid or Barcelona?

Thanks everyone!
We are probably going to do a paella lunch in Barcelona - leave Madrid for tapas hopping. I'm leaning toward the ones in Barceloneta - so we can walk that area and people watch on the terrace. I think we're flexible with the idea we might not be able to get the authentic Valencian paella here - we'll make it another time to experience the real Valencia!

Now I just have to decide between Kaiku, Can Ros or Can Roja. Which one is best for its paella and price?

May 04, 2007
chinglish in Spain/Portugal

Paella in Madrid or Barcelona?

ok i just found recommendations to Kaiku in Barceloneta and that sounds pretty good. Unless anyone has other suggestions?

May 03, 2007
chinglish in Spain/Portugal

Paella in Madrid or Barcelona?

Hello all,

Leaving for Spain next week and we had to cut out Valencia due to time constraints.
My question is which city should I try great authentic paella (the rabbit/snails variety) ?

We wll be hitting:
Madrid - 2 nights
Seville - 1 night
Ronda - 1 night
Granada - 2 nights
Barcelona - 4 nights

So far i'm thinking Madrid or Barcelona is best bet since we have more time there. I read recommendations for El Ventorrillo Murciano in Madrid and that is the sort of place we're looking for - not too touristy or upscale. Also saw Eto's wonderful post on 7 Portes in Barcelona - but wondering if its too touristy?

Any thoughts would be great, thanks!

May 03, 2007
chinglish in Spain/Portugal

Asador Tierra Aranda, Madrid

thanks for the amazing meal report. I'll be going to spain for first time next month and madrid for only 1.5 days. how much was this meal for you guys? i would be interested in trying the morcilla since it sounds better than the chinese pigs blood at dim sum my parents usually have.

Apr 13, 2007
chinglish in Spain/Portugal

Special Dinner - George?

My boyfriend took me to George for my birthday a few months ago and it was a great experience. We had the tasting menu and the server paired the dishes with some great wine. The service was excellent, he even wrote down the wine names for us, since I knew I wouldn't remember after the second glass.

Reasonably-Priced Sushi Made by Japanese-speaking Chef?

Okay look past the name, but Sushiman at Richmond & Victoria is authentic Japanese and also reasonably priced. Chirashi is $17.95 and chock full of good sashimi. I always use chirashi as a benchmark of quality and price at all sushi places. They also offer omakase at reasonable rates. I often see Japanese business men sitting at the bar talking to Tani-san, the owner. He loves to make fun of his customers in his really bad english and wonderful sarcasm.

Toronto, downtown: truffle oil

I got my white truffle oil from The Olive Pit. The owners are super sweet, I always end up buying something when I take a step down there (its downstairs).

wow I didn't know it should be stored in the fridge, thanks Scary Bill for the tip!

Fish and Chips

Oyster Boy on queen west has great fish and chips.

have to agree chippy's is not that great.
will have to try all the other places discussed here!

late night food - on the way to whistler

if you like japanese tapas food, Guu on Robson is great. Kitchen is open until midnight-ish.

Once you get over the Lions Gate Bridge to West Van, you won't find anything good open that late.

Tapas in vancouver

just went to La Bodega last week. Got tipsy over their yummy sangria. Ceviche and mushrooms is good - we also tried the rabbit, liver, prawns, - but don't remember much of it - maybe too much sangria....

I hear Bin 941 (on Davie) is good - we tried going twice but they don't take reservations and its teeny and always packed - always 1 hour wait.

Vancouver lunch spots

So my vancouver vacation is over!

Zakkushi was closed for lunch on monday! I believe the sign said it's closed for lunch until march. It was hard to find sushi places monday - don't know why - Octopus Garden one of my old favourites when I used to live in town was also closed on Monday.

Lunch places we did try:
The Mouse and the Bean, the food was great, service was crazy slow but very hospitable. It was my first time having queso fundido - cheese fondu - fantastic, my boyfriend had the pollo mole which he enjoyed greatly, i think mine was Chilaquiles with steak on the side - it was fried tortilla pieces with sauce all over - yum!

Kishu Star Suhi (on W. 4th), sushi was good & cheap, quiet atmosphere - i think the owners are Vietnamese which was a first for me! Should I be surprised? I'm unfazed by the usual Chinese/Korean-owned Japanese restaurants all around town.

Hamae Sushi in N.Van -- we had deluxe chirashi -- sooo good $19.95 - with uni, scallop (ooh the scallop was so good and sweet) and the usual amazing melt in the mouth tuna, salmon etc. No way we would get the same quality and price in Toronto!

Slickety Jim’s Chat N’ Chew - Brunch - Packed on Monday morning - don't people have to work in Vancouver? One server for all the tables - she did a spectacular job - there was a lineup out the door by 11am. Heuvos Rancheros was satisfying with the veggie chille - but one of my poached eggs was way too cooked through, same with my boyfriend's eggs. he had sunnyside eggs with bacon and chorizo sausage- I loved the sausage but he thought it was like chinese sausage.

Veggie Favour in Richmond (off of Garden City Rd) - organic vegetarian Japanese sushi - don't go if you're in a rush - the service is a bit slow. The baked organic brown rice sushi rolls are quite good. Its interesting to say the least but I rather have a real seafood sushi fix. And it's a bit pricey - $60 for four people for lunch - not the usual cheap richmond lunch food. But definitely go and try it out.

also went to two good places for dim sum - forgot the names, will return and post again. one was in chinatown east pender st - across the street from New Town Bakery, and the other was in richmond. It had large chandeliers.

Whistler for Valentine's

thanks for your suggestions, we've made reservations at the Rimrock, will post the dinner review soon after!

Winterlicious at Thuet

We went last week for Winterlicious at Thuet as well. I had their Sunday brunch before - fantastic and huge portions - so I had some 'high' expectations going there (number one - stomach being full).
I was disapointed to say the least. Huge wait at the door, felt like we were waiting to get into a club. It was freezing cold and snowing outside, and the host was very slow and inefficient in terms of bringing people to their table, taking coats (the coat room is in an awful location beside the entrance and on the way to the washrooms - major traffic cloggage!)

Funny my boyfriend has similar tasting reaction to Kasumeat on the soup - he described it as 'Chef Boyardee' -- and the main Beef Bourguignon dish was basically a very small and simple beef stew that was easily stewed a few days before. We steered clear from the saurkraut and fish (we thought it would be a strange combination!) The dessert was teeny. We ended up going to Hero burger to fill our stomachs.

Thuet definitely copped out for Winterlicious, it was boring and uneventful.


Ate at Kei once and never again. They have good drinks but food was unspectacular. The laksa noodles (traditional Malaysian cuisine) were served lukewarm -almost cold- and unsavoury. We sent it back and the cook made it again but it still wasn't great. Its unfortunate because its a great cozy location.

Whistler for Valentine's

Araxi , Bearfoot Bistro or Rimrock?
which one?! or other suggestions?

we prefer quality food and service over trendy atmospheres.
then again, I'm leaning to Bearfoot just because i like their website - is that terrible?
I can't decide!

Vancouver lunch spots

Used to live in Vancouver 7 years ago, coming back for a visit for 10 days, I have my dinner plans all set (Vij's, Shiru Bay, A Kettle of Fish, Pacific Culinary etc) but at a blank for lunch spots..

Loves: stuff off the main drag, sushi, all cuisines, cheap is always good since we're going more expensive for dinners.
Was thinking of Lolita's on denim, so far that's it..

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!