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Rehearsal Dinner near Crystal City

thanks everyone. yes, its a tough situation. I was given the budget and requirements from people who live in rural PA, so they are like "nothing costs more than $15..." alas - thanks for all your suggestions. I think I'm going to try to go the chinese restaurant route or just order pizza and call it a day!

Rehearsal Dinner near Crystal City

We are having our wedding in mid-october in crystal city. All I have left to plan is the rehearsal dinner...but, there are many stipulations family members have put on us. It's like a foodie nightmare. Here is the list of criteria... if you have an idea for a restaurant please let me know..

-Must be able to serve/hold group of 30 at 6 p.m.
-Must have at least 3 vegetarian options
-Not focused on "fish" dishes or have fish sauce (like in Thai food)
-Must be within 10 minute ride of Arlington and not in DC
-Must have easy parking
-Must be handicap accessible
-Entrees around $15 (mid-level price)
-Can not be "ethnic" (no Indian, Ethiopian, Thai, Mexican, Lebanese etc.) - according to grandma, Italian and Chinese are ok but she prefers "American" food she can get without spices or sauces...

Options that have been rejected already by the family: Bistro Bistro, Carlyle Grand, Bebo, PR Grill, McCormick & Schmick, Harry's Tap Room...


Designer / Trendy hotspots near River North

Hey Chicago Chowhounds, I need some advice!

I'm coming in from out of town and have to take a bunch of clients out for dinner in June. They are the "trendy/artsy" type so I'm looking for whatever the latest hotspot is around River North. Fun food, artsy/trendy vibe, not a steakhouse or sushi, good food is positive, though with this group style outweighs substance.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Apr 03, 2008
darla1977 in Chicago Area

Piola (Arlington)

Has anyone been to Piola in Rosslyn? I just tried to make a reservation and the woman who answered the phone could only say "I no speak english." She answered saying "Piola" - so I had the right number. Are they for real?

I'm hoping other chowhounds have had good experiences there....

Is there a good NY bagel shop in DC?

I grew up in the same area you did - and, no, the bagel places in dc (even the better bets) don't compare to bagels from the NYC metro area. The bagel place in cleveland park isn't quite ny quality, but its better than the chain bagel places in DC. It's next door to foster brothers coffee at the cleveland park metro. If you have a car - there is a decent jewish deli/bagel place next to the Target on Rockville Pike. (corner of 355 and Bou ave. its the red plaza with a staples and cici pizza.)

looking for good loose leaf tea in NOVA

Not in nova, but Ching Ching Cha in Georgetown has a great selection of loose leaf tea. Teaism's shop in penn quarter does as well. Or you can buy online and stock up, "the tao of tea," Plymouth tea, or Hou De are good places to start.

Place for cheap New Years Day Dinner in DC

I'm organizing my annual hang-over dinner (about 5:30 p.m.) on New Years Day. We usually do it at a Maggianos or Buca Di Beppo, but want to try something new. Does anyone have any suggestions for metro-accessible, not expensive, not crowded place for a big group?

I don't think any of us will be able to stomach asian or indian, so italian or american food is preferable.