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I'm making ramen at home and I feel I just figured out how to make the perfect broth. Problem is every menma I've bought taste like fish and is very unappetizing. Does anyone know if the ramen shops make it themselves, or can I buy it somewhere????

Fresh ramen noodles to cook at home.

Thanks, I just checked them out online and there's a huge noodle selection. I'll have to take a trip out there. Is there a brand you prefer for ramen?

Fresh ramen noodles to cook at home.

I've recently become obsessed with learning how to make good ramen at home. I plan on learning how to make the noodles but my pasta maker is currently in storage until I move. Can anyone please tell me where I can find really good ramen noodles (similar to imadakes) that I can buy and simply boil at home.also any authentic noodle recipes are welcome :). I'm really looking for that springy noodle with a good bite.

Cast iron dishes montreal

I checked out your link. I remember them being double short handled shallow skillets. That one in the link is pretty cool. I like the long handle .they were burgundy enamel on the outside and cast iron on the inside

Cast iron dishes montreal

Thanks. I lived close to Atwater market. I'll check Warsaw. Ares is too expensive. I do appreciate you can find exactly what your looking for but I'm so much happier when I get a deal. Someone recommended Village. How can I clean to make sure it's clean? Or do I have to trust in using a pan preseasoned by strangers and questionable recipes?

Cast iron dishes montreal

To be clearer

I want to make individual potion
S of duck cassoulet. So to fit a duck thigh or leg with beans and a small portion of foie gras/merguez.

Cast iron dishes montreal

Hi All,

I'm looking to find cast iron dishes similar to the ones Martin Picard serves some of his recipes from PDC.

Any ideas on where to look?

Preferably not crazy expensive

Thanks :)

FF pizza St-Henri

I wasn't too impressed.The topping are good but they need to work on they're sauce and crust.

best delivery pizza near JTM

I'm looking for a place to order pizza from for lunch that is near the JTM.I'm actually on the corner of Jean-Talon and Clark.I like a good sloppy pizza!!!

Persimmons: best place to buy/order a case

I've never had a persimmon before but would really like to try them.where can I find them?

Hidden gems on Montreal's West Island

Spirros on donnegani has the best subs I've ever had.They also deliver.Dorval pizza has really good sloppy pizza oh.and Gigi's(lakeshore) and Athen's (hasting's) has a good pizza too.

recomendations for restaurant near crescent st

I need someone to recommend a good restaurant near Crescent st to bring clients from the United States.Looking for something nice with really good food to give them a little taste of what the Montreal food scene is like.Thanks

Where can I buy live goats?

A friend from work is looking to buy 2 live young goats to later slaughter and eat.I've never really heard of anyone doing this but he tells me it's customary where he comes from(Philippines).I'm assuming he could get them from a place that sells livestock to farmers I just don't know of any.

Goji berries

Rocky Montana has them the cheapest ive seen.does anyone know if you. An buy seeds and grow them here in the summer?i e heard they're pretty rugged

mother vinegar culture

Anyone know where I can get one?

Wheat can I buy wheat grass?

Thanks I love they're products.I will do that!

Wheat can I buy wheat grass?

I know it is cheaper to grow wheat grass but I'm just not there yet.Does anyone know where I can buy some at a reasonable price.I'm looking to juice them so I need quite a fair amount.Thanks!

Sunchokes or Jerusalem artichokes

I second Rocky Montana.I just bought some this past Sunday.They are in the open refridgerator where they keep the mushrooms.

Take out sushi in NDG/Wsmt, centre

Kaizen is great and does takeout and delivery but is pricey.Mikado on Monkland is also really good!

ISO Old Bay Seasoning

They sell old bay at the 2 fish stores at the jean-talon market.just bought some before Christmas

Cheapest grocery store for fruits and veggies?

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on where to get good fruits and veg.I now shop at Adonis and rocky Montana all the time.I feel like I may never do back to Loblaws or metro.I can't believe how much more I was spending on groceries before.Plus I lost over 20 pounds drinking lots of fresh juices and didn't go broke doing it!!!!

Where to buy a whole pig at a good price?

It does seem like a big job.That's why I'm going the berrying route.The guys will get involved digging the hole and all that. Plus makes for some interesting dinner.I'm happy to hear it's not as expensive as I thought and we may even do a 5-10 bucks a head for the pig and ask people to bring sides potluck style.I google mapped the slaughter house and it's only about a half hour away from me.I also have a small grocery store on upper lachine rd that does there own butchering so I'll ask what kind of price they'll give me before I make the trip out to St-Phillipe.I'll let you guys know what they quote me.Thanks for all the help!

Where to buy a whole pig at a good price?

I'm looking to buy a pig to cook this summer in the ground to feed about 30 people.I was just wondering if anyone knew how much they should cost and if anyone had suggestions on where to get it.

Poutine in Montreal?

I can't believe no one mentioned the poutine at AA diner in at-Henri on Norte is the best stick to your ribs poutine there is.soooo good.and it's opened late which is a plus!its cheap and they give huge portions.a small poutine feeds two people.i definitely suggest trying it.

Does anyone know where I can get green or young coconuts in montreal?

Thanks for the tip! I actually work very close to there and can go on my lunch hour.

Does anyone know where I can get green or young coconuts in montreal?

I was actually at Rocky Montana on Sherbrooke yesterday shopping and found them.I spoke to a man who worked there and he told me that he picks them up at the market(which one I don't know) for the store whenever he see's them.Also they were only $1.39 which I thought was a pretty reasonable price.Now I just need to go and buy a clever to open them!

Does anyone know where I can get green or young coconuts in montreal?

I am looking to make almond coconut milk and was told it was better(or at least easier) to use young coconuts which are green on the outside rather than older coconuts which are brown.I asked a couple of places at JTM and couldn't find any.

Cheapest grocery store for fruits and veggies?

I never thought to ask for "number 2 ". I actually work a block from Jean-Talon market so that's a great little piece of info.Thanks

Cheapest grocery store for fruits and veggies?

I think I'll give them all a try.I found a Sami fruits in Lasalle which isn't too far from where I live and I have a car.There's an Adonis close to my moms(I've realized west Island grocery stores have a way better selection then in NDG) and a P.A near Fort I think.We'll see which yields the best results.
I was thinking in the winter I might just have to buy fruits and veg 3 days at time to ensure they don't go bad and waste my money.

Cheapest grocery store for fruits and veggies?

I recently bought a juicer and am trying out as many different recipes as possible.I went to loblaws this weekend and spent at least 80$ on fruits and veg alone.I also wasn't to empressed with the quality of the produce.Maybe it was just because it was a Sunday?I know super C has good prices but for some reason I'm a little leary of the quality as well.Anyone have any suggestions?