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I'm swearing off all-you-can eat sushi places

I have been to Kirari, Yamanoya, Sushi Mike's and plenty of others around Westchester. The point of my post is: I was detoured by the prices of these all-you-can-eat places, but now that's been several times, I'd rather stick to paying more for better quality.

My 18-year-old son and his friends really like Sushi Castle and yes, it's perfect for them to try new things. Student athletes -- never thought about that, but yes.

I'm swearing off all-you-can eat sushi places

In the past several months, Westchester has been invaded by two all-you-can-eat sushi places: Sushi Castle in Eastchester and Sushi Palace in Yonkers. Similar-ish menus except Castle has more variety and Palace has a hibachi bar -- identical price policies.

Ive been been to Sushi Castle several times and tonight, a visit to Sushi Palace. I prefer Castle over Palace -- better vibes, nicer people, wold rather have more extensive sushi menu than hibachi.

Yes, it's really less expensive ordering pretty much the same things there than at any "normal" sushi restaurant.

But I'm swearing them both off for a good long while, They are ruining sushi for me. It's all pretty much second-rate product, sort of bland and too much. Sushi should be savored, not piled on. I'd rather have much better quality product and pay more. Besides, stuffing yourself on sushi is no less fun than stuffing yourself on any other kind of food. It kind of promotes the style of eating that isn't particularly healthy either.

While I appreciate the money-saving aspect of these places, I'm going for the better stuff and paying more from here on out.

the original pancake house (white plains)

Common sense, people, for a hot new pancake house that just opened and showing up on SUNDAY morning.


What do you expect? There's a long wait to get into City Diner at 10:40 on a Sunday morning -- what makes you think you're going to waltz into this brand new place?

My son, in high school, went with his friends on a weekday evening, had no problem, and loved the food.

So if you want to experience OPH, don't go on Sunday morning because you are just asking for a very long wait.

Massa in Scarsdale has closed

Not quite sure why I noticed this nearly two months after this happened: a big "property for sale" sign on the former Massa restaurant in Scarsdale, at the Five Corners.

According to "The move coincides with the application of Frederick Fish to develop a condominium complex on the property that is now the parking lot of the Heathcote Tavern Building. According to the non-binding agreement between developer Frederick Fish and the Village of Scarsdale, the historic Tavern building would remain. It was assumed that Fish would continue to operate a restaurant on the site – but now that Massa is closing, it has fueled speculation that the developer could use the restaurant space to construct four additional condominiums. Meanwhile, we spotted a sign for Massa' Coastal Italian Cuisine opening at 599 East Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck in the space that once housed Neméa Greek Taverna."

Full Moon in White Plains -- still open?

Has anybody been at the Thai restaurant Full Moon in White Plains this past week?

We had reservations for Wednesday night dinner to celebrate my son's birthday. The woman who took the reservations said if there were any issues with the snow, she'd call.

On Wednesday, as it snowed, I called Full Moon all day to make sure we were still on. Nobody ever picked up.

We went by the restaurant at the appointed time -- it was closed!

Truly annoyed by this, I called up this afternoon to find out what happened -- still, nobody picking up the phone.

So now I am wondering what is going on there.

4 nights at the Mohonk Mountain House over July 4th weekend...

My son and I were literally at Mohonk this past week for two nights as a brief getaway, so consider this as up to date as possible.

Let's get right to the food: it was better than I expected. You can't expect the equivalent as something like Stone Barns at a place like this. However, the breakfast and lunch buffets were plentiful and frankly, well done with good healthy choices. I had a mushroom egg white omelet on morning -- no problem -- and it was good. Fish for lunch? Easy. No heavy sauces, no overdoing, but really fine (and maybe more than fine) for a very populated dining room. Also had a "make your own taco" set-up for lunch that was good, along with some pieces of fish I had on the side with grains as well.

And that main dining room is huge with high ceilings and a stunning view of the mountains. The waiter service was very good and friendly.

For dinner, it was ordering off the menu. I was a bit surprised at the ambitious dishes on the menu. But again, they pulled it off fine with everything we had, from NY strip steaks to seafood. And they have an area of "kids foods" -- chicken tenders, pasta, etc. that the adults always sample from.

And there was a different menu for the lunch buffet and dinner each night.

One more thing: we had air conditioning in our room (408) so I have no idea what the previous poster (mrsbutter) was talking about.

The hiking and lake and grounds are fantastic. That lake -- one can not say enough about it, really.

The wi-fi is also some of the most consistently strongest I've ever encountered on a large report property.

For me, the downsides were few: 1) for a pricey place, there is still some "nickel and diming" for a number of things, charging fees where it falls just short of annoying. 2) Other than the fitness center, there are two TVs for public use. I didn't mind not TVs in the room at all, but if you want to catch a sports event or something special, that's not much choice for a huge property... and 3) the billiard room would be way better in a room that was bigger. The room is too small on two sides so you can't extend your pool stick out sometimes, which is kind of ridiculous. They have got to move that billiards table somewhere bigger.

Don Coqui coming soon to White Plains!

That is too bad, in my view. Don Coqui has gone quite a bit downhill in New Rochelle. I find them kind of crazy with their over-the-top reservation policy and peculiar nickle and diming off customers. I swore them off last time I was there.

Mandatory 20% tip on tables of four people or more? That is outrageous.

As I said in a post when I was there last time: "Dining at Don Coqui is like going to eat in a totalitarian state where the whole enjoyment of eating there is pretty much choked by the ridiculous rules they force their customers to obey."

The NY Times Blasts Food at City Limits in White Plains

So with all this debate about whether this is a diner or not, and the unanimous vote that the food is not very good -- what do you think are the BEST diners in Westchester?

"Happy hour" sushi bargains at Akita in Hartsdale

Boy, wouldn't it be cool if other sushi places did this...

Akita, a new sushi place in Hartsdale on Central Avenue (next to Fed Ex/Kinkos/Men's Wearhouse), has kicked off what they call a "happy hour" sushi menu.

No, we're not talking about 5 - 6 pm, but literally the entire daytime up until 5:30 pm every day.

They have a pretty extensive happy hour sushi menu to pick from where the most expensive rolls are $3.99, and sushi is going for $1.99 a piece, with some other rolls going for $2.99.

Pretty insane.

Now of course you ask, how is the sushi? Well, let's just say it's good, solid, not spectacular. I wouldn't expect them to be winning any awards, but they hit at a pretty good average.

You can easily eat a sushi lunch for almost half the cost of anywhere else.

BBQ near North Myrtle Beach

Will be in North Myrtle Beach with my family for a week. I'd love to take them to a great BBQ place and I am willing to drive up to an hour to get to one.

Any recommendations?


Aug 14, 2012
PlasticMoonRain in Southeast

What's good in Tarrytown these days?

Looks like an almost unanimous vote! Thanks for your input!

What's good in Tarrytown these days?

We're going to a concert at Tarrytown Hall in a month and would love recommendations on what restaurants in the area have been impressing you lately.

Jakes Wayback Burger

That's quite the recommendation, eatwp. What other quick stop burger places have you been to around Westchester and what were they like?

Scarsdale NY Chinese recommendation- Jade Spoon

Killer scallion pancakes. Agree on walnut and shrimp. Also big fans of the cold sesame noodles.

They always seem to be evolving their menu, which is a relief as some places (like nearby warhorse Seven Woks) haven't changed their menus since the Civil War.

One note: for some reason, they put little red peppers in their Pad Thai, which we are not fans of in this dish. If you aren't either, make sure to order it "mild."

Strange & frustrating dinner at Kashiwa (Mamaroneck)

With Groupon ready to use on my iPhone, I tool the family tonight to the umpteenth new Asian fusion place in Mamaroneck, Kashiwa. While it was good for the rest of my party, for me, it was rather bizarre and frustrating, It was our first time there, and I am not sure I want to go back.

The restaurant is clearly in a rush to get you in and out as fast as possible, and I felt that way from the second I sat down.

We made reservations for 7:45 pm, arrived right on the dot, although I had to drop my family off first since Saturday night parking in Mamaroneck is ridiculous. I arrived about 10 minutes later, and sat down with my family. The place was busting. I don't think I was sitting for more than 2 minutes when the waitress - Celine - came up to us and said " Are you ready to order?" I replied, no, I just sat down, please come back.

I figured out what I wanted and Celine was back to take our order. I ordered two sushi rolls and the house mei fun. She asked if I wanted anything brought out first or to bring it out all together. I said, bring the sushi out first.

In about 7 minutes, my sushi arrived along with the rest of the appetizers.

Two minutes later, they delivered the main courses -- except mine.

We barely had time to eat the appetizers when the main courses came to the table. It was like they were trying to set a speed record, which I found mildly annoying.

I finished my sushi, which was good, and my family was both finishing their appetizers and starting their main courses.

Several minutes went by -- no mei fun.

I flagged Celine over to ask where my dish was. She said she's be check on it.

She went into the kitchen and came back out twice to deliver things to other tables. I flagged her over again. By the time, my family was more than half way through their meals.

"If the mei fun is not going to be ready in the next minute," I told Celine, "forget it."

I didn't want to be served my meal way after my family had been eating their for a while.

Celine left and came about 30 seconds later, saying in a very straightforward way, "It's not going to be ready. Would you like to cancel the order?"

I said yes, and she proceeded to take away all the dishes in front of me, including my silverware.

I ended up taking the remaining udon shrimp from my son, and chicken dish from my wife. I used my chopsticks and borrowed somebody's fork.

There was never an apology throughout the entire evening.

When we got the bill, I noticed that in addition to the $40 Groupon discount, they took off another $15.

I didn't leave much of a tip.

While the food was good and my family was happy, I found the incredible rush of the service, my missing main course, and lack of apology a pretty big turn-off. With six Asian places down this road, you'd think Kashiwa would have their act together as the last one to arrive on the scene.

I am really not quite motivated to go back there again.

Don Coqui's over the top reservation policy

The food is good and quite tasty. Some of their portions are so big that there is no way you can eat it at one sitting (like their paella). You can easily split the paella between two people, but seeing how the owners impose their insane rules, they'll probably hit you with their $10 sharing charge. I have been there about four times since it opened a few years ago, but usually with just me and my wife.

However, it seems they go out of their way to strap handcuffs on you and take away the enjoyment of the food. There is like an undertone of "we don't trust you" in their protocol.

First of all, considering the above hoops they made us go through with reservations, the restaurant was not even half full on the Sunday night. A few people from the party did not come at the mandatory 10 - 15 minutes before the dining time of 6 pm on a Sunday night -- and they still sat us! Whew!

They make it mandatory to check all coats, as they explain it's to let the waiters move between the tables. There is no fee to check coats but you know there's a tip bucket there.

Then they slap a mandatory 20% tip on all checks for parties of FOUR or more, which seems pretty absurd. The common rule is maybe six or eight or more, but FOUR?

And of course, Don Conqui itself is located in a place where you pretty much have to get your car valeted, so yep, that is essentially mandatory too.

Dining at Don Coqui is like going to eat in a totalitarian state where the whole enjoyment of eating there is pretty much choked by the ridiculous rules they force their customers to obey.

Oh yeah, if you plan on hearing the people sitting at the table with you, be prepared to yell. No it's not the crowds... they like turning their music up on the high side, even on Sunday evenings. I like Puerto Rican music as much as the next guy, but not blasting over my Sunday night dinner.

I don't see returning to Don Coqui for the foreseeable future.

Don Coqui's over the top reservation policy

I know restaurants want to prevent customers who don't stick to their reservations, but Don Coqui in New Rochelle has taken this to a whole new level.

We had several people coming to dinner on a Sunday night. After calling up to make the reservation in advance, they asked for a credit card, then texted us to confirm (?) and then sent an e-mail with precise instructions on how far in advance to show up, etc.

Then they called us the day before our dinner to confirm (normal) and said they were going to call us back the next day before 3 pm -- and if a "real person" did not answer the phone, our reservations were being tossed.

Interestingly enough, they never called. But we called them and sent an e-mail back to reconfirm our confirmation from the day before, lest our reservations get deleted.

With such over the top measures in place, you think Don Coqui is having bad trouble with groups of people keeping reservations?

Has anyone been to the Gnarly Vine in New Rochelle?

Just went tonight with my wife. Let me tell you that the Groupon deal was a super bargain. Since it was Wednesday night, it was $36 for 4 plates and 2 glasses of wine. It was more than enough food for the both of us, and all of it was quite good.

It's a charming wine bar setting with dark-ish lighting. The menu is written up on a big chalkboard in a couple of places. The left half is a list of all the wines being served that night. The right half is the food menu, which is essentially divided into four parts: salads, quesidillas, flat-bread pizzas and miscellaneous (i.e. shrimp cocktail, burger).

With Groupon, we could pick any two glasses of wine except the Zinfandel (no biggie) and any four plates (except the meat or cheese platters, again no biggie).

We started with a goat cheese salad with nuts and arugula. Very good.

Then came the wild mushroom quesidillas -- ditto.

The two pizzas we were just right and each one could have easily fed two people, so imagine getting two of them! We had the regular mozarella/basil one and the unusual combination of pear slices, nuts, and I forgot what else. Whole the mozarella was good, the one with the fruits and nuts was killer.

The service was friendly and nothing took too long. You can easily relax and hang with friends. I was pleasantly surprised.

It is located a few doors down from the Corner Mexican Restaurant.

One things worth mentioning: I checked in on Foursquare and noticed they had a great deal with American Express -- if you spent $10 you, got you back $10 on your Amex card if you use it to pay your bill. If it wasn't for the Groupon, I definitely would have used that. Don't know how long that deal is in effect.

In all, I definitely recommend The Gnarly Vine as a laid-back and delicious place to eat.

Wood-oven pizza place opening - Hearth in Eastchester

Drove by Post Road in Eastchester and saw the large sign above a restaurant being built a few doors down from Piper's Kilt -- HEARTH. Wood oven pizza.

Yep, Westchester needs another one of those.


Can't believe nobody has commented on this restaurant in more than two months/

I went there tonight with my wife, daughter and mother-in-law. Here are my impressions:

The restaurant decor is really classy and subdued, with what is truly a beautiful ceiling.

That's about the only thing they can't improve upon.

Otherwise, it's hard to believe this place is nearly three months old and hasn't worked all its kinks out yet. They still do not have the act together.

Let's start right off by saying it's a pricey restaurant. Most dinner dishes average considerably over $20 -- most well into the mid-20's. Now, there is nothing wrong with a pricey restaurant is everything justifies these prices. Sadly, they are not there yet.

After we gave our order, the wait staff removed our plates.

We started with a plate of hummus for an appetizer and a skimpy portion of pita bread. Be prepared to order a second helping of the pita bread. The hummus is quite smooth and nice, served with a slice of cucumber. They also bring a plate of olive spread, which is sharp and delicious.

But we never got replacement plates for the plates they removed after we gave our order, so the food was periodically falling onto the table, including the table mats. We thought that was quite strange.

My 12-year-old daughter warned us that she heard the service was slow... and she was not kidding. We arrived at 7:30 pm, the place was not bustling (maybe three quarters full), but we didn't see our dinner until 8:15 pm - 8:20 pm.

Interestingly, the wait staff never asked if we wanted a drink (other than our waters, which they were great about refilling) or even dessert.

My daughter and I split the $32 mixed grill, which was definitely ample food for the both of us and saved us considerable money. We all thought our meals were good -- not spectacular -- but good.

After our meal was cleared, we felt abandoned for about 15 minutes until we finally flagged somebody down for our check. By this time, the place was easily a third full.

There's valet service in front of the restaurant, which seemed to be a first for that stretch of Hartsdale. We didn't use it, as the garage is directly across the street.

One can't help comparing this place to Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck, which we've gone to for a long time and have always enjoyed. They even take off 20% from the bill when you order take out. I think I would have to definitely give the edge to them, because not only are they slightly less expensive, but the food is generally better, they have their act together and it's always obvious they are working their butts off. They are quite nice people there.

I don't anticipate running back to Bosphorus. It doesn't strike me as the kind of place I'd be motivated to return to when Turksih Meze is not far from us.

Turkish Meze
409 Mount Pleasant Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

La Herradura in Mamaroneck - service getting worse & worse

For Sunday night dinner, I wanted to go to Little Mexican Cafe in New Rochelle, but the kids didn't want to travel far, so off to La Herradura in Mamaroneck.

Yes, I know the food is just OK, and it still continues to be OK. Definitely not as cheap as it used to be when they opened up, although their $10 burrito dinner is a good deal.

But every time I go there, the service keeps getting worse and worse. The place is far from busy, yet the staff just slacks off. They are never attentive. It takes forever to get through a meal.

Tonight was a perfect example. My wife and I ordered glasses of wine. My wife's wine arrived, mine never did until I reminded the waitress later on. That is, when the waitress decided to make herself known. She was M.I.A. for long stretches of time. At one point, my wife, had to go up to the front counter and tell her wanted to order dessert. Later, I had to get up and go up there to give them my credit card along with the bill.

I don't think there were more than 5 tables occupied in the place.

I left a $10 tip on a $90 bill.

I am wondering how long they can hang in there with mediocre food and lousy service.

I have not had those issues at the New Rochelle outpost -- the food is not much different, but at least their wait staff is alive and awake.

Little Mexican Cafe
581 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

La Herradura
563 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

What's with the take-out basmati rice from Malabar Hill?

My wife brought home takeout food from the Elmsford-based Indian restaurant Malabar Hill tonight, really on a fluke. Normally, we don't take out food from there (we live about 15+ minutes away) but she happened to pass by there on the way home from an event she attended for my daughter.

While the food was OK, we noticed the strangest things in the boxes of rice that came with the food: leaves, fairly large cinnamon sticks, and other little objects.

I've had Indian take-out from several place around Westchester, but never did I think I would find a rather aromatic forest mixed in with my basmati rice.

It struck me as strange.

jakes wayback burger (westchester)

It's next to the Verizon Wireless store, across the street from Petco.

Posto 22 in New Rochelle - aces!

Posto 22 in New Rochelle - aces!

Sounds like you like your salt on everything!

Help! Takeout in/around Mamaroneck

Not only is Turkish Meze excellent, but they take 20% off on all take-out orders.

Posto 22 in New Rochelle - aces!

So it sounds like Posto 22 didn't get their salt delivery over the weekend because of the hurricane?

Posto 22
22 Division St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

Lunch prices vs. dinner prices

Sometimes I am a little irked when restaurants post their lunch and dinner prices on the same menu and the price differential is huge.

For example, one of my fellow Chowhounders posted the link to the new Turkish-Mediterranean restaurant opening in Hartsdale, Bosphorus. The price difference between lunch and dinner prices on their lamb and beef dishes are anywhere from $6 to $8.

Are these dishes identical portions at both meals or is one substantially bigger than the other?

I see these kinds of menus popping up more frequently.

Has anybody checked out identical dishes at the same restaurant for both lunch and dinner where the prices are far apart such as these? Are the presentations and servings the same or different?

Looking for updates on Rehoboth/Dewey

Just came back from a 5-day trip to Rehoboth Beach, DE, our second time.

Fins is still outstanding. Yes, you may have to wait for 30 - 45 minutes, but they really do serve quality food with an excellent selection of beers and adept service. Grilled halibut was killer.

Dos Locos, right on Rehoboth Avenue, was pretty good (seafood enchildas was my dish), but I kept thinking in the back of my head that maybe I should have checked out the more Spanish Mexican place on Wilmington, Mariachi. Next time.

Big Fish Grill, right on Highway 1, was excellent. Seen a lot about it written up here on the boards and it definitely lived up to the hype. Excellent Caesar salad followed by seafood with a light tomato sauce over linguini.

Now the last place we went to for dinner was recommended by my masseuse at the hotel I was staying at. He grew up in the area and when I said, I'd like to take the family for Italian tonight, his highest recommendation went to Casa DiLeo, right down Rehoboth Avenue, in the strip mall just outside of Highway 1. When I mentioned the restaurant to the guest services people behind my hotel's counter, one of them said, "That's my go to place for pizza."

These guys were right on the money. Reasonably priced Italian place that seems more locals-focused and even has sort of that Old World red-sauce feel to it (bar in one room, dining in the other).

My family and I split up four slices of pizza first, and boy was it good. First thing you should know -- the pizza slice are huge. Not kidding on this one. They are 1.5 times the size of a normal slice. Thin crust, delicious sauce -- a solid light slice. My daughter and I split spaghetti, tomato sauce and grilled chicken and and we both loved it.

I highly recommend Case DiLeo if you are looking for something a little more homey and down to earth. OF NOTE: Great place to take the family. There were like 12 people sitting at the table across from us and it really was a perfect setting for that too.

SPECIAL MENTION: Case DiLeo takes reservations, and you can't say that about most Rehoboth Beach restaurants.

Big Fish Grill Restaurant
Highway 1, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

DOS Locos
208 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Casa Dileo Restaurant
721 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Aug 26, 2011
PlasticMoonRain in Mid-Atlantic

Posto 22 in New Rochelle - aces!

My wife and I continued on our periodic Groupon/Living Social coupon tour of Westchester and tonight's stop was the most pleasant surprise I've had so far.

With trusty Living Social flyer in hand, we went to Posto 22 restaurant and wine bar in New Rochelle on Division Street, down the block from Coramandel.

You ever enter a restaurant for the first time and you get a good vibe in the first 30 seconds? Doesn't happen too often, right? Well, I got it when I entered this place. Everybody at the tables seemed upbeat, having fun, and a nice chatter in the air.

This is the first thing I liked about this place -- it wasn't a red sauce joint, and it wasn't a pretentious Italian restaurant with waiters in fancy suits. It was just right in the middle -- a modern restaurant where you could dress casually but not feel you're eating at some Old World place where the menus have been around for 35 years.

We lucked out -- turns out wine bottles and glasses are half price on Tuesday nights. No wonder everybody in the place seemed happy!

The wait staff was very nice and serviceable, never intrusive -- and almost all women.

I had a traditional Cesar salad, which was just the right size for $9. I had spaghetti with mini-meatballs (veal, pork and beef), whole my wife had spinach salad with grilled chicken.

You ever see that movie "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart? After watching it, all I wanted to do was eat spaghetti and meatballs for a long time afterward, that's how good it looked in the movie.

My dish was as perfect as that movie's -- a healthy but not oversized portion of spaghetti, really delicious little meatballs and a really out of this world sauce. I really loved every bit of it.

My wife thoroughly enjoyed her salad and trust me when Is ay, there was nothing left on our plates.

We each had a glass of red wine.

I wish my daughter was there because I would have split a thin crust pizza pie with her -- it was a main feature on the menu and I was dying to try it. Next time.

The bill came to $47 after taxes. And with the coupon, it was something like $4. What I'm telling you is -- the prices were just right too.

I don't go so nuts over restaurants like this all the time, but I have to say that I was so happy we went to Posto 22. After we left, we were thinking of the people we know who we had to take there.

Is it a place for kids? My wife spotted one kid there. And they do have a small kids item list on the back of the menu which looked quite appealing as smaller versions of "adult" entrees (and yes, in a nod to the masses, it had chicken fingers).

But its sweet spot, to me, was a a place to go with friends or other couples, or just you and your better half.

I really had no complaints about my experience there except not having two stomachs so I could try the pizza. And parking was easy -- all the metes go out at 6 pm. We arrived at 7:30 pm and found a spot right down the block on Main Street.

Sorry for the gushing, but a place this good deserves to be written about!

Posto 22
22 Division St, New Rochelle, NY 10801