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Looking for Restaurant in Annex

Hi everyone, I am looking for a nice restaurant in The Annex or along the Bloor Spadina area to take my Management Team for a nice holiday treat. We usually have a great time and enjoy the wine and exchange gifts. Any idea? Price is not an issue. I would like an environment where we can talk and laugh though.

Thanks Dee

Help - Recommendation for Toronto - Downtown Below Bloor

Thank you so much for the reply Googs. I posted a similar post yesterday and wondered if there were few restaurants south of Bloor due to the lack of response - it seems to be an active board. I heard good things about the ChowHound boards for other cities.

Thank you again!

Phil's Barbeque - Good Ribs

Sounds mouth-watering. I love BBQ. I am new to Toronto, so I will check it out!

Help - Recommendation for Toronto - Downtown Below Bloor

Hi I am looking for a nice restaurant in downtown Toronto near the subway line - but below Bloor. I read some other posts but there are not many recommendations below Bloor or they are in the wrong price range. I need something with a main entree menu between $15 - $30, with more than one/two choices in the $15-$23 range. I would prefer something not too casual with a good wine selection. We are there to eat and enjoy good conversation, so the atmosphere should not be so noisy that we cannot hear each other speak.

I am new to this board and to Toronto. I really need some assistance as I do not know the restaurants at all.

Thank you!

Recommendation for downtown Toronto near subway - below Bloor

Thank you pescatarian. I didn't see it! I was hoping for more suggestions south of Bloor or near Queen Street West. The price range is important as one of our party will look for entrees in the $18-$20 range. I do not want her to feel left out or have only one choice on the menu.

Recommendation for downtown Toronto near subway - below Bloor

Hello! I am new to Toronto. I am looking for a recommendation for a restaurant in downtown Toronto near a subway and near parking (preferably validated parking). I would prefer locations below Bloor Street or north of Bloor along the Yonge subway line as far as Eglinton. Regarding price, I would like a restaurant that has a selection of Main Entrees for Dinner ranging from $18 - $30. It is a night out for a group of friends some of whom would choose from a lower price range than others. I would prefer a restaurant with great service and a good selection of wine. We are there to talk and enjoy great food! The atmosphere should not be too noisy. I prefer upscale or not too casual. I dislike seating where I am so close to the next table that I may as well join in on their conversation! I would love great service and a great atmosphere for our get together!

Forgot to add food type: anything except Japanese!
Thank you in advance!