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Blind date in St. paul stops???

Thank you all for the great advice! I really like the ice cream suggestions @ the end (if it gets that far). I will write a final post and tell you all about my experiences at each place.

Wish me luck!


Blind date in St. paul stops???

Going out on a blind date on Wed. in St. Paul. It will be very causal and hopefully fun. I really only know Mpls though.

Any great suggestions on a multiple stop date for a foodie/chef in and around St. Paul???
Starting with snacks and drinks then onto dinner or whatever.

Patios, movietheater/pubs, park eateries, etc...

Any input would be helpful. Thanks. Scotty

Does anyone know the where abouts for fresh gooseberries?

I know we have a state park and waterfall called gooseberry, does anyone knows where I can purchase or go out and find gooseberries? Any info would be appreciated.

Far South Minneapolis Suggestions

The place is called Cafe Ena. Here is a link to a chowhound posting:

Far South Minneapolis Suggestions

The folks from El Meson (34th & Lyndale) just opened a new restaurant on 46th??? and Grand???. Went there the other day and had a great Cuban Sandwich. S2H

Saffron Anyone? -MSP

Thank everyone for the postings. I have been back twice now with the same great results.
I think I read in the paper that these guys are a relative (cousin or something) of the Holy Land people.
I had a great lunch at Saffron last week. A great daily soup with curried cauliflower (mmm...) and a schwarma for the main course. It lived up to all that I have heard of my friends who traveled through the middle east.
Next I must return for the bisteeya.
More to come soon. S2H

Hunting for Harissa [MSP]

Yes I have bought a bottle of harrisa @ world market in Roseville a couple of months back. It was on a discounted shelf so I am not sure they sell it anymore but it is worth a shot. Also the same brand (Al Fez) sells a Moroccan marinade called baharat (sp?) which is a Mediterranean black pepper sauce which is great. S2H

Fogo De Chao coming to Minneapolis [Moved from Midwest]

Thank you Foureyes! A point that is very much needed to be said. It's bad enough that most people in this town only go out only for 'special occasions', and I do agree if I had the money to spend I might try it, but if we have restaurants like those you mentioned closing all around us, this is very much a call to go and support your local restaurants. I really don't think Fogo will be buying their meats from Wild Acres, do you?

Apr 14, 2007
Scotty2hotty in Chains

MSP: Chow + Wi-Fi

I believe I just read that Barbette has Wi-Fi, but my favorite place for a cup of tea and fresh baked goods while surfin' the net would have to be Butter (36th & Grand?). Mostly breakfast items but it's all fresh and tasty.

Saffron Anyone? -MSP

Hey for all those interested I just found the link to the restaurant.

Saffron Anyone? -MSP

Has anyone been to the new place across from the 112? I believe it's in the spot where Jazzmine's was.


112 Eatery-mmm... I ate the fried mortadella sandwich late last night. It came out with two small pieces of meat and a slice of manchego on their housemade roll. My first thought was that it was enough! But once I started eating it soon became clear that it wasn't what I expected at all. I very much enjoyed it and would order it again.

Anyone seen or been to Saffron across the street?

MSP American Pie???

Thank you ALL, for the options and opinions of where to go. Ya'll just made my transition of moving back home all that much better. Scotty2hotty

MSP American Pie???

Having just moved back to the twin cities from out west, I am in need for a fix I have gotten used to in the last ten years. Once a month I find a great place for banana cream pie, pick it up before all my errands for the day, then return home to enjoy a piece of heaven.

I live in south Minneapolis. Willing to drive. Any advice???

Pimientos de padron??

Oops, I was talking about the restaurant in Minneapolis. Didn't reread thoroughly to see that they are in Madison. Solera is a great downtown restaurant with traditional items as well as there own take on spanish tapas. Here's a link.

what is the best brew pub in Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Yeah Rock Bottom did get a new brewer, and yeah it is still is a corporate brewery. My first choice is to go to Town Hall, but (BUT) since Bryon replaced the Todd at RB in late 2005, AND they changed the beer lines (which hadn't been replaced in 11 years as of mid to late summer 2006), the beer has been outstanding. Try out his new Angry Hippie Ale on nitro or his reinvented pale ale (tastes like Mirror Pond out of Oregon. MMM...)

Still I am a foodie, and the food still sucks there and you are paying into a giant corporate chain where passion comes in dead last. But if you go just for the beer I promise you not to be disappointed.

Pimientos de padron??

The only place I know where to get them is in Cali. Here is a link:

He starts out the seed growing in the early season in Flordia, then sends them back to Palo Alto to finish the growing season. If that does work I know Solera gets them from him in mid summer time and you might convince them to sell you some out the back door.