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Local Fish/Food in Ipperwash?

Rented a cottage there and I know there are Aboriginal fisheries, but all the yellow page searches give me London businesses. Anyone know where I can purchase locally-caught fish there?

Any food gems out that way as well?


butter tarts

Grumbel's at Main and Danforth. Yum. Sweet Bliss makes a tasty butter tart square, but i know it's not quite the same thing :0

Feast of Fields 2013?

I went years ago and loved it--who's been lately? How has it been?

Good Pub for Lunch in the East End

Morgan's at Danforth and Greenwood is pretty yummy and have a lunch prix fixe.

Where to go in Toronto for good Moroccan food?

What about Taste of Tunisia across from Walima? They have couscous and merguez, I think. I went there when it was Djerba la Douce and it was good, and it looks like the same menu, so maybe same owner? No alcohol, though.

Olive Oil Recommendations?

I love a fresh, grassy olive oil and believe it or not, I have been very happy with President's Choice New World EVOO. Very reasonable, but not cheap like Gallo or anything like that.

Good Maple/Woodbridge Sunday Brunch?

Hi. Looking for a decent Father's Day brunch place. We'll be in the Jane/Steeles area. Italian definitely the father's preference! Thanks.

Toronto Wedding Venue Help!

A couple of more: The Great Hall @ Queen/Dovercourt and Toronto Botanic Gardens. Both let you bring in your own caterers and booze, both can be decorated to theme--TBG would give you a great photo location on site .

Great Hall
1087 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Food and entertainment restaurant in T.O ?

Lula Lounge. Decent food, great music. Old "funky" space, but cozy.

Great/reasonable NYE menu?


Help! A friend had his heart set on the CN tower for NYE, but I was slow to commit and now it's booked. So I now have to make amends with a suitable replacement. What's great out there that's not too ridiculously priced? I've been doing some searching, but am suddenly drawing a blank when I try to think of restaurants I want to try. A party is not a deal breaker, as the company will be good. Japanese/Asian a plus, but not necessary.

Oyster knives in Toronto?

Where can I purchase a decent, midway knife? The Bay???


Aug 04, 2009
woodsey in Cookware

Place for a Small Wedding Reception?

I was doing a lunch search for the Danforth and someone recommended Bistro Camino on Danforth east of Main. They said the food was fantastic for the price and expertly prepared, though the dining room was a bit dated. He listed a $100 menu that was recently held there, but it had a good many courses, including lobster thermidor, but I suspect that you can request a more reasonable menu.

You might be able to negotiate something at Batifole or Weezie's as well. Won't hurt to ask.

ISO (in search of) coconut ice-cream

Greg's Ice Cream on Bloor just west of Spadina has really, really good coconut ice cream (dairy) and I definitely tasted coconut milk in it. He doesn't have all flavours at all times, however, so you may want to call ahead (416) 962-4734. He does supply a few stores, so you may want to check out hte website

Wedding Venue-- St. Lawrence Market Hall vs Gladstone Hotel

...and the Great Hall on Queen/Dovercourt or the Eglinton Grand, which is an art-deco former theatre. I've heard nice things about St. Lawrence Hall and would always prefer a venue which allowed me to select my own caterer.

The Hunt: Fish n' Chips

I recently had a "taste off" at my cousin's house, since her husband prefers British style and I love Deep Blue. Neither mind was changed-- you get a big piece of fish at British style, and I did prefer their chips, but I like the very crisp light batter at deep blue--as well as the different flavours of batters and their apple-root veg slaw!

b-day venue--Italian, private area


I'm looking for a restaurant to host my father's 65th for about 25 people-- Italian food with a private area for the party. We're looking for good food but not necessarily fine dining. It'll be on a Tuesday night. Suggestions?


Gerrard and Jones suggestions?

Danforth Pizza House on Danforth just east of Jones is very old and dingy, but has great pizza for take-out.

Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen has fab thai veggie cuisine for good prices on Danforth just east of Greenwood. I've never tried it (still need to) but Rendez-Vous on Danforth and Monarch Park apparently has good Ethiopian. Enjoy.

Melanie's Bistro or Three's Company for brunch?

OK, my mother in law wants to take us out for brunch in our area next weekend--so which one? Both get good reviews, both are independently-owned, both have interesting menus, so how's a girl to choose?

GTown/Caledon/Brampton restaurant for shower?


My future sister in-law will have her shower in her home town far from Toronto, and I will not be able to attend, along with our mother in law and a few of her local friends.

Any recommendations for good lunch spots in GTown (where she now lives), Caledon or Brampton for a small group, casual but not a cookie-cutter chain?

Cute cafe for reading?

Along the subway line, there is The Only Cafe (near the Only Bar)--may have the names mixed up, just west of Donlands subway Station. East of Greenwood station there is Niche Cafe.

On Queen St. E, east of Leslie on the south side there is also a cute cafe I think called Simple or something like that. It's all white on the outside.

Chipwiches in Toronto?

One of the secretaries at my school runs a fundraiser for the prom in which she buys chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches from McMillan's Orchard and sells them. MMMMM! I know they have a retail store in Ajax, on the 1st major street north of the 401, just before Lakeridge rd.

I always get one of the huge ones at canada's wonderland, but prefer McMillan's.

Good Veg options with meat for me?

93 Harbord offers respectable veggie tagines as well as meat dishes. Any decent Indian or Ethiopian is a great meat/veggie compromise.

Wholesale Apples (Candy and Regular)

Just remember about the food terminal--you need a vendor's card to get in (usually restaurant or store owners apply to get a card and then use that) and you have to go really early (6-7) in the morning.

Wedding catering at various venues in TO

We used By David's for our wedding, which is part of the Rose Reisemann group, though I think that each group has its own executive chef. We absolutely loved our food and our guests told us it was the best food they'd ever had at a wedding. Their homemade dessert buffet was so good we didn't even bother getting a separate wedding cake!

0% greek style yogurt

Some of the Greek bakeries and delis along the Danforth sell yogurt, but it wouldn't be 0% (not even close--that's what makes Greek yogurt so good!). I've been buying Phoenician brand yogourt (avail. at some grocery stores in the east end--I think No Frills at Gerrard and Logan has it). It is pretty close, not as sour as Balkan yogurt, and not as thin as regular yogurt but at 2% will not be exactly like Greek yogourt. I like the brand though.

Jazz and Dinner recommendations

there's a place in Roncesvalles with jazz and dinner. otherwise, look into who's playing at Hugh's Room and Lula Lounge. The food at Hugh's is OK and I was very impressed with the food at Lula's. Ten Feet tall has jazz on Sundays.

Great lunch on a Monday?

Getting together with some fellow teachers this Monday, and would like a good, central-ish )or ttc friendly) recomendation. I've looked into a few places but am finding that many are closed mOndays. Would prefer interesting or ethnic cuisine and easy on the wallet recommendations. Thanks!

Good Caterers Toronto

By David's (part of the Rose Reismann group now) catered my July wedding (after our original caterer, Sumptuous folded--they were seamless and honoured everything int eh original contract). They were fab and the hors d'oeuvres were fantastic. I still get compliments.

Sparkling Wines at the LCBO?

Seaview from Australia also does a really decent sparkling shiraz, my fave sparkler of them all. someone mentioned the shiraz, but Seaview seems to be the only consistent brand available for the shiraz. But I've seen others on lucky days.

Am drooling over this right now, esp. since I can't have any for a while--the drawbacks of pregnancy!

Junction--pub or cozy resto for a group?


Any recommendations of a pub with good food or a resto that doesn't mind a groups coming/going and lingering (this would be mid-week and after 4:30) for my work crowd? Probably a group of about 8-12. I've noticed a few interesting-lookign places around there, but don't know the area well.