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as jerry seinfeld would say, "what's the deal with ford's filling station?"

I'll stand up for Ford's. Especially now, when the earth is crashing, and I want to make sure to eat food that's worth my time and makes me feel good. If you haven't been there lately, they have it running and humming smoothly. It is a comfortable and reliable place to go eat. I love to go in and have their pulled pork panini, their delicious clam chowder, the pub burger, their curry, meatloaf and mashed potatos, and their cheese flatbread. It's as close to the cooking I remember at home which was delicious. I love the atmosphere too. and, the prices look good compared to other places with mediocre food. When I read about Ford's on other sites people love it. It's really just this site that's negative. So, I'll stand up - Ford's is great!

Nov 24, 2008
bridgette in Los Angeles Area

Modern Potluck

If you have dietary restrictions then you make sure you take something to the party you can eat! This is a fun article with delicious dishes that the chefs didn't have to worry about people with restrictions. I have a friend who always is so gracious to let us all know about his restrictions and we get even more cretive just for him. I love this article adn the recipes!

Mar 12, 2007
bridgette in Features

Baked Chicken and Artichoke Casserole

I tried this last night and my guests loved it - i recommend.

Feb 04, 2007
bridgette in Recipes

Modern Potluck

Yumm - these look great and i will definitely give them a try - but I especially love the idea of a chicken and artichoke heart casserole! Will try it this weekend while it's cold! Think I'll have the sugar-cranberry pie too!

Jan 30, 2007
bridgette in Features