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Upscale Lebanese Restaurant for a Business Dinner?

I have been tasked with finding an upscale Lebanese restaurant in Chicago for a business dinner. The client has specifically requested Lebanese cuisine. Any location in Chicago is fine as well as a Northwestern or Near Western or Near Northern Suburb. It will be a small group (not more than 4, I believe).

My go-to is Taste of Lebanon, but in this situation it will not work! My suggestion for the business dinner was Semiramis, but was told that was not upscale enough. Any ideas? Short of Lebanese food are there any other Middle Eastern places that might fit the fanciness bill?

Thanks for your help!

Jun 04, 2011
gran queso in Chicago Area

Weekday Chinatown dinner recommendations for a large out of town group?

Thank you for the great suggestions - another option someone threw into the mix was Bund Shanghai - is this another good choice?

Bund Shanghai
640 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA

Weekday Chinatown dinner recommendations for a large out of town group?

I've been reading through the boards looking for a specific recommendation for a Chinatown restaurant to take a group of 10-15 out-of-towners to on a Weekday night. The group has expressed interest in Chinatown specifically, but if there is someplace that would be even better elsewhere I may be able to convince them (as long as it is accessible by public transit from Union Square).

The culinary adventuresomeness ranges from not very to VERY. The ideal cost would be 7-15 dollar entrées. My first thought was Hunan Homes, but thought it might be too spicy for some of the crowd. Any other reccos? Decor not so much of an issue, food is key as well as an atmosphere conducive to larger groups.

Thanks in advance!

Hunan Homes Restaurant
622 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94133

Lucuma Ice Cream?

This is a long shot - But does anyone know of anywhere that serves Lucuma ice cream, a typical flavor in Peru, in Chicago or surrounding areas (IL, IN, WI, MN, MI)? As far as I know, most Peruvian restaurants in Chicago do not have it. Someone mentioned having it at Mango Restaurant in St. Louis, but that's all I've ever heard.

Mar 19, 2007
gran queso in Chicago Area

Sweet Potato Fries?

Uncommon Ground at 3800 n. Clark has good fries with a great goat cheese dipping sauce.

Feb 27, 2007
gran queso in Chicago Area

Peruvian Restaurants in Wisconsin

I've just heard that there is going to be a new Peruvian restaurant in Madison, opening pretty soon ( ). On that note, is there any good Peruvian already in the Madison/Milwaukee area? We've been looking for good Peruvian cebiche and anticuchos for a while.

I have heard of 2 restaurants so far: El Tondero in Milwaukee and Red & White in Sun Prairie. Can anyone vouch for either of these?

DeLuxe fish sandwich, Champaign

Is the Thai cafeteria you mean Basil Thai on Green St. - in the same building as the Art co-op? If so, it's still there.

Feb 09, 2007
gran queso in Great Lakes


On that note, with St. Joseph's Day coming up (sort of) - are there any places people would recommend for a good Zeppole in Chicago? Il Mulino in Highwood has been recommended in another thread, but are there any others?

Feb 09, 2007
gran queso in Chicago Area

Gluten-free in Madison, WI?

Though I don't know from personal experience which restaurants specialize in gluten-free food, I found a list on the Madison Area Gluten Intolerance Chapter page:

I can personally recommend Bunky's Cafe (Mediterranean, apparently has a GF menu), Sa-Bai Tong (Thai, though maybe not fancy enough for a "nice" meal) and Chautara (Nepalese) as having excellent food, though I can't speak to the specific GF offerings. L'Etoile is also a fine choice for upscale dining, though the list says to call ahead. Other readers on the board could probably also help vet this list. Hope this helps.

Madison Restaurant Week

I thought the same thing when I saw Nitty Gritty on there - it's 2 people for 25 bucks, which makes it slightly less absurd. But still... I think 2 people could eat there for 25 bucks under most circumstances.

I am excited about Harvest - went to L'Etoile a few weeks ago and was very impressed. In general, I'm really enjoying the food in Madison. I'll have to check out some more of your recommendations, jjweerts.

I'll post a blurb about Harvest after I go.

Madison Restaurant Week

I made reservations at Harvest, though I was waffling between that and Cocoliquot or Lombardinos. Anyone been anywhere during restaurant week? I'd be interested in hearing some reports.