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The best pizza in Brooklyn.....that no one knows about.

I'll put my vote in for Delmar on Sheepshead Bay Road. Maybe its because I grew up on their pizza but it is the quintessential NYC slice as far as I am concerned. Despite the original owners selling it a few years back, I still love their slices. Not too much cheese, sauce, or dough and the crust is always crispy but never burnt.

Delmar Pizzeria
1668 Sheepshead Bay Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Feb 24, 2010
coreynyc in Outer Boroughs

My Upcoming Las Vegas Vacation

RUB very well may be the best in NYC. Getting hungry just thinking about it.

Dec 28, 2007
coreynyc in Las Vegas

My Upcoming Las Vegas Vacation


Why are you going to a bunch of places that you can hit anytime in Manhattan? Why not check out places we can't visit here?

For the record, Mesa Grill is about $5 cheaper per entree (pretty much the same exact menu) in Manhattan vs LV.

Dec 27, 2007
coreynyc in Las Vegas

hows pizza 33 on 33 and 3ave

La Pizzeria would be considered good pizza if we were living in Omaha. But in NYC, it is horrible. The crust looks and tastes funny, almost as if it were pre-fab/frozen. I actually prefer Domino’s to their crap.

For a good laugh, check out their banner hanging in front of the store that claims that “residents” (whatever that means) have voted them top pizza in the area.

Best thing about La Pizzeria is the cute black cat that sometimes sits outside or on their cellar steps.

For a decent NYC (I am a Brooklyn born pizza snob) slice in the neighborhood, go to Rustica on 29th between 1st & 2nd or the place on Madison & 31st whose name escapes me right now.

Aug 14, 2007
coreynyc in Manhattan

Vegas: Nove Italiano at The Palms

Thanks again for the info.

Feb 01, 2007
coreynyc in Southwest

Vegas: Nove Italiano at The Palms

Thanks for the reply but I had already seen your review in another thread. I was hoping that maybe someone else had been there more recently than 3 days after they opened, sometimes restaurants don't hit their stride for a few weeks or months after they open.

Jan 31, 2007
coreynyc in Southwest

Vegas: Nove Italiano at The Palms

My girlfriend & I are staying at the Palms on an offer that gives me a $300 food credit so I am figuring out how to best use it all.

I have eaten at N9ne before and have been quite satisfied. The N9ne management opened Nove Italiano a few months ago at the top of the new tower at The Palms and the menu is looks to be about 40% Italian & 60% steaks.

But there are very few reviews online regarding the restaurant and I am curious if any ‘hounds have been there yet. One of the very few professional reviews I read was mixed and stated displeasure that the meat was wet aged rather than dry aged. I figure, how bad can the restaurant really be since the N9ne people know what they are doing…and the view from 50+ floors up will definitely be good.

I might end up hitting N9ne during my stay so I guess I am more concerned with the Italian portion of the menu than the steaks. But, all opinions are welcome. I could always use up some of the credit at Little Buddha, which I thought was pretty good (and somewhat underrated/under the radar) the one time I ate there.

Jan 30, 2007
coreynyc in Southwest