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Phillips Seafood - Ocean City

My wife's family makes an annual pilgrimage to Phillips during their beach week. She's usually on the verge of tears every time they pile into the car to go.
I typically am "stuck" staying home with the dogs.

Composting question

We use an old school, three quart enameled pot. Fill it up, walk it out to the pile.

Jun 09, 2014
laststandchili in Gardening

Best dinner place near Glen Burnie, MD please?

Tough to come up with anything really extraordinary in the area, and certainly not high end.

I like Hella's in Millersville on Veterans highway for family events, they handle crowds well and the food is good. Basically diner fare in a sit down dining room, plus a good sized bar with the same menu, pool tables, and lots of sports on tv.
Tried Founders with the in-laws about a week ago. My burger ordered medium rare arrived very well, dry and crumbly. Everyone elses meals looked ok. I'll try them again, but will avoid the burgers.
My wife and I frequent East West Bistro in Pasadena (shopping center next to BJs at Jumpers intersection) for the Chinese/Sushi/Thai experience. Generally better than average. On our last outing service was very uneven and food was sub-par. Hopefully just an off night.
Beefalo Bobs is a great spot for pit beef. I've only been to the carry out location. Food is great. Atmosphere is a little rough.
Anne's in front of Marley Station is worth a visit. Old school chili dogs and fries plus ice cream offerings.
I like Mi Pueblo a lot for Tex Mex style Mexican. Since their new location opened in Severna Park I've been there more than the GB location.
Tried Mikey's on Ritchie Hwy a few months ago. It seems like a great local, family run spot. Always hope places like that will have great food. Mikey's does not. I was kind of shocked that my omelette came with fried canned potatos. Can't imagine why this would be a reasonable option.

Mission BBQ - Glen Burnie

It's been a while, but I was happy with their pulled pork. My wife had the turkey on a salad. The salad was kind of a sad fast food affair, but the turkey was outstanding.

brine & temp for smoked turkey breast

Good call. Another possibility would be to cut the brine time. If it's nearly inedible, I'd start with cutting the time in half.

Best food to cook in a cast iron pan

In addition to frequent use for cornbread and roasted chicken, my favorite use is for mac and cheese on the grill. Smokey, cheesey, goodness.

Mar 07, 2014
laststandchili in Cookware

Good eats - Annapolis

I've always been happy with Jalapenos in Parole. Good, not great, but consistent. One of the few Zagat rated places in town that I'm aware of.

Also been very happy with the Annapolis Smokehouse and Tavern urban hipster bbq in the land of crab stuffed rockfish as far as the eye can see.

Neither of these are an example of "local cuisine," but local standouts IMO.

Best Onion Rings / Worst Onion Rings

Best I've had recently were at the Smokehouse. Like friggin lawn mower tires, but not sopping with grease. Lots of batter, keeps the onion slightly crisp.

King cake in DC/MD

Saw a bunch at the Annapolis Whole Foods yesterday.

Didn't pay much attention other than to notice.

Take out that travels well?

2nd Chubbys. Their BBQ platters also tend toward enormous. I've always taken a considerable portion of meals there home and the leftovers are microwave friendly.

Annapolis/Edgewater Asian food

I've had good sushi experiences at Nova in the Kmart shopping center in Edgewater, as well as Katana on Riva road in Annapolis.
Last trip to Nova was about a year ago. There was a specialty roll that our party ordered that contained quite a lot of cinammon. I don't think the chefs were very versed in the use of that spice on the American palatte. The result was pretty horrendous. Otherwise a surprisingly solid establishment.
My wife and I have also always liked Viet Thai Paradise, but don't seem to get there very often.
A bit up Rt 2 in Severna Park is Life Pho which seems to have some positive reviews on Yelp and the like. Haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I am really hoping that it's good.

Jan 08, 2014
laststandchili in Mid-Atlantic

New Whole Foods, what should I buy?

365 brand whole bean coffee. I like the Pleasant Morning Buzz, and the wife's grown fond of the Pacific Rim. Currently about $13 for a pound and a half or so.
When I stop in for coffee I sometimes pickup some chevre, or other cheeses if something looks good. I also really like their house brand sodas. No caffeine, and made with real sugar. A 12 pack will last me months.

Nov 12, 2013
laststandchili in Chains

Birthday Dinner in Rehoboth

Spent a couple days in Rehoboth last week. Dinner at A(muse) was exceptional as usual. Cooking classes there this off season were also recently announced. Highly recommended. Chef Hari Cameron is a great guy and very enthusiastic about local cuisine. He was up for a James Beard award for up and coming somethingorother last go round. If you're at Rehoboth, get to A(muse).

Wednesday night we fought the urge to go back to Amuse and tried out Mixx, also on Baltimore. Wednesdays is gourmet burger night, we didn't realize that the only entree options would be burgers, but ended up fine with the choice. Apps were outstanding, lobster spring rolls that were perfectly fried. Crispy exteriors with interiors that were still tender and fresh. A nice show of restraint. Volcano roll was also a sushi-ish hit. Sort of a crab Rangoon, with the filling stuffed in squid. My angus burger with bacon, cheese and grilled peppers was on my top 5 of best friggin burger ever. The wifes short rib "burger" was also off the charts wonderful.

We intended to hit Touch of Italy on the way home but ended up at
Apparently they were involved in the original ToI, and have now gone their own way. We ended up with a big bag of grocerys to go. Proprietors couldn't have been more gracious. Hit us with samples of cheese, meats, cookies. Open pretty much year round.

Sep 24, 2013
laststandchili in Mid-Atlantic

Best Burger in Annapolis

Pretty sure it's the same chow in the bar.

Haven't been in a while, the wife and I were just talking about getting back in sometime soon. I've been in a Prime Rib kind of mood.

I've also recently discovered the "All In" burger at Red Hot and Blue. Burger w/ cheese plus pulled pork and onion straws. I ask that they omit the bbq sauce and get a side of mayo. Don't know if it's the "Best" but it's become a favorite of mine.

Why no Sonics in the DC/Baltimore metro area?

There's one south of Annapolis in Edgewater. Opened about a year ago.
I get a fix there from time to time. Reminds me of my days in the deep south in the Army.

Aug 09, 2013
laststandchili in Chains

SMC First Delivery--Thrilled

Buttermilk. Check. In the cart.

My wife makes a killer Kentucky Buttermilk cake.

Also dinner last night was scrambled SMC eggs and breakfast sausage links for her, and a grilled cheese with their American slices on thick sliced sourdough with dukes for me. I did steal a couple of the sausages and they are so far superior to the average mass produced offerings that I nearly wept.

SMC First Delivery--Thrilled

We got our first delivery from South Mountain Creamery this morning, and are stoked.

I'm pretty sure we overdid it, but we'll establish some discipline about this pretty quickly. First order included whole milk, half and half, heavy cream, sour cream, two different cheeses, a dozen eggs, breakfast sausage and a tailgate variety pack of dogs, brats, and burgers. Oh, and the most lovely chocolate milk ever.

Did some homework ahead of time, and price wise we're somewhere in between the regular grocery stores, and Whole Foods so I'm very satisifed with that. Adding in the convenience of home delivery and I think this is a very solid deal. As grocery store prices continue to skyrocket, taking a further step in supporting local ag just makes more and more sense. We also have the advantage of being a two person household. If we were still feeding kids, this may not have been as much of a no brainer.

The idea of sticking a thumb in the eye of Giant and Safeway, Tyson and Conagra, makes it that much sweeter.

Chow-worthy & Dog Friendly near Annapolis

Very glad to hear it. It's still a fairly new place, and there are definitely some kinks being worked out, but I'm happy to support their efforts.

Glad to hear it worked for you.

Red Hot and Blue Rt. 50

Heartily agree.

If you haven't been to the Smokehouse in Bay Ridge yet, it's also pretty solid for more of the urban hipster bbq joint.

Red Hot and Blue Rt. 50

I found myself there twice this week on occasions where I didn't have full control over choice of dining establishments.

My last experience at RH&B several years ago was mediocre at best and I haven't gone out of my way to return until happenstance brought me in this week. As I feel that BBQ is like pizza, even a bad one is still pretty good so I was kind of happy to give them another try.

On Monday with the in-laws I opted for the Ribwhich combo which features a couple ribs accompanying one of their bbq sandwiches. I went with dry rubbed ribs and a chopped pork sandwich. The ribs were pretty well done overall, but based upon the crispy dry skin, had clearly been sitting for quite a while waiting for someone to order them. The pork sandwich tasted like nothing in particular. No smoke, no sauce, really just blandness. At one point I thought, "this could actually be tuna." A shame, but remedied with liberal application of sauce.

Wednesday night I ended up meeting a business associate for dinner and wound up at RH&B again. This time I opted for the "All In Burger" a half pound patty topped with pulled pork and cheddar. I specified holding the lettuce and tomato as well as the bbq sauce, and asked for a side of mayo. The burger was cooked medium as requested, and was big and tasty, the pulled pork was much more flavorful than the chopped variety earlier in the week, and would likely have stood on it's own. I personally don't feel that cheese should be applied to pork in most cases, but worked well on this burger. Overall, this was a damn good burger, and one that I will return for.

some help please finding peking duck in the Baltimore area..

Dunno, but there are several newspaper articles featuring him in relation to the restaurant on display.

For what it's worth I've also been waiting for a pizza at a local pizza hut, when all work stopped because Pat's wife came in to pick up a pie.

some help please finding peking duck in the Baltimore area..

I'm in Arnold. East West has become one of my favorite spots. My wife has ordered the Peking duck a number of times and it is always awfully good. She's nearly stabbed me with a fork protecting the crispy skin.

Pat Sajak eats there, so how could it be bad?

Chow-worthy & Dog Friendly near Annapolis

Had the biscuits and gravy from their brunch menu last Saturday.

I will be back.

Best spot to hit the rather bleak Annapolis food scene in quite a while.

Reasonable amount of outdoor seating.

What style of Potato Chips do you Like?

I've been trying to limit my intake, but with tomato sandwich season upon us I recently picked up a bag of Utz Crab Chips. I've always felt that Old Bay was a crime unto seafood, but on potatos, and chicken, it's a good thing.

Jul 08, 2013
laststandchili in General Topics

McD's, Bacon Habenero Ranch Burger

I've always had a weakness for the double cheese, or the old school quarter pounder, along with a lot of McD's breakfast offerings.

I've tried most of their recent updated "upscale" burger forays, and after trying the Habanero burger a week ago finally had a minor epiphany as to why I find all of their burgers aside from the old standards to be very unpleasant. They lack the sweetness the old school burgers. It's no secret that the clown is putting out a really low end product which has traditionally been dressed up with the sweet/sour catsup/mustard combination. The newer burgers like the monotonous and insipid cheddar onion creation, the horridly dressed and bland Daily Double, and the new strain of quarterpounders lack the tried and true flavor camouflage, and are exposed as merely the sum of their dried out and overprocessed parts.

In terms of the habanero burger specifically, after removing the really offensive fast food lettuce and tomato, I marveled once again at McD's total inability to produce a product remotely resembling bacon in any form. The sauce did indeed have some heat, but it really didn't remind me of habanero whatsoever. The bright searing bite of the sauce seemed chemically forced rather than the bright and fruity pain from a good habanero. So much for the supporting cast. Burger, cheese, and bun were as expected. Overall a miss in my humble estimation.

Know what I'd like to see? A standard quarterpounder with cheese with one of their breakfast hash browns, and a "poached" egg from the McMuffin family wedged into the mix. That I believe, would be worth the points.

Jun 26, 2013
laststandchili in Chains

Downtown Annapolis

My last experience at Rockfish was a weekday lunch a couple years ago. Haven't been back since, but certainly hope it's improved.

My go to spot in Eastport is the Boatyard. Also not really different, but generally solid food, and local atmosphere to be sure.

I've heard good things about Vin 909, but haven't been yet, and a little further out, the Smokehouse in Bay Ridge is a very solid BBQ joint with some upscale offerings. Not stellar BBQ, but consistently good, and massively superior to Adams Rib.

Downtown Annapolis

I don't get downtown much as there isn't much that's impressive, at least with any consistency, but I did finally try Tsunami last weekend. Everything was good. Not over the moon good, but I'd definitley return. Dining companions had sushi which they were very happy with. Salads all got good reviews. I had the spicy miso ramen followed by chicken and waffles. The soup would respectable although the smoked chicken was likely oversmoked for some palates. Chicken was nice on a bed of fresh collards. Waffles were a little limp, but enjoyable.

Someone must be eating there...

My wife and I get to Rehoboth every other month or so, and always walk by Red Square just to see if anyone is in there.

We've never seen anyone eating there. Pretty much convinced it's some sort of mob front.

Dining at Volt in Frederick - when to leave DC?

The Yellowfin sounds like a mini version of the tartar from the dining room menu. It is perfect.

Favorite Nacho Toppings

My wife and I recently discovered Rico's products at Walmart. Picked it up on a lark as we indulge in the jarred processed stuff on occasion for movie night. We found the Rico's cheese sauces surprisingly good, and most of the ingredients are pretty reasonably cheese related. The white queso is my favorite, and is now featured pretty regularly in my tater tot casserole.

Mar 13, 2013
laststandchili in General Topics