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Breweries in Portland?

Jupiter Hotel is on Burnside, an easy street to catch a bus from. Take a bus west, across the Burnside Bridge, till about 12th street. From there, you can head north on foot, checking out numerous bars and restaurants in the Pearl. Start at Henry's, just for their sheer volume (100 beers on tap). Then head about 12 blocks north and go to Bridgeport Brewery at 1318 NW Northrup (an easy walk if weather cooperates).

As TongoRad considered, Kell's is horribly crowded on St. Paddy's day. It's almost unbearable, so unless you're in the mood for a crazy circus-like environment, $20 cover charges and loooong lines for drinks, I'd skip it and check it out another day.


Fried Turkey with Southern Rub

Try deepfrying your turkey in cottonseed oil. It has less flavor transfer than peanut oil. You can find it in lots of sports goods stores.


Mar 11, 2007
pearlinsider in Recipes

Neighborhood luncheon places in Portland

Yes, Acorn is a great lunch joint. Also try Fuller's (NW 9th, near Pearl Bakery) - known as a breakfast spot, but everything they serve is great.


[PDX] wedding cupcakes & gorge groom's dinner

Elephant's Deli (on NW 22nd) is always a great option.

Also, try Nuvrai in the Pearl:


good eats in Cannon Beach?

Yes, the former Stephanie Inn chef (John Newman?) opened a place about a year ago. In fact, it might be called "Newman's"... we ate there a few months back an had an amazing meal. The lobster ravioli was a highlight! The restaurant is in a tiny yellow house next to the Surfsand Resort. (Speaking of the Surfsand - their newly remodeled rooms are gorgeous. We stayed in one that had 3 flat screen tvs, an ocean view from the bathtub and a nice little ocean view balcony. Not all their rooms are so nice, so ask for a remodeled one if you go.)


PDX Party Place

One spot you might want to check out is the remodeled Bridgeport Brewery. Their upstairs area would certainly hold 60+ people. It's a neat space.

I'll think of more ideas... drawing a blank right now!


PDX Party Place

What kind of reception? Formal or casual?


Portland 1st-timer

Since you're going to an Edible conference, I'm guessing you might be heading over to the Ecotrust building? (That's where the Edible Portland publication is based out of, I believe). If so, you're going to be surrounded by tons of great restaurants in the Pearl District. For a quick lunch, stop into Sungari Pearl. It's just 3 blocks or so from the Ecotrust building. You can get a great lunch there for less than $10. Also, try Via Delizia (on the same street at Sungari Pearl -NW 11th). Via Delizia is a great spot for coffee, desserts, paninis, wine, etc. Very casual and friendly.


best happy hour (PDX)

We recently heard of another cool site like that - It also seems to be based in Portland.


best happy hour (PDX)

Lobster Corn Dogs?! I've been missing out... that sounds so good. Haven't tried Olea for a few months. We went for drinks a little while back and had a so-so experience. One of the drinks (some sort of mojito concoction) was extremely tart and hard to drink. We finally asked the server for another drink and her response was less than pleasant. I'm willing to give it another try though... especially for lobster corn dogs.


Favorite Sushi Joint? PDX

Yes, I love the tatami rooms at Sinju. It's not my favorite sushi (mostly because of the prices!), but it's perfect for certain occassions. We went there back in December with a group of friends and sat in a tatami room. Just minutes after being seated, the entire NW area lost power. The waitresses were really nice and brought us our drinks until they could figure out if the power was going to come back on. We ended up eating by candle light, which we loved.

I'm also a huge fan of Mio's, which a few people have already mentioned. If you go there, you have to try their Sonny Special #1... so good!! It's cooked salmon over rice, topped with a sweet honey sauce. Definitely worth a special trip!


best happy hour (PDX)

I have a few favorite happy hour spots.

Ruth Chris (downtown) - their happy hour cheeseburger is to die for! It's just under $3 bucks when you buy a drink. And they always have happy hour drink specials, too. Oh, and their seared ahi tuna on the happy hour menu is a bargain as well!

Silk (NW 10th and Glisan in the Pearl District) - awesome Vietnamese appetizers. My favorites there are the salad rolls and the chicken over noodles (sorry, I can't remember the actual names of the dishes!). Both are on the small happy hour menu though.

I'll post more ideas when I have the time!



Wow. I just read the review. That was harsh. On top of that, Food Dude just posted a zinger...



Ten 01's bar menu is pretty good. We ate there a few weeks back and had an excellent burger for about $10. The drinks were nice as well. We plan to go back soon to try the dinner menu.


Portland Birthday Dinner

For italian food, try Fratelli's in the Pearl District. It's cozy and intimate - perfect for a twosome. ( Make sure you call ahead for a reservation on the weekend.

Another option to consider is Andina in the Pearl District. They serve Peruvian food ( The service is wonderful and their sangria is great! They have several small plates that are amazing, despite their simplicity - namely, the grilled asparagus and the quinoa coated chicken (can't remember their proper names on the menu!


Happy Birthday!


11:00 AM Lunch in Portland?

I agree with many of the great suggestions already posted. Another option to consider is Manzana in the Pearl District, which serves lunch at 11 a.m. They offer several entree salads that can be ordered without meat. Also, they serve a vegetable platter entree that comes with a variety of seasonal veggies (artichokes, tomatoes, mashed potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, etc.). I routinely order that, and I'm not vegetarian.