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What edibles or food related items do you bring home from a visit to Paris?

What brands of duck confit do you recommend?

I can't seem to find a brand I like in North America, and am thinking about getting it through my friend from Paris when he goes back home to visit.

May 08, 2012
UptownGal in France

Best Moroccan in MTL?

I've heard that African cuisines are one of Montreal's forte, but I don't recall seeing any thread about the best Moroccan food in Montreal.

Any recommendations?

Mont Tremblant Ski Area Eats - Walking Distance ONLY

That's it, we are driving there instead.....

Thanks for all who's replied to this post! It was really helpful and much appreciated!!!

Mont Tremblant Ski Area Eats - Walking Distance ONLY


My friends and I will be spending a weekend skiing at the Mont Tremblant. It's our first time there, and we are going by bus, so will be confined in the immediate area.

St-Jovite to us would be out of the question, unfortunately. :(

I've read through the threads on the board, and seems like all the recommendations are out of this range.... (i.e. half an hour walking time according to Google Map)...

Looking for good eats in the 10 minutes walking radius to our hotel, we are likely to stay at the Fairmont Tremblant. We are not looking for high end places, just great food at reasonable prices.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner suggestion within this area is highly appreciated! Thank you!

Montmartre Bakery - What's good there?

Apple Strudel! Cherry and Blueberry wasn't too bad either!


Las Vegas Style Buffet in Niagara Falls - Too much to ask?

Wow thank you so much! Will definitely go there if we do make that spontaneous shopping trip!

Las Vegas Style Buffet in Niagara Falls - Too much to ask?

Thanks for all your information!

Wow the truth makes me so sad!! But I guess I kind of knew it's too good to be true....

OK, my plan B is to venture into the US for some good eats. Some of us are craving for Mexican food, are there any good recommendations along the route from, let's say, Niagara Falls area to Walden Galleria Mall?

Beef Jerky - The search for the best

Thanks grayelf, I kept forgetting to reply to your post here.

I did try to call them quite a few times, but no one seems to be answering the phone last year when I posted this.

Thanks for providing the link! Now I know where to go to get my pork jerky fixes!

Oct 31, 2011
UptownGal in General Topics

Does anyone have experience with Noisette Pastry Works in Markham?

I seriously wish they would expand the café side of business (& the hours!).... Markham/Richmond Hill badly needs a good indie café with good selection of pastries!!!!

Las Vegas Style Buffet in Niagara Falls - Too much to ask?

I am planning a day trip driving down to Niagara Falls with friends on the weekend, and may or may not involve a spontaneous shopping trip to the US, armed with our passports.

Since I can't live without good eats when I am on any trip, I am taking the initiative on researching for places that will please everybody.

One of the friends mentioned she's heard of "a good buffet in Niagara Falls", that I can't seem to find, I don't think she's talking about the Brazilian Grill that many have mentioned, which is said to be mediocre anyways. She's heard of this fabled buffet place from another friend of hers, so no other detail was given.

I've looked through the recommendation on the board, and no buffet is mentioned.

We won't be looking at any Chinese / Japanese / Indian AYCE buffets unless it's OUT OF THIS WORLD fabulous, as we do roam around Markham / Richmond Hill food scene on a regular basis, and do frequent some of the best choices discussed on the board.

This may be mission impossible.... but any help is appreciated!

Ichimoto In richmond Hill

For an AYCE Japanse restaurant in Markham, it's slightly above the average, food was decent by AYCE standard, .

Was there last night with friends, all of them loved it, even though they are not chowhounds (that's also why we were at an AYCE restaurant), it did, however, served the purpose of pleasing everyone's palette because of the selection and choices, at approximately $20 per person on a week night, weekend is of course slightly higher by a couple of dollars more per person.

If you are looking for an non-intimidating AYCE restaurant that pleases everybody, this is a good choice.

360 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B1, CA

Beef Jerky - The search for the best

Does anyone know if Bee Kim Heng can take order over the phone and ship to Toronto? What are their price?

My family got it as a gift awhile ago, and we've been craving for it since.

Dec 06, 2010
UptownGal in General Topics

Tunisian/Turkish/Moroccan restaurant suggestions

I am surprised that not many people has mentioned this little hidden gem, Moroccan Tagine, situated on Lawrence and Warden in a little plaza.

Their lamb is fall off the bone tender, but service can be a bit slow but worthwhile, so don't go when you are absolutely starving, best to go with friend so you can chit-chat over complimentary yummy mint tea, while waiting for your meal to be freshly prepared in the kitchen.

I still miss Boujadi, but since it's not coming back, I now go to MT for my couscous fixes.

We asked the lady who served us about David Adjey's picture in their Gallery, as we thought they were in the Restaurant Makeover show, but she told us he was there to research on what is "authentic Morrocan cuisine".

Moroccan Tagine
1993 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R 2Z2, CA

Bee Kim Heng jerky from Vancouver

My sister has a huge craving for their jerky, but I can't find their website.

Can anyone tell me if they ship their jerky within Canada? I am located in Toronto.



Solo-Sushi-Ya, Newmarket - Overdue Re-visit

Just had the Omakase over the weekend at Solo Newmarket.

The Shari was a HUGE disappointment, it was mushy and had no taste! What a waste for the good piece of fish on it. Perhaps nigiri sushi is not this chef's forte.... that's all I can think of to explain the disappointing course. The portion is way to big to put the whole piece of sushi in one bite, way too much rice and not enough seasoning.

On a more positive note, the chawanmushi was excellent!!!

Not counting the sushi experience, I'd say we've had a wonderful meal this past weekend.

Solo Sushi-Ya
291 Davis Dr, Newmarket, ON L3Y2N6, CA

Japanese Restaurant - Omekaze Style

Is there a Japanese restaurant in Toronto that serves sushi/food Omekaze style?

I am talking about the type of tasting menu that the chef decides what's the best and freshest, in-season item that he/she thinks that the customer must try.

Is there such a beast in Toronto?

Breakfast in Markham / Richmond Hill / Thornhill

Thanks Everyone!

I'd really like to give Steve's a try, I've heard good things about it. I will for sure suggest that to my group, and hopefully that's where we'll go on Sunday!

Breakfast in Markham / Richmond Hill / Thornhill

I love living in Toronto North. It's convenient, clean, and lots of yummy food.

But there is a serious lack of good breakfast places.

I am going on a road trip this Sunday morning, but I have searched and researched, and was not able to find a decent breakfast joint, that offers traditional peameal bacon and eggs with hashbrown/potato, and serves a good cup of coffee, that opens before 7am.

Our plan is to have a power breakfast then get on the road up north, so anywhere north of Hwy 7, from Leslie to Hwy 400 is acceptable.

Any suggestions?

Where to find the best baguette in Toronto?

I have the same baguette sickness too once I returned from Paris. I bought my daily baguettes and pains aux chocolat from Boulangerie Heurtier in the Marais every morning. And ever since I returned to Toronto, I've been on an never-ending quest to find the baguette that would mirror the taste of my Parisian bakery.

I've tried Ace Bakery's baguette, didn't really impress me, maybe I had too high of an expectation.

I've also tried President's Choice Baguette, made with French Flour, it's a little better than Ace Bakery's baguette (much to my surprise), but still not close to the taste of Paris.

I've also tried some baguettes from various bakeries but none worth mentioning.

I really hope I don't have to fly to Paris to be able to eat that baguette again....

I will try Celestin when I pass by that area.

Pad Thai in Scarborough

I am not sure if this one is out of your way.... there's this little Thai restaurant on Hwy. 48 (Main St.) South of 16th Avenue. Vevery authentic I find, I miss their coconut chicken soup!

I am not sure the name of the restaurant, I think it's called the Little Bankok, right in the mall beside the LCBO by the train track.

Which Indian (not necessarily veg) in Thornhill/Markham?

Bombay Bhel is not bad, though pretty pricey I find.

Pizziolla (vs Mamma's)

Has anyone tried the Pizzaiolo in Richmond Hill? Is it as good as the one downtown? Or did that one close down already? I've driven by it a few times.....

Last resort: What happened to a beloved restaurant.

Can't help you there, it's so sad when some of these beloved restaurants just "disappears" one day when you go back craving for their food.... :'(

I've also got some restaurants in mind, I'd like to know if they just retired, or moved elsewhere?

1. Massimo Trattoria, on Yonge street one block north of Sheppard, it is now a greek restaurant. They make the best seafood rissoto with saffron, it was their daily special, and it was wonderful, good coffee and tiramisu cake as well.

2. Seven's Pocket (not sure if I remember the name correctly), it is located in First Markham Place, and now took over by a HK style cafe called Firefly. Seven's Pocket makes WICKED pizza!!! It was closed shortly after I discovered it..... still missing it..... :'(

If by any chance their reincarnation still exists somewhere in the city I'd love to go visit them, if anyone knows......