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lunch for 50 women

i need a place to host a lunch for 50 women for a shower on a sat or sunday. any restaurants on the peninsula or in sf that are not too pricy? say about no more that 40 dollars per person? would like a place with some atmosphere and not a dark back room of a restaurant.

rehearsal dinner for 20 in berkeley/oakland/peidmont

anyone heard of garibaldi's? any good??

Armenian Bakery in SF

there used to be one on noriega but they retired years ago. i don't know of any others

rehearsal dinner for 20 in berkeley/oakland/peidmont

around 30-40 dollars per person, i love bucca di beppo but there isn't one in the east bay. i like to fun atmosphere and we can be loud to upscale restaurants may not want such a large party.

rehearsal dinner for 20 in berkeley/oakland/peidmont

any good restaurants that are reasonably priced? can be american, italian, meditteranean etc. on a thursday night. peidmont, berk, oakland, jack london square etc.

italian restaurants in berkely/oakland area

need a good family style italian/meditteranean restaurant for a party of about 20 people that is affordable. any suggestions?