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Easter 2010

Hey guys...

Im in process of putting together my Easter dinner menus and would like to branch out of the obvious ham and sweet potato misery.

What are you doing for Easter dinner???

Mar 02, 2010
chelleyd01 in Home Cooking

Cold Brew Coffee - Anyone Tried This?

I do cold brew all the time and use it half and half with skim milk for a nice iced coffee. I am a fan of 3 cups cold water in a pyrex, mix in 2/3 cup (heaping) of coarse ground bold ground coffee. Cover with saran. Let it sit overnight. Strain through a filter and mesh strainer into another pyrex and chill. Id say that lasts me 3 days worth of iced coffee.

Jul 17, 2009
chelleyd01 in General Topics

World Spice Merchants

So, I placed an order with World Spice Merchants and while their pricing and invoice policy is very, very fair, I wasnt impressed with the shipping. ($9.00!). Anyway, I did get some things that I have never used before, just because I either 1. havent had access to them or 2. had access but didnt want to pay an astronomical amount of money for them.

Does anyone have any comments about World Spice Merchants?

I got:

ground ginger (no advice needed!)
alderwood smoked salt (sounds yummy!)
Aleppo Pepper, crushed
Cumin (smells like a good taco, I think)
Lemon Crystal (dont know, dont care, love lemon!)
Smoked Paprika
Whole Black Lemon from India (WTF do I do with these?)
Sichuan Peppercorns
Tomato Flakes
Cajun Blackening
Za'tar (israeli)

Any ideas for all this good stuff? Any recs?

Jan 13, 2009
chelleyd01 in General Topics

What do you wear while you cook?

I cant get out of my work clothes fast enough. The season and what Im cooking that night dictates what I put on.

Spring/Summer=old sky blue capri pants with many a Clorox Clean-Up blotches on them and any old tshirt.

Fall/Winter=sweats with said clorox dots or a pair of flannel pajama pants from Old Navy that have more than seen their day.

Frying in any form and any season gets a 10 year old Eddie Bauer tshirt with holes, neck ripped out ala Flash Dance and teeney holes that get bigger with each wash.

Adidas slides (barefoot in summer, whatever socks in winter) are a must as I am a victim of too much time in barefeet on the kitchen floor equals fat ankles later that night and a ponytail with a headband is non-negotiable.

Dec 09, 2008
chelleyd01 in Not About Food

sooo, what does miso taste like?

I hear alot about miso soup, miso glaze, miso miso miso! What does it taste like? Would I maybe have already have had miso at a japanese restaurant?

Im sure I sound like a goof asking, but I just want to know!

Dec 09, 2008
chelleyd01 in General Topics

How do you prepare scrambled eggs and grits?

So true. I cant take the texture of "creamy" eggs, nor can I smell or consume any form of egg other than my above described scrambled. The smell of a frying egg sends me straight for the bathroom. V

I use the immersion blender because I cant visually take the sight of a fork scrambeled egg...the white never truly combines with the yolk. Cant do it. I just use a tall drinking glass (heisted from some pizza joint a million years ago with the coke logo on the side) and crack the eggs, cream, salt and pepper in it, blend it standing in front of my dishwasher and just put the attachment right in the dishwasher when Im done blending. (My immersion has attachments!)

Im also partial to Tennesee Sunshine Hot Sauce!!!

Dec 06, 2008
chelleyd01 in Home Cooking

How do you prepare scrambled eggs and grits?

*I am for sure getting my ass handed to me on this one but.....*

I use my immersion blender to beat my eggs and heavy cream together before scrambling in my calphalon egg pan, to which there is a generous tablespoon of salted butter melted within. I happen to prefer a slight golden tinge to my scrambled eggs and I also prefer to eat them, bite by bite with buttered whole wheat toast and chunks of super sharp ny cheddar (not melted but straight from the fridge).

Freak. I know.

Dec 02, 2008
chelleyd01 in Home Cooking

If you absolutely HAD to eat at Maggiano's (The Grove)....

For the love of God, people...its a chain. Save the drama fo yo mama.

We eat at the Beachwood, OH location maybe 2x a year and do family style. I am not a huge fan of pasta in any form, so for me there are a few staples...

blueberry martini (your out with co-workers you probably dont like..drink up)
zucchini appetizer...frankly, it is just damn good. I dare someone to say its not.
chopped salad....again, just a good salad
gnocci in vodka cream sauce...light gnocci, good sauce.
chocolate zucotto cake...have a glass of milk, dude

Dec 02, 2008
chelleyd01 in Chains

It's Just Better With Pickles

kosher beef hot dog, grilled....soft white bun, sharp american cheese, yellow mustard, hot/sweet pickle chips.

Oct 25, 2008
chelleyd01 in General Topics

Mama's Meatballs?

adding onions, carrots, peppers, any vegetable to a meatball makes it a meatloaf rolled into a ball.

garlic, romano, salt, pepper, 1 egg, and very, very little seasoned crumb. thats it. slow cooked, allowed to rest in the sauce and then gently re-warmed. good stuff!

Oct 18, 2008
chelleyd01 in Home Cooking

Pho. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Hola kids...OP on deck. As far as correct pronounciation goes, Id have to lay odds on whatever Sam Fujisaka says is gospel.

The man...the myth...the legend, so to speak.

Heading to the Pho joint tomorrow!

Oct 18, 2008
chelleyd01 in General Topics

Mis-marked items at the supermarket- is it a crime?

you shoulda bought every package they had and frozen at will.

Such is life.....the world will still spin.

Oct 18, 2008
chelleyd01 in Not About Food

Walgreens Cafe W??

WALGREENS...not Wegmans!!!

Oct 16, 2008
chelleyd01 in Chains

Pho. The good, the bad and the ugly.

We just got a Vietnamese Pho Restaurant in the area. I hear alot about it but I am pretty much just ignorant to it.

What is the correct pronounceation?

What is it, exactly? (I know its a soup based dish)

Anything I should avoid? Demand?


Oct 15, 2008
chelleyd01 in General Topics

O'Charley's vs. Longhorn Steakhouse?

Longhorn. Their protein is delivered and cut fresh every day not frozen half cooked crap that is reheated.

Get the firecracker chicken wraps and a sweet potato with extra cinnamon butter!!!!

Aug 20, 2008
chelleyd01 in Chains

Alton almost as silly as Paula

Alton Brown at least tries to be educational and all in all, produces pretty damn tasty food.

Paula Deen is borderline sexually harassing people and produces glop.

Aug 16, 2008
chelleyd01 in Food Media & News

canners, preservers, picklers...lets hear it!

So, this is my second year of canning. I have mastered jam making with hot water bathing. I have also cracked out a few wine jellys, also with a BWB. Today, my farmers market is advertising Red Haven Peaches, corn, banana peppers, blueberries and raspberries.

Here it goes...

~I am going to blanch and freeze corn. No brainer.
~I want to make a nice peach jam. Any sweet ideas or just follow the pectin box?
~Who does banana peppers with garlic, oregano and a vinegar/oil mix? Do you bath them or do the old school of hot jar, hot pack, hot oil, hope to seal?
~What the eff does pickling salt really do? Last year I soaked the peppers in pickling salt and water overnight before we packed them. Does this preserve the texture? They still have a little bite to them and arent a soggy oily mess.
~Apple and pumpkin butters are around the corner. Does the apple have enough acid on its own to be BWB'd after jarring without needing to buy a pressure canner? How about the pumpkin? I don't think pumpkin is very acidic at all...any ideas for that?

I hate the canning websites. Alot of readable words, but I like the straight talk from my chows'ers that have knowledge and skill.

Thanks in advance and enjoy this beautiful weekend!!!

Aug 16, 2008
chelleyd01 in Home Cooking

Out of the Ordinary Ingredient Combos for Jam

pineapple habanero is one of our faves as well as wine jelly. Our biggest hits are merlot and pino grigio.

Aug 08, 2008
chelleyd01 in Home Cooking

brulee-ing banana dilemma

Im doing 18 dozen cupcake for a shower on Sunday and Mom has requested 1 dozen be banana with caramel. Do you think I can brulee a banana slice that morning and set it atop the beautifully salt caramel frosting and have it hold up until 2-3pm?

Any other ideas?

Aug 07, 2008
chelleyd01 in Home Cooking

foodie family reunion invite phrasing

So we are having a huge family reunion with several generations of foodies leading the healm. We have a good, solid italian theme menu planned because well, that's what we are and the older generations will accept nothing but italian themes. Here is where I am running in to trouble...I need some invitation phrasing help.

Because there are so many of us I do not have the time nor the resources to sit down and track down all the siblings, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren, nieces, get the idea. Is there a way to word the invite to ask whomever is getting the invite to feel free to invite all of their kids, grands, great grands, etc? Confusing, I know.

Thanks in advance!

May 13, 2008
chelleyd01 in Not About Food

anyone been to a Ruths Chris?

I'm in Youngstown, Ohio which is smack dab in the center of Pittsburgh and Cleveland. I am actually having a surprise luau for his birthday on the 7th of June but since he doesnt know...he wants to go to RC for his real birthday on the 6th. If anyone has any other ideas in there, throw them out. His main request is steak!

May 12, 2008
chelleyd01 in Chains

anyone been to a Ruths Chris?

Jake wants to go to Ruths Chris for his birthday. Its about an hour and change from us and we have never been there. Any yeas or nays? Advice? What to stay away from? Price range? Dress code?

Thanks hounds!

May 11, 2008
chelleyd01 in Chains

Flavored Peanut Butters

Target has flavored peanut butters.

May 03, 2008
chelleyd01 in General Topics

Leftover Asparagus Stalks - What should I do with them?

I simmer even the woodiest with other veggies, maybe some protein and a little stock and give it to my dog too!

Apr 30, 2008
chelleyd01 in Home Cooking

Chocolate Fountain Help

I have aquired a chocolate fountain for a double party weekend....a surprise luau themed birthday party for Jake and an all italian family reunion.

Question of the day:
Things like cut apple slices and bananas get brown and creepy. Should they be treated first? I am also thinking about:
pineapple mango kiwi skewers
mixed fresh berry skewers
homemade marshmallows with bowls of toasted coconut and graham crumbs
kettle chips

Anyone dealt with one of these bad boys before? Tips and ideas?

Apr 29, 2008
chelleyd01 in Home Cooking

New York Seltzer

ahhh, NY Seltzer! Oh how I wish! I just recently ran across a bottle of Clearly Canadian and almost died from the nostalgia! Then I read the label. Wow.

Apr 19, 2008
chelleyd01 in General Topics

what is your favorite salsa??

in the winter when fresh produce isnt so hot in ohio, we make a spicy version with:

2 cans rotel tomatoes
as many hot peppers---seranos, habs, japs as you prefer, seeded and diced
juice of a lime...maybe 2
a heavy handful of cilantro
half a sweet onion, diced

whirl it all in the blender, processor or with the imersion. Refridgerate. Good stuff.

Apr 19, 2008
chelleyd01 in General Topics

What is Carne Asada to you?

ditto danhole, minus the onion. Stuffed in corn tortillas with cilantro, hot salsa and a splash more lime. Yum.

Apr 19, 2008
chelleyd01 in General Topics

how to do potato on pizza?

you have to cook the potatoes first. The pizza isn't in nearly long enough for the potatoes to be soft. You want them to be sliced thin, but not too thin that they get gluey. We have 2 fave potato pizzas...

Wedgewood SHEET of potato which is white, garlic and olive oil, thin sliced cooked seasoned potato, mozzarella cheese and a boatload of finely diced crisp cooked bacon

Inner Circle baked potato which is a sour creamy ranchy sauce on the crust, cooked potato, caramelized onions and gruyere (yeah, I spelled it wrong) cheese.

Apr 17, 2008
chelleyd01 in Home Cooking

please help cure me - i always make too much food!

eeehhhhh. I cook. Alot. I don't eat leftover anything ever but my dad and Jake will, as well as the neighbors and Jake's co-workers. They LOVE when he comes to work with the large containers for lunch!

Apr 15, 2008
chelleyd01 in Not About Food