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One week in Chicagoland, suggestions please.

My wife is attending a conference in Naperville next week and I am tagging along. I will have a car and would like to know some of the can't miss places in the "burbs." Not looking for anything over the top. Mostly inexpensive to moderate places, but we are not picky. We love good chow period. I have no problem driving for good chow.

We are really hoping to get to Greektown while there and are wondering if it is a doable drive. We are ending the week in downtown Chicago for two nights on the weekend. I have that area covered. It is the weekdays in the burbs that I am hoping for suggestions.

Many thanks,

Jeff in PA

Oct 07, 2008
jgroff in Chicago Area

Peaks for Thanksgiving, plus others

Going to Palm Springs for the first time over Thanksgiving. Have a reservation for Thanksgiving dinner at Peaks. Can anyone provide feedback on prior dining experiences? Staying for 8 days, so we have plenty of time for other "chow." We love Mexican, and are looking for a great place. Nothing fancy, just authentic. I have done some searches and found many recs. Too many to narrow down however. I have also not seen much on Italian recommendations.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Trying to stay away from anything really expensive. We like original dining experiences. Will definitely be trying Sherman’s, Matchbox, and possibly Zin's among others.

Thanks for any and all help.....JEFF

Nov 12, 2007
jgroff in California

Newport weekend

two words......Salvation Cafe!!

Spring Training in Clearwater - need recs

Thanks to everyone who has posted so far. This is exactly the information I was hoping for....what a fantastic forum. I am really looking forward to my first spring training's gonna be the Phillies year. I already had circled several places mentioned here. I am glad to get them vaildated. I am not leaving until March 8 in case anyone else has anything to add. I will be sure to post a full report after I return. I am definitely hoping to get to the Salt Rock Grill or the Island Way Grill along with a pilgrimage to Lenny's. I will be armed with a restaurant list along with a pen and ball for autographs. Thanks again.


Feb 22, 2007
jgroff in Florida

Spring Training in Clearwater - need recs

Greetings Everyone -

Several of my friends and myself are heading to Clearwater for Spring training in March. We will be spending 5 days there which equals a lot of dining. We are staying at the Radisson in central Clearwater and are looking to stay in the Clearwater area for the most part. I have searched this board and with the exception of seafood restaurants, I have not seen a lot of recent posts on the Clearwater dining scene. I am looking for all types of recommendations from cheap to expensive (but not fancy) as well as all types of food. One thing I have not found are any recommendations for are steakhouses or Italian places or bar food. Thanks in advance for your help.


Feb 20, 2007
jgroff in Florida