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Calzone's Restaurant, North Beach

I think we might try out L'Osteria this Friday when we head into town for a different taste. This is a great foodie site, btw!

Calzone's Restaurant, North Beach

Will do. Thanks for the help!

Calzone's Restaurant, North Beach

The restaurant itself is only mentioned once or twice, with nothing in detail aside from the fact that it's part of a group. Most of the references are to the food and not the place.

I would imaging that with as large a prescence as it has on the street, there would be more chatter, either positive or negative.

Calzone's Restaurant, North Beach

The last time we were in the city, we were looking for an Italian place in North Beach. We happened to swing by Calzone's Restaurant on Columbus and had a good time. The food was excellent as was the service.

However, when I did a search on Chowhound, I didn't find any references to this place.

Was our experience a fluke or have other people had a similar experience?

We're planning another visit to the city and may want to go back.