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Buying Lambs liver

I will, I always support local shops. e.g. I always use Olivers as my supermarket. Try asking Safeway to source something from the old country

Buying Lambs liver

I did live in Scotland for 12 years and I LOVE haggis I was in Edinburgh for 2 weeks past July and eat haggis 5 times. This time I just want to make liver and onions

Buying Lambs liver

Thank you Melanie I know you'd come through :). I have been reading your responses for about 2 years

Buying Lambs liver

Does anyone know where I can buy lambs liver with 40 miles of Santa Rosa?

Curry restaurant I need help tonight

I am a stranger in town in the Vaughn/Concord area. Can you recomend an Indian or Pakistani Restaurant within 25-30 minutes of Highway 7 in this area thank. I know this is a longshot but Chowhounds are always very helpful

Sonoma, Healdsburg, etc.

In Healdsburg my restaurant of choice would be Bistro Ralph. I love the chicken liver appetiser although it is a huge portion. As you mention you like the experinces versus buying wine I think the Korbel tour would be a nice one. I have taken many European visitors ther and they have all enjoyed it. Another obvious restaurant choice is Zazu. Not too far away in Santa Rosa both John Ash and Willies Wine bar are recommended

Best and Worst Food Magazines

I have read most of the published food mags over the years the one I still subscribe to is Cusine at Home. it'ss basically a bi-monthly set of cooking lessons. I have made many of their recipes with great success. It also contains useful techiniques and tips. Another nice feature is No adverts

Livermore Valley Winery Recs

Where did you end up going? What did you find?

New in Santa Rosa

Great, thanks

New in Santa Rosa

I hear that a new Restaurant has opened recently (next door to Bar Code) It's billed as Indian Fusion. The name of it is Nirvana. Has anyone tried it?

Livermore Valley Winery Recs

At the other end of the size and name rcognition is Eckert Estate. A small family operation


Sonoma County - Not to Be Missed

I have lived in Santa Rosa for three years my favourite place is John Ash a close second is Willi's Wine Bar both of these are in the upper price range. I also really like Bistro Ralph in Heildsburg. I could go there just for the Chicken livers its served as a starter but it's a huge portion. There is a bar in Geyserville at the road junction I cannot remember the name its a pub style, the lunches are pretty good.

Taqueria Santa Rosa (split from Lepe's Santa Rosa thread)

No its on Airway just off Piner. The score for ambiance is close to zero but the rice and beans are great the salsa bar is excellent

Taqueria Santa Rosa (split from Lepe's Santa Rosa thread)

I thought that the Mendicino ave and the Middle Rincon were run by differnt families with differnt menus. Is that wrong? I also thought that one was called Santa Rosa Taqueria and the other Taqueria Santa Rosa. Is that also wrong. Lepes and the Middle Rincon TSR are fairly close to my house I go to TSR fairly regularly However, If I have time I would drive past both Lepes and TSR to go to El Azteca

Haggis in San Francisco Bay Area

Missed Burns night as I just joined the network. Just before Christmas I bought a lot of frozen food from Camerons http://www.cameronsbritishfoods.com/ I haven't tried the haggis yet.